The 20 most practical small cardigan recommendations in summer, you are afraid of the sun!

Enjoying the good weather in May, there are always a few intimate cardigan to match, outdoor travel to resist ultraviolet rays, air -conditioned room blocking cold air is the most intimate partner. In addition, it is still magical to cover the meat ~ In short, it must be a practical item that needs to be hoarded in summer ~

Recommended items: green leaf printing Japanese style and loose chiffon kimono jacket

Very light one, like printing, chiffon texture, and physical color is green leaf pattern, and the upper body picture outdoor shooting light is brighter

Recommended single product: double -layer gauze cardigan two -color light feeling

Double -layer design Visually creating scattered fabric folds in the sun with a faint luster

Recommended single product: white personality cute cartoon doll printing cotton long cardigan

Loose large models, pure white, and unique design dolls, the best choices of beautiful women who like a little jacket in spring and summer, thin.

Recommended items: The middle and long Korean version is thin and long sleeves

The middle and long models just cover the hips ~ The material is cotton, and it is very comfortable to wear.


Recommended single product: independent design foundation Wannian wearing slim -fitting super long knitted cardigan

One of the people in Europe and the United States, you can also be a sunscreen or something in summer, you can go out when wearing a personal character.

Recommended items: Warm brand knit sweater versatile cardigan

The sleeve is a little slim design. It feels so thin to wear it. This is a kind of intimate companionship that usually wears and wears all kinds of age groups.


Recommended single product: retro spring and summer, ruffled long -sleeved knitted cardigan


This unique summer cool short cardigan uses a special high -quality fabric, gray -purple and shiny embellishment. The back is the hem design of the ruffled edge.

Recommended items: Women’s mid -length seven -sleeved knitted thin cardigan

The fluttering cardigan is more suitable for summer when sunscreen clothes are wearing fresh colors, ramie materials, naturally breathable mid -length design, no placket, lightweight and simple style suitable.

Recommended single product: solid color large V -neck cashmere blended long -sleeved knitted cardigan

The classic large V -neck, the neckline is naturally curled, the details are not monotonous ~ a simple and practical one, it is appropriate to wear in the air -conditioned room or car in summer.

Recommended single product: hand -painted linseed bristles mint green


Line, hand -painted, hollowed edge, a graceful and fresh knitted cardigan is suitable for spring, summer and autumn, light and sunny, classical and beautiful.

Recommended single product: printed cherry cotton long -sleeved sweater

In the summer office, the air conditioners in the car, the cinema, or in the large shopping mall are always distressed. So I usually prepare a cardigan for myself. Whether it is covered with legs or wearing it, I will feel much.


Recommended single product: retro leisure long knitted cardigan sunscreen sweater


The texture of the knitted wire that is absolutely not hot in summer is very falling. The sense of weight is thin, the weave, the soft, soft, and the personality is short and short.

Recommended single product: Little Fresh Beads Removed Circles Caddy


Short models, this is easy to make a variety of matching, especially like wearing short cardigans with dresses and skirts, refreshing and simple.

Recommended items: Shuiyu Dot Crystal Capsules 7 -point sleeve sunscreen shirt

Foreign order, a super favorite sweater, super versatile of the wave point ~ ramie is very resistant to wearing and without deformation.


Recommended items: Super comfortable soft foundation mid -length silk cotton knitted cardigan

The style is particularly simple and comfortable, the color is also very light and beautiful, the versatile Tibetan green and white, the beautiful and beautiful orange, and the faint touch of smoke purple and fog blue are as gentle as the smoke.

Recommended single product: guest for lace thin lady sweater cardigan cardigan


The workmanship and the overall are very Japanese. Sister paper that likes ladylike style can be entered ~ four colors, all very versatile


Recommended single product: light blue deep V fine buckle cotton and linen loose long hood


The very simple cotton and linen long blouses, the light material is breathable and refreshing in the summer. The classic deep V -neck shows the collar and neck, which is very thin and thin. The whole row of thin buttons below the neckline is unique. Very beautiful blue, clean and quiet temperament.

Recommended single product: hollow short cardigan long -sleeved sweater


Moderate thickness, elasticity, lace design is exquisite and feminine, and both black and white are classic colors.

Recommended single product: long linen knitted cardigan

The anesthetic spinning cardigan, randomly matched, the characteristics of knitwear have the energy of softness, the material characteristics are transparent and smooth, cool and flexible, and dense.

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