Don’t wear wide -leg pants! Wearing shorts this summer, it’s too thin, right?

The weather in Shenzhen is getting hotter ~ Every time in the summer, I wear shorts, cool and versatile ~

Especially in the past few years of super popular pants -Bermuda shorts, I have four or five.


What exactly is this pants?

It originated in the early twentieth century. British officers stationed on Bermuma Island were too hot because it was too hot on the island and simply cut trousers to knees. Later, this style became hot.


So today we can still see the British style full of body.

By the 1950s, women’s consciousness began to wake up, and girls fell in love with neutral costumes. This shorts became the trendy items that were in the best at that time.

And the style is becoming more and more diverse, all kinds of tailoring and materials have become a well -deserved fashion icon.


So why is Bermuda shorts so popular? In addition to being fashionable, it is also very thin and comfortable. It also caters to the neutral style that is scratching very well at the moment. Not much to say, let ’s take a look at how to wear it with me ~



How to choose a different body?

This was originally a short panties that boys wear. The biggest problem is that it is not well worn and the legs are thick and the legs are short. But don’t be afraid, as long as you choose the right style, you can actually make you thin, cool and comfortable ~

Short Legs


For such girls,

The length of the five -point length of the knee is taboo,

Because I bought this type, I really cut my legs into five or five points. It’s a bit like the instant sense of stealing dad’s shorts, “It’s really a male ~”


So please control the length of the pants to 5-8cm above the knee, and the small man can wear long legs.


Focus on:


Under the premise of covering the root of the thigh, the shorter the more legs.

Another words,


Bermuda shorts are generally loose, and it is easy to look a little procrastinating without paying attention.

So be sure to keep the clothes in and improve the waistline ~



Many people see the first reaction of the self -cultivation model, which is too picky. It will be more suitable for thin legs, the pear shape is not so suitable (don’t cry, the style behind it is suitable for you) ……

But the loose A -line version is different. The effect of hiding meat is first -rate.

Whether it is loose or slim,

It is best to choose the length above the knee, and it will be pressed too long.

Take the figure below for example. The length of the pants is 2-3cm on the knee.

Lumbar and abdomen

It is important to have a femininity to wear shorts. Choosing a high -waist style is our most commonly used method ~ The small belly is covered in an instant ~

On the question of small belly, “Le” is not as “loose”,

Girls with small flesh on the abdomen must avoid tight shorts and use high waist fold pants to transfer visual focus.


Note that the waist style is tight -fitting style,


Properly loose waist styles can highlight the waist curve and thin.


Different materials create different styles

Suit pants

The formal sense of this type of material is very strong, and it is the first choice for office workers.

One of the hottest ways of wearing is suit+shorts, which is basically the least brain, the most suitable for lazy cancer star haha.

The length is just on the knee, and the calves are very slender ~

The whole body uses low saturation colors, and then with a brown belt emphasizes the waistline

The visual ratio of the whole person will be stretched ~ especially suitable for girls who want to increase vision ~


I really don’t know how to match it,

It is better to be the same color and material, and the color tone is coordinated and guaranteed the texture.

The most popular mustard yellow this summer is combined with the sharp version, simple and advanced, super white and temperament ~ Back a metal chain bag, the fashion degree instantly increases a few levels ~

If you want to change different changes, pay attention to the style of the shoes, everyone!


It looks very casual when wearing a cold drag, and it will be feminine with fine heels ~



Since Shenzhen entered Sanfu Tian, ​​he almost didn’t send me away at the high temperature of 367 degrees a day. At this time I like to wear linen fabric shorts.


The texture is breathable and sweat-absorbing, good heat dissipation, 3-4 ° cooler than the general material, it is completely non-sticky in summer, the girl who is afraid of heat is saved ~


I recommend choosing pants with a length above the knee. The skin is cool to the greatest extent, and by the way, the fat of the thighs is covered, only the slender calves are exposed ~


Whether you are X -type legs or O -type legs, you will not be too obvious in the A -line cotton pants, and you can also give you a happy walk!

Wide and loose version, light and comfortable +100 …


The material of the linen, even a very light color, will not be transparent ~ Don’t be afraid of glowing.

You can also try linseed shorts. It is versatile and French.

If you want to wear a little salt, choose a white shirt with a white shirt.

This kind of dressing is simple, but it will not be out of date. Young girls must try it.


Girls who pass the linen will know that this material is more wrinkled, but it doesn’t matter. Instead, it can give people a casual and natural feeling.

Work style

The texture of the workers is stiff, the age -reducing effect is first -class, and the sense of youth can be worn casually.

After the upper body, it will add a bit of handsomeness and goodness


, And with a French shirt, the maid man balances, the girl who takes a sweet and cool style to stock up.

Loose high waist combined with loose pants type is very friendly for pear -type figure.


Remember the color that I emphasized many times? White shirts and white flat shoes echo each other, which can increase visually.

Denim material


The casual versatile denim shorts are really eternal! Far! Do not! meeting! Pass! Time!


I have a pair of jeans. I have been wearing it for five years. I am still a frequent visitor I wear ~ This summer, I continued to start several denim pants,


Fashionable and not afraid of heat ~

Tight -fitting, emm, is not a general figure. I have disturbed ~

Loose pants legs

, Covering the meat effect first, can also cover the shortcomings of the legs that are not straight, super modify the leg shape.

The slightly A -line version is very suitable for the upper half of the Y -shaped figure.

It can also balance the proportion of the upper body and create the visual effect of “two narrow ends in the middle”.


The dark blue has a sense of Hong Kong style, and it will also have the effect of visual compression. Girls with flesh thighs quickly try it ~


Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing.