3 thin coats that must be worn in autumn

The weather since the beginning of autumn is indeed much more comfortable than before. Now I can sleep when I go to sleep and open the window at night, which is almost beautiful.

But the instability of the season is still there,

I went out in the morning a little sultry, and I was slightly cool at get off work at night.

But the temperature that is not cold or hot is the temperature I like. There are more possibilities, such as

Thin coat

You can wear it.

Then someone asked:

Isn’t it hot now?


NONONO, actually not. At this stage of temperature, it is necessary to decrease, and it is necessary to prepare a few thin coats. and

Can mix and match with summer


, Put out of new tricks, wouldn’t it be done in one stone

By the way, help you summarize the candidate list of thin coats:

○ thin suit

○ knitted cardigan

○ denim jacket

Next, as long as you determine your favorite thin coat and cooperate with the basic summer dress to ensure that you can become the first beautiful scenery in autumn.

The suit jacket can be softened or soft, and it is possessing in the change season


High popular fashion items


Essence Gender -free attributes, easily interpret different styles, suitable for most scenes.


// Keywords: suit suit+foundation inside



Simple and good -looking, novices can’t be wrong

If you haven’t started a suit with a suit, it is recommended

Basic suit start

, Classic and versatile.


Morandi light color system

It has always been the home color of Qiu Liang. A little elegant literary balance is just right, and the breath of quiet autumn comes.


Create autumn girly feel: Bei hat+round glasses+T -shirts, these combinations can be completed together.


In addition to the T -shirt, it is okay

Change to a tight suspender, more feminine

Essence Coupled with the blessing of the short skirt, the gentle Lady image of the workplace is completed.


// Keywords: short -sleeved suit+trousers

姐 姐 ✨ 姐 姐 姐 ✨

In this combination, I generally recommend it for workplace wear. It is beautiful and fashionable, and it is beautiful to go to work.

Give a white suit

Very refreshing

a feeling of. Combining with black inside is a classic color combination that will never make mistakes.

If you are too formal, you work hard on your shoes. Put on a pair of youth canvas shoes, it feels different!


Short suit is very friendly for a small one


It is easy to create a golden ratio of three or seven points.

The pink system has always given a gentle and gentle feeling. Apply this color to wide -leg pants, and the cool style is instantly

It becomes feminine.


If you are not very satisfied with your leg shape, this combination is worthy of reference!


// Keywords: suit+skirt

女 Everyone has a girl’s heart

It seems that there are two completely different items, which can wipe different sparks together.

Suit, skirt

, Want to be fashionable, how can this combination be missed?


Sisters with thick calf can

Choose a panton skirt

It is better to cover meat. The elegant sense of the gauze and the collision of the black suit, the proper wealthy look.

Compared to half skirts,

The dress is more time -saving to save time

, Fashion does not lose.

If you want to modify your body, just change the growth dress.

Remember not to exceed the ankle

, Otherwise, it is very high!

The knitted cardigan is almost a hand -in -hand, you can imagine its popularity.


“One piece of two wear”

When you feel hot, you can take off your shoulders and switch to a new shape.

// Keywords: knitted set

时 The fashionable routine of lazy people


No matter what item, the set is lazy

Best Formula

Essence The grain itself is no exception, saving time, effort and good -looking.

A few days ago, I just recommended the blue, should I remember? The popular color must be arranged.

“Belly and down”

The formula of wearing a slightly exposed abdomen, as if there is no place. The style itself is enough, and the jeans are balanced, which is just right.


You can put on the pants in the cool girl style, and

Very suitable for pear -shaped figure

Little cute people. As soon as the peaked hat is worn and walking on the road, you are the most beautiful.

// Keywords: knitted cardigan+pants


✨ Gentle kill


The gentle cardigan+simple pants, like a young lady in the ins everywhere on INS

Essence Daily commuting


It is very suitable for our Asian reference.


It is recommended to wear loose knitted styles in the workplace. The overall color should not be exaggerated, mainly low saturation.

I like the little cute of all black, be sure to


Learn to leave white

Essence It can’t be dark, otherwise it is old.

// Keywords: knitted cardigan+sexy underwear

Be careful

Although the Qixi Festival has passed, the grains will still be recommended from time to time. Soft glutinous cardigan+sexy lace suspender,

Pure and desired!


Just ask who can stand it?

If it is a conservative little cute, you can choose this

Up and down zipper

Just take a small tube top.

In the early autumn, denim jackets can both be


The concave shape can resist the temperature difference between morning and evening

Essence In the fashion circle, it has never been absent and is taken out every year.

// Keywords: cowboy+cowboy

儿 Fashion, just playing

Many little cuteness will feel that denim+denim combinations will be difficult to wear and difficult to see. In fact

Upper material and color system one

Coupled with proper white or exposed skin, it will avoid embarrassment.

Oversized denim jacket+slim denim skirt, it is the standard of handsome hot girls!

If you are not confident in your legs, you can replace it with a denim skirt.

Pay attention to exposure

For example, the split design of the skirt.

// Keywords: denim+skirt

主 Korean drama youth hostess


As a romantic representative item, the combination of denim jackets will not disappoint.

Tough and soft

The combination of combination is OK even when wearing to go to work and dating.

I said before that the blue and white combination is a very French literary and artistic way.


The encounter between solid and solid color

, Simple and powerful gentleness.

If you want to be more aging, you can use it

Hair hoop, pile socks

Eliminate accessories to create a sense of youth atmosphere.

How about, in fact, you can put new tricks without buying new clothes. If you don’t know how to wear the season, use it.

Thin coat+summer item


Just overlap.

And no matter what you are, what position you are, you can

According to the tips in the text

Come on. I hope that wuli little cute people can get inspiration to dress on the grains,