Bi Ya Bi: Nine West $ 38.70

Nine West Ji Xi is a female fashion shoes and clothing brands from New York. It has a high reputation in the United States. Its perfect quality, design, and service make Nine West Xiti an excellent model for women’s shoes.

This Nine West Tuna Ms. Tuna’s leather boots on the leather on the upper layer of the leather of the heels has a pleated design to prevent the leather folds caused by it after wearing; the side pull zipper design, the shoe uses artificial lining, about 6cm height, not tired.Generally speaking, it is a versatile boots that are suitable for multiple occasions.

比呀比: Nine West 玖熙 Tuna 女士真皮坡跟靴 $38.70

Amazon in the United States

Taupe color

比呀比: Nine West 玖熙 Tuna 女士真皮坡跟靴 $38.70


比呀比: Nine West 玖熙 Tuna 女士真皮坡跟靴 $38.70

$ 38.70

, 5 ~ 11 yards, the code is complete, transfer to the hand

About 320 yuan (excluding tax)

EssenceThe style is versatile, the price is good, you can like a pair!For the specific purchase method, refer to the exclusive fool -style Haitao tutorial.For more Haitao information, please move Haitao Channel.