Well -known fishing gear manufacturers discuss the new model of “fishing bar” chain of Ao Jianghu

At present, the Internet wave has swept the world, and the traditional and ancient fishing gear industry has not been able to be out of trouble. How does the fishing gear industry “Internet+”? How to achieve business transformation and marketing model upgrades? How to highlight the competitive advantage of the company? These have become the most concerned issue for many fishing gear companies.

Recently, the new model of “Yu Bar”, the first “Yu Bar” model created by Beijing Yugao Jianghu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., came into being. It is understood that the “fishing bar” breaks through the business model of traditional fishing gear stores, and is a revolution in conforming to the transformation and upgrading of fishing gear stores. On August 22 this month, Yu Aojiang Lake will host the “China Fishing Higge’s High -quality Brand Alliance Investment Promotion and Diaoyao Jianghu ‘Fishing Bar New Model Forum” in Chengdu. In -depth analysis, and invite industry experts to explain and guide how to transform and upgrade the fishing gear industry.

It is reported that this meeting has also attracted many fishing gear manufacturers to come and participate in the exhibition, including: Hong Kong Yilong, Shanghao Bai Ford, Oluda, Tokushima fishing wheels, Jitai fishing wheels, famous fishing lines, Morgan fishing hooks, Victoria Kalein, empty hooks, forest foxes, king Luya, Cangji, Golden Lion fishing and other do a dozen well -known domestic fishing gear manufacturers.

At present, the new model of “Yu Bar” has attracted widespread attention in the industry. The reporter also interviewed a number of well -known fishing gear brands on this topic. The current journal is as follows:

Song Xiuli, general manager of Hong Kong Yilong:

Facing the impact of e -commerce, the transformation of fishing gear dealers has been arrowed on the string and has to be sent. At this time, Yu Aojiang Lake proposed a new model of “Yu Bar” in Yujiao Stores. Whether it is from the call to respond to the country’s “Internet+”, in line with the trend of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, or from the perspective of breaking through the dilemma of the distribution of fishing gear, It’s just right. Transformation and upgrading, this day is better than late. The active explore by companies in the industry is better than passive changes than the Internet power outside the industry. In the past, the outstanding performance of the fishing team in the fishing gear industry allowed us to have confidence in the role of the flag bearer of this change. Therefore, in this sense, the launch of the new model of fishing Ao Jianghu is accurate, not “Internet+fishing gear”, but more like “fishing gear+Internet”.

Luo Tao, general manager of Virulin:

At present, the fishing gear industry has long been “more monks and less monks”, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The traditional “entry, sales, deposit, approval, zero, purchase model” has entered the “price war” dilemma of “white -blade combat”. And fighting for a price war, offline stores can’t fight e -commerce anyway. But on the other hand, we should also see that the number of Chinese fishermen is generally upward. That is to say, fishing gear is not no market, but in the new situation, the operation is still restrained by the old “product -centric” model. The profit distribution model is stretched and unreasonable. Not enough. The new model of the “Yu Bar” of Yu Ao Jianghu emphasizes “centered on fishermen”. With the help of online platforms, manufacturers and fishermen directly dock on the platform, reduce the intermediate links, improve the profit space of manufacturers, and also be the fishermen belt. At the same time, with the support of this platform, the fishing gear store transformed into a shopping guide and service provider to use more energy to develop the fisherman circle, carry out fishermen activities, and develop more “selling for the exotic alliance The value -added services outside the fishing gear “are increasing to the circle through cross -border drainage … This does shape a new industry ecology.

Yuan Zhangyin, general manager of Mingshi fishing tackle:

In fact, when the current sales of the industry are sleepy, everyone is thinking about the transformation. At present, we have also been exposed to some “Internet+” applications from outside the industry, but obviously feel that it is weak in communication with offline resources during the promotion process, and the integration costs are too high. In the end The effect is not good. As the saying goes: interlaced like a mountain. We are even more expected to from the industry’s “endogenous” reform power, which can quickly promote the industry transformation based on its in -depth understanding of the fishing gear business, and use its long -term offline channel network and accumulated network resources in the fishing gear industry. In the past, the Internet entrepreneurial experience and the development of online and offline business in the fishing gear industry today developed well. Therefore, we attach great importance to this round of industry reform led by the Avo Jianghu, and are willing to jointly build a “fishing bar” chain system to carry out long -term cooperation with Yao Ao Jianghu.

Huang Yanru, general manager of Morgan fishing tackle:

The production of traditional fishing gear factories is relatively closed, and there is basically no direct connection with consumers. The “Yu Bar” of Yu Ao Jianghu integrates the fishing gear factory, fishing gear shops, fishing grounds, and fishermen on a network platform, shortening the cycle of the production end to the consumption end; Consumption preferences and trends in order to dynamically grasp market demand, reasonably adjust production progress, adjust the direction of research and development, and allocate corporate resources. In this sense, that is, the production, supply, and sales of information that is incorrect has reduced information, and cost reduction and efficiency are reduced, so that enterprises have more funds to invest in the innovation and quality upgrade of fishing gear. In the end, the competition in the entire industry is more benign and the industry ecology is more “green”.

Lin Xiaochuan, general manager of Bai Ford:

In the Internet era, when e -commerce solves the problem of brand comparison, price comparison and transaction payment, logistics distribution, etc., the store function of the fishing gear store is actually weakened. But fishing is a very experienced sport. The purchase of fishing gear for fishing tools is not the end of consumption, but it is precisely the starting point of fishing, outdoor, leisure, tourism and other consumption. This determines the need for offline fishing gear stores. Therefore, the transformation of fishing gear stores is to avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses, give full play to the advantages of forming an offline fisherman circle and hosting fishermen’s activities, and closely focus on the needs of 360 degrees of fishermen to innovate services and create increments. And the “fishing bar” of fishing Ao Jianghu is based on the concept of “all around the fisherman”, turning the fishing gear shop into the “leisure home”, “training center”, “social platform”, and “activity club” of fishermen. …, try to use various experiences and services to stick to the fishermen tightly to make it a “lifelong” and “whole body” consumer member.