Super popular high -heeled shoes, highlighting the sweet ladylike temperament

College style fashion high heels


The college style fashion high heels, comfortable and generous, non -slip and wear -resistant, increased soles, white pure and cute, miracle girls must have summer.


Korean version of shallow mouth bow waterproof platform high heels

The Korean version of the shallow mouth bow waterproof platform high -heeled shoes, the quality is very good, the price is relatively affordable, the waterproof material design, the Korean version of the classic medium heel high heel, the butterfly knot with the pink design is too beautiful.

Diamond Chain Princess Small High Heel Sandals

Diamond chain princess high -heeled sandals, high heel ultra -high heels of sandals, one word buckle uses a very beautiful rhinestone chain, decorated with your feet, slim and beautiful, fish -mouth shoes, you can have this in summer The shoes are too happy.

Cross -strap single shoes

Cross -strap single shoes, retro round heads encounter cross -straps, showing a fashionable ladylike temperament. A pair of simple shoes does not require too much embellishment, just like the girl’s mind, simple and pure.

Ultra -high heel light mouth shoes

Ultra -high -heeled light -mouth single shoes, very comfortable, elegant white waterproof platform thick heel shoes, not tired to wear, the little man can be tall.


Waterproof platform high -heeled shoes single shoes


The waterproof platform high -heeled shoes and single shoes, pink high heels highlight the sweet ladylike temperament, with the shiny rhinestone, which is particularly charming. Such light -colored high heels are most suitable for long skirts.

Summer fish mouth high heel shoes


In summer, fish mouth high -heeled shoes, and this is a fine heel, with leather fabrics, the high -heeled style of the waterproof platform allows you to increase 8cm in seconds. I missed spring, and never miss it again in summer.

Female bow sexy waterproof platform high heels


Female bow sexy waterproof platform high -heeled shoes, this high heels, fashionable and versatile. The fashion that never ends the classic, given the unparalleled gorgeousness of the shoe body, and the only decoration can help you easily shape the perfect temperament.

European and American Roman sexy waterproof platform fish mouth sandals


European and American Roman sexy waterproof platform fish mouth sandals, heels, are wearing high and sexy, light pink, high waterproof platform, there are flash diamonds, thick heels, European and American fashionable Roman fish mouth sandals, Too beautiful and fashionable, exactly what I want.

Korean version of European and American Roman high heels hollow shoes

Korean version of European and American Roman high -heeled hollow shoes, hollowed -out upper design is breathable and comfortable, with a word design to prevent shoes from falling off, Korean version of European and American style hollow sandals, wearing cool and versatile.


Summer Bohemian diamond sandals

In the summer, the Bohemian rhinestone sandals, the overall fashion style, the elegant and comfortable version allows you to put you better reflect the femininity and outline the beautiful foot type.

Various flower sweet Korean version of princess shoes


The versatile flower sweet Korean princess shoes, Korean version of the versatile princess shoes, three -dimensional small flower embellishment on the shoelaces is very fresh, the word buckle design is sweet and generous, and the waterproof platform design is comfortable and not tired.