Beijing strictly beats electric bicycles illegally modified, and merchants secretly modified vehicles in violation of regulations

The Beijing News (Reporter Chen Lin) is still one month before the implementation of the new rules of electric bicycles. Recently, the Beijing market regulatory department launched special rectification operations for electric bicycles and related products. The reporter learned that many merchants still suspected illegal modification and assembling electric bicycles were investigated.

The Market Supervision Bureau of Haidian District has increased its exclusive touches of the illegal modification of electric vehicles before the festival. According to the initial lines, it locks a repair point for electric bicycle repair points suspected of illegal modification of electric vehicles and sold. A few days ago, the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade of the Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau conducted an assault inspection of an electric bicycle maintenance point in Dahui Temple Road, Beixiaguan Street. It was initially determined that the electric vehicles suspected of illegal modification were preliminary. Law enforcement officers detained illegal electric vehicles and temporarily deducted 4 electric vehicles of the table bell. Several modified shelves, seats and modification bumpers were used for illegal modification. At present, the case is under further investigation, and the investigation will be punished after the investigation is out of the case.

The Market Supervision Bureau of Haidian District conducted an assault inspection of an electric bicycle repair point in Dahui Temple Road, Beixiaguan Street, and seized electric vehicles suspected of illegally modified by merchants. Interviewee confidence

On September 27, after receiving the report, the Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau united many law enforcement officers from the Tongzhou District Public Security and Fire Department to Xinhua South Road to check multiple electric bicycle merchants on the west side of the road. In a store specializing in bird electric vehicles, law enforcement officers, together with the technical personnel of the Beijing Municipal Inspection Institute, randomly selected two electric bicycles to be sold in the store to conduct on -site testing on the actual speed of the vehicle. The results showed that the actual maximum speed of the detected vehicle was 24.3 kilometers per hour, which complied with the regulations with the highest speed of the national electric electric bicycle than 25 km/h.

However, when entering the warehouse inspection behind the store, law enforcement officers found the accessories of electric bicycles in the corner of the north yard on the north side of the ward. Essence At the same time, law enforcement officers also found that the seat cushions of two electric bicycles did not meet the requirements of less than 35 cm in length. The two problems with electric bicycles were registered and stored in accordance with the law, waiting for further identification of the testing agency.

In a electric bicycle store named Lujia, law enforcement officers saw three “Lijia” electric bicycles of the same model. The tail of the two cars was installed with a metal triangle bracket, but the tail of the other car was not installed with a bracket. Essence After verification with the instructions of the car and verified with the manufacturer, it was found that the vehicle did not install any similar support accessories at the tail after the vehicle was produced. The vehicle installed metal bracket was suspected of illegal modification behavior.

The Tongzhou Market Supervision Bureau found that merchants were suspected of illegal assembly of electric bicycles. Interviewee confidence

Shunyi District recently launched a special rectification operation of electric bicycle sales market in the region. Special operations include checking bicycles and batteries. Sales of unqualified electric bicycles and illegal modification electric bicycles are strictly prohibited. The accident occurred. At the same time, a centralized interview with electric bicycle sales merchants and key logistics enterprises require operators to not sell products that do not meet national compulsory standards and have not obtained CCC certification. Lithium ion batteries, etc., strictly control the quality of the product.


The “Beijing Non -Motor Vehicle Management Regulations”, which is implemented on November 1, 2018, stipulates that the electric bicycles produced and sold in Beijing should meet national standards, and issue driving licenses, number plates (white number plates) that comply with the prescribed vehicles. Temporary signs (orange numbers) are issued for vehicles that do not meet the prescribed vehicles. For the 3 -year transition period for electric bicycles that are issued temporarily, after the transition period expires, it is not allowed to drive on the road.

From November 1st, the Beijing Traffic Management Department will strictly follow the regulations, and will be detained and punished in accordance with the law on the end of the transition period to drive an electric bicycle on the road.


Beijing News reporter Chen Lin

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