Where can I buy the nice, warm and thin leggings in autumn and winter? Recommend these 9 brands

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I have sent a lot of prizes recently, I am afraid that you will miss it. So let’s remind me that yesterday, the headlines have a very popular Clinique Double V A bottle “micro -needle tube”. The baby who did not see it is about to lower the winning rate duck!

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Many northern fans said that the north is already super cold! Unlike Guangzhou, it is not cold. It is embarrassing to face the wardrobe every day before going out. Seeing the babies in the north, the wall cracks are required to recommend leggings, so this autumn and winter leggings are arranged! Intersection Intersection

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Recently, many people in Xiaohongshu shared the experience of liposuction and thin legs, but I want to say that there is risk of liposuction! Baby babies know, some leggings also have the role of “stovepipe”! So don’t go to liposuction ~ Come and see what good things I recommend today, hee hee!

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Before giving everyone (DUO) grass (Shou), we came to a wave of quick questions about leggings:


1. Is the leggings thicker, the better?

No, although thick clothes will give us a very warm feeling, but this is not the case, otherwise there is no need to invent some thin and warm materials. So thick and warm, it depends on its material, whether it is velvet, and so on.

Usually we use D numbers to describe the thickness of the leggings. D (Denier) is the fiber unit of fiber. The leggings are made of fiber textiles. How many grams of fibers weigh every 9000 meters, and how D is this leggings. Usually the larger number of D, the thicker the leggings (not the meat). But this is not absolute. The manufacturing methods and technology will affect, so the D numbers of leggings with the brand can be measured as a reference, but the D numbers between different brands are not comparable.

Press “Denier” to see transparency

Obscure rate

About 95%

About 96%

About 97%


About 98%







The shielding rate is the ratio of the fabric covering the skin. The larger the value, the more incompatible.

2. What are the materials of leggings? Which is the most warm?

The material of the upper pants on the market is Modal, velvet, cotton, polyester fiber, etc. I personally think that the most warmer is the velvet, and it is comfortable to wear.

3. How to pick leggings?

Although the leggings are very ordinary, it is not easy to pick a piece of good and suitable for you. Generally, we can determine whether this leggings are worth buying from the following dimensions:

Several dimensions of choosing leggings:



Some materials are easy to get the ball, so you need to see it clearly.



As just said, the leggings are not thicker and better, and it should be moderate.




The leggings are too tight to the whole person.



If the leggings are too short for you, you will drop the file, you know …


Get the ball/sticky hair:

This business will generally not tell you, you can’t test on the spot, so you can only look at the buyer’s comment ~

In fact, the leggings on the market are definitely not perfect (if there are any, please tell me!), We can only choose the good and suitable for ourselves according to the above dimensions.

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4. What kind of leggings are thin?

Black and black! Hahaha, don’t say everyone knows, black leggings are definitely the most thin. So the bottom pants recommended to everyone today are black ~ There are bottom pants, pressure socks with shaping function. But everyone should not be too persistent about leggings thinner. I personally think that it is good to keep warm. After all, it is just a pair of leggings!

Photo: Printrest_kristin Koch, Olive & June

OK! After solving everyone’s doubts, I will recommend 9 excellent leggings now! (Rubbing JIO expected)

Midu ATSUGI 140D light hair heating shaping hot socks

Reference price: 269RMB/two pairs

Purchase channel: Houmu flagship store

-Thickness: 140d

-D main material: velvet

-Elastic index: 指

-Fenating index: 数

-Stasto effect: 效

It is said that Hugo’s leggings sell 150 million pairs every year in Japan! It ’s really not good. Now we also have flagship stores in our country, so it is very convenient to buy it. There is no need to find a purchase ~

Picture: Midu Flagship Store

This 140D hot socks official said that it can resist the cold of 6 ~ 15 ° C. The material is velvet, so it is super comfortable and soft to wear, and it feels like the legs are cared for. Its heating principle is ceramic particles attached to the fiber, which can effectively convert light energy into heat energy and keep the leg warm. In other words, under the sun, the pants can provide calories for the legs.

