Diving price! Winter “wild pants” for men’s wardrobe, produced by the old cotton factory, online comfort quality online …

For men, it is too difficult to choose a comfortable and beautiful pants.



The pants are too tight and easy to card crotch

It feels embarrassing when walking; suit pants, a little boring and serious.

To say


Comfortable and versatile pants




It must be casual pants

Essence Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, or traveling at home in various occasions, a pair of guards can


Men become a tall and handsome man.

But if the pants are not selected well, it is easy

Pack up the knee for a few days,

There is a bunch of small hair balls at the buttocks

It is not grade to wear out.


Want to choose good pants,

The tailoring of comfortable fabrics and pants is very important.


Recommend to the brothers today, pay tribute

Centennial History Guoman Seventeen Factory

, Specially created for Chinese men:

Pick up cotton -grinding hair knitting casual sports pants.

Not only is the workmanship, the fabric and version are not comparable to the pants on the market.


Guoman Seventeen Factory

Building a factory in Shanghai,

Established in 1921


Hundreds of years of history have been occupied in the cotton textile industry.

Pick up the century -old craftsmanship, select

High -quality “Peach Lei Cotton” in long velvet cotton.

Use such cotton spinning fabrics


Just looking at the surface of the fabric, you can feel it


The touch of natural cotton -soft, glutinous, warm.

Cotton, absorb water in one second,

It won’t be sultry for a day.

For the figure of the people, the three -dimensional tailoring, the classic simple silhouette,

The upper body is stiff, and it is also tolerant,


No matter what body shape, you can wear your own style.

And it is not limited to age, whether it is commuting to work, or leisure and entertainment, it is comfortable to wear it.

Buying such a pair of pants is no problem in wearing it for three or four years.

Recommended reason:


1. Do not pick your body, three -dimensional tailoring,

The thin -footed version, no matter how we wear it, it is not bloated.

2. Xinjiang long velvet cotton, soft and comfortable, can’t afford the ball, does not deform, and is comfortable.

3. Fashionable and versatile, unlimited age, whether it is a sweater or shirt, it is very Feel.

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Create a century -old craft for the people

Xinjiang “Golden Cotton” makes comfortable cotton trousers

Many brothers know the importance of fabrics for clothes.

Pick up the cotton sports leisure pants, choose

“Golden Cotton” in long velvet cotton -made of peach lace cotton

Cotton, feel super good.

Speaking of this peach lace cotton, you have to pick up the cotton

Speaking of 4,000 kilometers, going to Xinjiang to find “cotton”.

Four houses and five entry across China

More than ten years ago, there was no high -quality cotton in my country and only recognized imports. Starting in 2007,

Cotton Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Start cultivating high -quality cotton species.


Live 9 years,

Cultivate high -quality long velvet cotton

– Guoman 641.

The seeds are cultivated, where can I plant it?

What about good cotton?

Xinjiang Kuitun Rizhao, Tianshan Snow Water Irrigation

Finally, picking up the cotton span 4000 kilometers and chose


During the sun, temperature, frost, … to the suitable Xinjiang Kuitun planting.

Cotton Production Demonstration Base: Seventh Division of the Xinjiang Corps.


The entire cultivation and maintenance of cotton are under very careful and detailed monitoring.


Rizhao of 2900 hours, the snowwater irrigation of the Tianshan Mountains, and finally growing up is called

“Golden Cotton” in the long velvet cotton -Peach Lei Cotton.

Irrigation Tianshan Snow Water


Inheritance of Centennial Seventeen Factory Clothing Process

Pick up the cotton pants with such scarce and high -quality peach lace cotton,

The quality is full of quality.

Peach Lei cotton is that the length of the fiber reaches more than 33mm, which is superior to ordinary velvet cotton. Its softness, gloss, skin -friendly, breathable, and elasticity are not comparable to ordinary cotton.


After having a good cotton, through domestic


First -line modern intelligent chemical factory textiles into gauze,

Finally made high quality

Pick up cotton trousers


Pick up the cotton homophonic


This cotton spinning factory is not ordinary, it has been a century since its establishment

In order to commemorate the factory, pay tribute to the youth that has passed away for 100 years, while pumping cotton pants, while integrating new fashion,

Inheriting the ingenuity craftsmanship a century ago, he created a fashion and quality of samples for the Chinese people.

Loose silhouette design, right


The body does not have too high requirements. It is more loose and comfortable to wear on the body.

Looking at it is full of geological feelings.


Building for Chinese people, cotton pants

Thick feel is comfortable enough to take off

Men buy pants, in addition to the beautiful version, but also

It must be comfortable, otherwise it will be easy to become the scene of the community.


Cotton fabric, sweat -absorbing and breathable, can be worn in three seasons

Pick up cotton pants

410 grams of peach bud cotton,

Compared with ordinary pants,

With the ingredients, the thickness is clear at a glance,

Just look at the texture of this pants.

Use inside

Flawed hair grinding technology,

That kind of

The thickness of the cloth surface

At the same time, wearing it is more than ordinary pants, it is more skin -friendly and comfortable.


The surface of the fabric is not stained with hair, and the tape is sticky pants, and there is no hair sticking to it at all.

Use inside

Tight and meticulous dual -wiring processing

There is no extra line head, you know it at first glance

The production of large factories will definitely not lose the quality of the counter of the mall.

Moreover, this pants still have

Very good hygroscopic

Essence Drop the water on the fabric,

The water drops quickly spread to the fabric, and 1s was absorbed away

Even if you walk on sweating, you are not afraid of sticking to your body.

Elasticity is also very large, and there will be no situation of exercise stretching.

Intimate details, practical durability


In addition, Pai Qian cotton trousers are also improving in the details.

The waist is used with rubber band and drawing rope,


Neither drop the gear nor can the waist, and you can adjust the size of the waist at will.

There will be no embarrassing situation of exposed buttocks!

Loose pants body, plus

Big foot mouth, not tortoise


, Can also further highlight the slender feet, and wear a visual increase of 6cm.

There are large -capacity pockets on both sides of the pants,

Sloping side pocket design

, Take a picture of POSS, not afraid to put it in the hand.

There is also a pocket behind, and you can usually put some small items.

And considering that some pants will dye the pants, picking cotton uses environmental protection printing and dyeing,

Normal water cannot be washed off, and you don’t have to worry about the pants will be stained if you wear it. (The first time black washing has a slight floating hair, it is normal)


The quality is also quite resistant, it

Very wear -resistant, scraped back and forth with iron comb, and there is no sign of the ball.

In addition to daily wear, running, fitness, and home are also very suitable. Whether it is matching

Sweater, sweater or shirt

They are very beautiful.


Black and gray design

Easily wear a sense of high -level, hold all kinds of matching.

Gray is

Very textured light gray, men simply wear sweaters, refreshing and handsome.

Suitable for all kinds

Black models, thin and advanced

, Simple matching can also switch instantly

Cool Boy


Essence If your girlfriend wants to wear, you can also make a couple’s money ~

Such one

Variable, wearing resistance, good version and comfortable

Cotton trousers,

Usually one must

299 yuan

In order to allow brothers to put on good pants, we and the brand have a big discount.


Directly dropped 100, only 199 yuan,


There is no problem in a three or five years! Give your parents or friends, fashionable and beautiful.

The size table is placed here,

Brothers buy themselves ~

Original price: 299 yuan

Concession price: 199 yuan

Pick up cotton -grinding hair knitting casual sports pants.

Guoman Seventeen Factory







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