What are the advantages and disadvantages of invisible fan lamps? Which brand of invisible fan lamp is good?

The advantages and disadvantages of invisible fan lamps


Which brand of invisible fan lamp is good

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Advantages of invisible fan lights:

1. Decoration

Since more than 20 years ago, there have been thousands of styles in Taiwan that have been sold on the market. From color single to colorful, the style has ordinary CAS, Victorian style, unique Italian style, European classical style, luxury in luxury The magnificent ancient Roman style, mysterious ancient Greek style, modern minimalist and generous style, etc., designers from various countries show the artistic styles in the hanging fan to the fullest.

2. practicality

In terms of practicality, the practicality of invisible fan chandeliers is relatively strong. It can be used as a chandelier and can also be used as a fan to save energy and environmental protection. For example, when it is not too hot in summer, you can increase the indoor air flow without turning on the invisible fan chandelier without turning on the air conditioner. When used at the same time as the air conditioner, the load of the air conditioner can be reduced to a certain extent, which can be relatively reduced. Winter can also increase the flow rate of warm air.

Disadvantages of invisible fan lights:

1. Selectivity

There are a lot of chandeliers on the market, and the quality is uneven. There are small and small in terms of wind, and noise is one aspect. The key is to choose a chandelier with good quality, large wind, and mute.

2. Installation

Don’t ceilings during decoration, otherwise it will appear very depressed. If the room structure is high, it will look good.


3. Light aspect

In the evening, a slightly dazzling chandelier will appear, so it is important to choose a good energy -saving lamp or LED.

Which brand of invisible fan lamp is good?

1. Yongyi Yufeng

Yongyi Yufeng is the research and development of high -level lighting fans. It is produced in one of the Chinese and foreign joint ventures. Its headquarters is in Guangdong because of its own production and self -selling. It has an advantage than the lamps in the same industry. Profit.

2. Kang Erfu

Founded in 1979, Constation is a pioneer of Taiwan’s lighting lighting industry and one of the world’s leading multi -functional fan chandeliers.

3. Famous Huihui

Famous artists are a domestic high -end luxury decorative hanging fan brand. It is a large modern enterprise specializing in production and sales of decorative suspension fans. The company is more famous in Guangdong and on the coast.

4. Shaoepeya

It was established in Taiwan in 1949. Shakespeare is a large manufacturer in Taiwan.

5. Three rounds

Sanfa is a comprehensive service company based on the design of the chandeline series. Its product has a high degree of reputation and popularity. It is the company is Jiangmen Quanfu Electric Co., Ltd.

6. Odo A0zz0


Odo is one of the larger lighting brands on the Internet. It has established a intelligent platform for one -stop home decoration. It has a comprehensive after -sales system and a relatively powerful capital chain, which is invincible in the industry.

7. Caesarin

Established in 1982, it was a lighting enterprise that formed a global supply chain in China. With high quality and fashion as the concept, it possesses a position in the lamp shopping mall. The company is in Shanghai.


8. Tianjun

Tianjun is one of the companies that are engaged in the research and development and production of warm -style dry clothing products earlier in China. Its products are healthy and environmentally friendly and are well -known in the electrical industry.

9. Gurunlete

Gurunlai has a professional team. It focuses on the design, R & D, production and sales of energy -saving lamp products, and is also one of the domestic large -scale light source manufacturers.

10. Youjia

The Youjia is a professional luxury decorative fan production enterprise integrating R & D, production, and sales. It is headquartered in Shunde District, Foshan City. It takes a high -end route and targets people in high -income people.

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The advantages and disadvantages of invisible fan lamps

Which brand of invisible fan lamp is good