The design of the conjoined socks and widen the waist will not leak the skin, so that when eating hot pot in winter, I won’t be uncomfortable. Hehe ~ Hugo’s socks will be more than this kind. It can be said that it is tailor -made for the girls, super good!

Uniqlo HEATTECH fluffy tight pants

Reference price: 149RMB/1 pair

Purchase channel: Uniqlo official flagship store


-Main material: sticky fiber+polyester fiber

-Stasto effect: 效

Everyone should be familiar with this leggings, the hot autumn and winter items of Uniqiku family!

Picture: Printrest_uniqlo

Heattech’s heating principle is amazing, that is, the material contains a fiber that can convert the water vapor of the human body to thermal energy and generate a certain amount of heat in the exercise friction. So the pants itself will not be hot as soon as you wear it. But after all, it is added with velvet, so it is really warm!

Picture: Uniqlo official flagship store

There is no pressure on the leggings itself, so it is better to wear and take off without getting the ball easily. Plel of velvet inside the pants, the thin effect is not so good. Although it does not get the ball, it will stick to the hair. There are currently four colors for everyone to choose from, and the size is relatively detailed.


Kanebo 150D pantyhose

Reference price: 99RMB/1 pair

Purchase channel: Belle Bao official flagship store

-Thickness: 150D

-Elastic index: 指

-Fenating index: 数

-Stasto effect: 效

This is also a leggings that rely on light to heat up, which is more warm and thin -legged effects.

Photo: The official flagship store of Belle Bao

The official said that this can resist the cold of -5 ~ 10 ° C, which is definitely no problem to keep warm in our side. The process of pants will be a bit tight, but it is very comfortable and convincing. It feels like a light leg, and it will not drop the file! I won’t get the ball ~

Photo: Belle Bao Flagship Store

In addition to self -heating, the socks also increase the deodorant design. It is said that it can also prevent leg fatigue, promote blood circulation, and prevent venous songs. It is suitable for sedentary office workers and student parties. However, don’t expect a pair of leggings to have Ramodo. In general, this leggings are cost -effective.

Let ‘s slim warm stovepipe socks

Reference price: 193RMB/2 pairs

Purchase channel: Xiaohongshu Let ‘SLIM’ s official flagship store

-Thickness: 200m+300M


-Elastic index: 指

-Stasto effect: 效


First of all, Korean pantyhose uses M as a unit, which is the same as the D number mentioned earlier. This super hot leg socks in South Korea, do n’t miss the girl who wants to stabilize legs!

Photo: Naver@ahynhj


It cooperates with human work and physical studies, and uses a segmental pressure design. The two sides and hips have the effect of lifting.

Picture: NaVer@Rusl333

Before you wear it, you will find that it is very small, and even doubt whether you can wear it, but after you start wearing it, you know that it is very flexible. Although the legs are plastic, it will not be tight.

Picture: NaVer@Areum6811

It is no problem to wear more than ten degrees in 200M, and it is too cold to live a little bit. After watching so many leggings and the evaluation of the younger sisters, I think this one is relatively advantageous: keep warm and stabilize legs, do not hook up, can not afford the ball, not to drop the file , Comfortable and not tight. So I recommend it to everyone!

Secret crown plus stuffy leg socks

Reference price: 118RMB/1 pair

Purchase channel: Li Luoya flagship store/Secret Crown official website

-Thickness: 1600D

-D main material: mink velvet


I also collected this thick and thin leggings for everyone. I want to say that 1600D is too exaggerated 8!

Picture: SmartStore.naver.com

Anyway, I feel very practical when I see such a thick velvet. It must be warm hahaha ~ This leggings are designed by steps (that is, the heels will be exposed), and the beautiful babies choose carefully. Although it is thick, its stovepipe effect is still surprising.

Picture: www.secretcrown.kr


I personally prefer its waist protection design, because not only does the legs keep warm in winter, but the waist is also important! Especially when I came to my aunt, my stomach should be warm.


Tutuanna 500D leggings

Reference price: 159RMB/1 pair

Purchase channel: Tutuanna flagship store

-Thickness: 500D

Tutuanna is also a brand of Japan. Their socks and home surroundings are soft and cute, but the leggings are more satisfactory.

