The meditation posture is diverse? After reading this article, I hope to help you

List of meditation posture, see what posture is suitable for you!

1. Placement of both feet


Cleaner knees: The tendon and bones are soft. This method can be used to put the left foot calf on the right stock, make the left foot and right stock slightly, then hold the right foot calf on top of the left stock; at this time , Two crosses, like triangles, this is called


“Cleaner knees”, its advantage is that the two knees must be close to the cushion, and the sitting posture is naturally correct, and it will not skew forward, back, left and right. But this kind of double -removing posture is not easy to learn. People above the middle age are more difficult to learn, so don’t force it.

Celebage: When sitting, put your left foot calf, put it on the right stock, and put your right foot under the left stock. This is much easier than double -cricket. Its disadvantage is that the left knee cannot be close to the cushion. Sitting for a long time, the body should be skewed to the left; as long as you feel skewed and slowly correct it, there is no hindrance.

Sandal disk: If you are an old age, you ca n’t even do a single disk, then you can put your two legs on the lower disk. However, both knees are empty and easier to skew up. Pay attention to correction at any time.

Pingping method: There are still people with two legs, and even if they can’t do it down, they can sit down with their feet. But the left heel must be leaned on the right foot. It is called “unity of the limbs”, or the bottom of the feet can be placed flat on the ground, but the legs and feet should maintain ninety degrees of right angles.

When you first learn the legs, people sitting slightly for a long time, and they must feel numb. At this time, they can open it slowly, and wait until they are not numb.

Two, two -hand placement


Both hands should be loose, and you should not focus on. Put your right back on the left palm of your hand, and put it gently on your two lower legs, close to your lower abdomen. However, if you sit flat, you can also put your hands on the upper part of your legs, your palms down, and flatten it naturally. For hand -in, you can watch it in detail, and the detailed explanation of the opponent’s hand posture in the column.

Third, the head posture

During the practice, the movements of the head and neck, face, eyes, and mouth must be paid attention: the head and neck should be straight, the faces are forward, the eyes are gently closed, the mouth should be closed, not open, the tongue against the upper jaw.


Fourth, horizontal posture

Usually lying on the way: It is the four prestige of people’s behavior, which can use Xi Jing’s kung fu. Of course, Xi Jing is the most difficult time, and it is not easy to live. If you do n’t get a deep work, you ca n’t do it. The most standard standard when you sit in. Therefore, it is easy to cause it as the main practice method. However, when it is inconvenient to sit or cannot sit, it may be replaced by a horizontal style. Like people sleeping, there are two types of supine lying on the side. The lying posture is the same as usual. However, remember to raise the top of the head and shoulders to the most comfortable level, the pads of ears, eyes, noses, and so on are the same.

Lion King lying method: This method is lying on the side. Because the left side is lying on the left, the heart is often oppressed. It is not good, the ears, eyes, nose, nose, etc. on the right side are also the same as the aforementioned, but the head and upper body must be slightly leaning. , Make Da’s most comfortable degree. From the thighs above the knee over the process of the lower legs, the calves and feet below the knee are naturally placed behind the calf and feet below, and the legs below will naturally extend. Slightly bent, the hands on the top naturally stretch out, the palm of the palm is down, gently placed on the hip joint, the hand below, the palm of the palm up, naturally open, put it on the head pillow, a little from the head of the head, depending on how you do it, how you do you like you I feel the most comfortable for who. This lying method has a name on Kung Fu called “Lion King Midge”.

Fellow practitioners can choose the right meditation method according to their physical state.