I like to see the meat friends who do it yourself. What kind of succulent self -made flower pots have you played?

Today, there is a meat friend asking Elder Tang:

How to make a fleshy pot?

Tiado meat old pile


There are many ways to raise succulents. If you want to raise them beautiful and delicate, then make the granular soil yourself, and choose a flower pot that is better breathable and very beautiful to plant them. Conversely, if you can raise it casually, or follow the trend to experience it, then you will not avoid being so complicated. Take a plastic basin and then get some corrupted leaves and cumbers.

Meat friend’s ebony


If there is no plastic basin at home, we can choose homemade flower pots. There are 7 kinds of self -made flower pots of fleshy pots from easy to difficult. The meat friends who play casually naturally choose the simplest. The succulent enthusiasts with strong hands -on ability can try the most complicated flowerpot production. So what are the 7 methods of homemade succulent pots? Don’t worry, let me introduce you in detail:


Qunsheng lotus

I. Use a disposable plastic appliance to make a succulent pot.

This method of self -made succulent pots can be said to be the simplest and least technical content. At the same time, the materials are also available, such as disposable plastic bowls, plastic lunch boxes and mineral water bottle (mineral water bottle needs to cut off three points off three points. Two), just find a way to get a drainage hole. The plastic things cannot be hardened. It is recommended to use the burnt iron wire tie. Basically, it can be tied up in 1-2 minutes. When we get it out of the drainage, we can get the flesh.

The succulent planting of disposable plastic bowls


2. Use pots and pans to make self -made succulent pots.


Everyone has waste pots and pans. It is a pity to throw away it directly, and it is feasible to choose some good -looking to make a flower pot. This operation is a bit more difficult than the above, because the difficulty coefficient of opening the hole may be broken by accident. It is recommended to throw it in the water for two days (mainly ceramic), then fill the inside with a wet towel, and then buckle it on a thick book, and then use a hammer and steel nail to cut out the appropriate holes (chiseling When you are light and then weigh), you can be used to plant succulents.


Pudding planted by stew pot

3. Use plastic equipment that needs to be cut for self -made succulent pots.

The three places are arranged because it looks simple, but it is complicated to operate -it requires a certain artistic foundation and strong hands -on ability. We first draw the graphics we want on the plastic equipment. After drawing, cut it and cut out the drainage holes (Refer to Method 1), and then plant the succulents we like.

Made in a succulent pot made of laundry liquid bottle

4. Use bamboo to make a succulent pot.

To be honest, it is not difficult to use a saw — we saw the bamboo into a bamboo tube. If we want to hang it up, leave the bamboo festivals on both sides. Finally, it is drilling. It is recommended to use electric drills to drill, otherwise it is easy to break the bamboo tube. It is best to brush the varnish with a bamboo tube, otherwise it will either mold or crack directly after a long time. Don’t ask me how I know, I have threw away the bamboo tube that others gave me.


Multi -meat pot made by bamboo tube

5. Use the stump to make the fleshy pot.


The self -made stump pellet is used to raise meat and old piles. However, the stump is not easy to find, and it is not easy to find it. In addition to cutting out the pits that can be planted, there is also a drainage hole. Finally, we need to take anti -corrosion and insect -proof measures, such as carbonizing the surface of the stump in the method of roasting, or directly paint, otherwise it will grow worms or moldy.


Polynuts made by stump

6. Use cement to make self -made succulent pots.

The main difficulty of using cement self -made multi -meat pots is that it is not easy to find molds. Some meat friends invented the method of using cardboard as molds. However, it seems that you can buy the mold directly on the Internet. Interested meat friends can buy it. When we operate, we only need to adjust the cement and pour it into the mold. Essence

Make a succulent pot with cement

7. Boil the succulent pot with clay.

If you have n’t used the mud to do something when you were young, it would be difficult to get this. We need to find first



, Then use

Pinch out and air dry in a cool and ventilated place. Next, we go to the outside with a small earth kiln with a brick, and then put the adhesion inside and burn it (can also be burned with a honeycomb coal stove), clamp it out of the water, and then put it in the water for 1-2 hours for 1-2 hours. You can use it on the left and right. However, such a flower pot is a bit ugly. It is recommended to apply colors with acrylic, or it is much more beautiful to draw some patterns.

Boil the succulent pot with clay

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