Picture: Tutuanna flagship store

The velvet in the inside gives me a sense of security, but the thicker leggings, especially the velvet, are prone to stacking situation after putting on the body.

Product details, pictures: Tutuanna flagship store

I helped everyone to read the comments of the young ladies and sisters. Most of them said that it was very warm, but it was easy to get the ball! I think it is because domestic property has no quality of Japan’s real estate … so it is recommended that you choose to buy or other channels.

It is also very careful with several thickness, putting the applicable temperature for your reference ~



Women’s desire to stabilize pantyhose


Reference price: 80RMB/1 pair

Purchase channel: Xiaohongshu Welfare Society


-D main material: nylon+polyurethane


-Fenating index: 数

This leggings have different thickness, but the north must be cold, so it is still more reliable for 150D.

Picture: ins@beauty.lagoon


Its special thing is that the hips and thighs of the leggings have a special stage of physical pressure. The weaving method is different from other leggings, which has the effect of lifting the hips and thin thighs.

Picture: Xiaohongshu Welfare Society

There is also its bump massage and weaving, which allows you to rub naturally during the walking process to achieve a slimming effect that consumes about 400 calories. This is really amazing! Interested babies can try ~


ARITZIA TNA showing thin leggings (thick models)

Reference price: 268RMB/1 pair

Purchasing channel: Xiaohongshu/purchasing

-Stidity: (split thinning and thick models)

-D main material: pure cotton

TNA is a Canadian brand owned by Aritiza. It is said that this is Hermes in the leggings. The Canadian girl is a hand!

Picture: ins@satllabuyer


As a leggings, it is prominent. It is: huge elasticity, non -deformation, non -restraint, super slim and thin! It’s just a sharp weapon with long legs. Because it is a cotton fabric, it is very skinny and comfortable to wear. It also has a characteristic of the lock -free design of the trousers, which means that you can modify the trousers according to your actual situation, which is super intimate!


Picture: ins@Dreamlandcorn

Such casual leggings can be worn whether you go out or exercise. Lazy people can go out with sweaters and sneakers in winter ~ And such elastic leggings should be able to wear it for many years!

Picture: ins@Marly_ann


Antarctic people step on their feet and velvet leggings


Reference price: 59.9RMB/1 pair


Purchase channel: Antarctic Flagship Store

-Thickness: thickened

-Stasto effect: None

Speaking of so many foreign brands, I finally recommend a leggings in our country! When I hear the name, I feel inexplicable that this leggings will be warm hahaha ~

Photo: Antarctic Flagship Store

But I felt the velvet inside, very thick and warm! The velvet inside is very soft, and the effect of locking is still very good. But do not have the expectations of weight loss, because it is not thin at all. But such cheap and warm autumn pants, I think it is okay to buy it at home ~


There are 6 colors in this model, and there is a skin color, but I feel that wearing it is bloated, and the beautiful babies choose this color carefully.

The above -mentioned models are all of whitewomanned leggings. Perhaps the quality of domestic selling will be different. Especially the brand of Japan and South Korea, you can also find a purchase, official website or other methods to buy it yourself. Maybe after reading it, everyone is still a little bit embarrassed, so let me summarize it:

★ Summary ★

Keep warm

Midu, Uniqlo, Tutuanna, Antarctic


Women’s desire, TNA

Keep warm+stovepipe

Kanebo, Let ‘SLIM, Secrets

Huh ~ I recommend so many bottom pants to everyone in one breath. Double Eleven, you should not worry about what kind of thing!

Although there are more and more types of leggings on the market, many of them also take into account the needs of women’s beauty and warmth, but they still want to tell everyone that the leggings are tens of millions of leggings, and the warmth is very good!

Or do the beautiful babies have their own beloved leggings? Welcome to share with me in the comments ~

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Picture: ins@atsugi.jp


Picture: ins@atsugi.jp













-D main material: velvet

-D main material: velvet

-Elastic index: 指

-Thickness: 150D

-Fenating index: 数

-Stasto effect: 效

Photo: Antarctic Flagship Store

Photo: Antarctic Flagship Store