This kind of diced gloves are difficult to find abroad, but the most common protective supplies in China are “reduced to” in China.

If it is not for the epidemic, people around the world may not realize the importance of the product of Ding Yan gloves. Because Ding Yan itself has no protein, it has no allergic reactions to human skin, non -toxic and harmless, strong and durable, and good attachment. Therefore, in recent years, Ding Yan gloves have become noble items in the domestic and foreign gloves.

At present, Ding Yan gloves can be said to be in short supply abroad. The reason is not only because Ding Yan gloves are suitable for housework, chemical industry, water industry, glass, food and other factories, but also the daily necessities of practitioners in medical and scientific research industries.


In fact, in the eyes of many domestic procurement and workers, Ding Yan gloves are just the most unusual labor insurance gloves. If you want to say why everyone is so sought after, it is comfortable to wear, widely applied, and cost -effective.

The reason for the high comfort of Ding Yan’s gloves is the following points:

The first point is that Ding Yan’s gloves are very fit.

The ductility of Ding Yan’s gloves is very good, and the tensile strength that can be accepted is very high. Therefore, it can be very fitted with both hands. It will not have a binding feeling when wearing, which can greatly enhance the flexibility of workers during the operation.

Secondly, the flexibility of Ding Yan’s gloves is very prominent.


The flexibility of Ding Yan’s gloves is well -known. Following the design of the hand shape, reducing the fatigue of the wearer. That good touch, who really knows!

Third, the oil resistance of Ding Yan gloves is very good.

Ding Yan gloves have strong chemical corrosion, oil resistance (referring to alkae oil), wear resistance and heat resistance in the material material, and the industry is very wide. In words, Ding Yan’s gloves are softer and better, and people are naturally more flexible and comfortable when wearing.

At present, the more popular Dingxian gloves on the market have purely one -time labor insurance gloves, as well as commonly used labor insurance gloves with glue and glue type. Essence When purchasing labor insurance supplies, many factories are large -volume procurement of Dingyu gloves. After all, it has good quality, comfortable to wear, cost economy, and cost -effective.


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