Grass! Since I have these office storage artifacts, I have not been tired for 8 hours to work

In our daily life and office, the desktop is messy because the documents are not organized. This will not only make our work completely without clue, but also that your work is not planned, lack of reasonable arrangements and overall allocation. After watching it, I was uncomfortable. The boss saw that the desktop was dirty, so we had to do a thorough storage and cleaning for our desktop.

Ajin, my dirty table

The storage equipment on the desktop is not bought randomly. The buying is wrong. On the one hand, it is not practical to reduce the efficiency of your office. Secondly, the low usage rate will also make it occupy a small space on the desk. Therefore, when we choose an office storage artifact, we must start from our actual situation, choose a reasonable storage rack, and think about it.

Recommended product 1: wooden drawer standing rack

First of all, I recommend this multifunctional storage rack. Its advantage is that there are three grids that can be placed vertically, and the small grid on the left is also convenient for you to quickly take debris. In fact, the most important items in the office desktop should be A4 -sized paper, express files, folders, books, and books, so it is essential to storage of them, and the volume should be greater than other partitions. There is also a small drawer at the bottom of this shelf, which can just put the messy small items in uniformly. On the whole, the shelf is more practical.


Recommended product two: Delivery rack data rack


Akin I highly recommend this capable file box. Its practicality is particularly strong. It is mainly A4 -sized files, and then placed with some small plaids. This plastic file box will be more convenient and lighter than wooden in installation.

Recommended product three: office computer increase table

In addition, there is a horizontal office storage rack. It focuses on people with cervical discomfort in front of a sedentary computer. Raise the display by the storage rack to make you look more comfortably. This storage space is also moderate, you can put a certain amount of items, but it is not suitable for putting too much A4 folder or paper to find trouble.

Not recommended products: office storage cabinet


This style office storage cabinet is not recommended. I bought the same paragraph before, and it is troublesome to find a thing. The assembly time is about 30 minutes. The weight is not light. The lattice is deep, it is not convenient to take items quickly, and the classification is not strong. Choose it carefully.


In summary, it is almost the end of the year, and the white -collar workers in the office are also the busiest time for a year. Various overtime and various documents and various documents and reports, but no matter how busy, do you have a clue to do things and give yourself to yourself. A good work planning and planning are necessary, and everything starts from the desktop.