In 1975, I watched the movie “Flash Red Star” Red Army hat became the most popular love product of children

Watching the world of thousands of worlds, there are no wonders. The illustrations in the article are the agate strange stone named “Little Red Army Hat”, which can be described as a strange in thousands of strange stones. This hat is naturally created by the heavens and the earth, which really confirms that the familiar words of everyone ‘’ ‘’ ‘‘ ’‘ ’.

Recall that in the 1970s, the movie “Flash Red Star” was released. At the end of the film, Pan Dongzi joined the Red Army team as expected, and wearing a star -haired red army hat Pan Dongzi on his head, becoming the best and most dazzling child image at that time, the little red army hat


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The most popular pet.


“Flash Red Star” is a Chinese child red movie produced by the Bayi Film Studio. The film is directed by Li Ang and Li Jun, starring Xinyun, Zhao Raping, and Liu Jizhong. It was released on October 1, 1974. The film tells the story of Pan Dongzi, a young hero who grew up from 1930 to 1939.

In the film, the five -star Guanghui on the Red Army Hood shone throughout the country at that year, and Pan Dongzi’s image became the most heroic idol in the eyes of children.

The story in the film was passed on to us like this: In 1931, in 1931, Pan Dongzi’s hometown -Liuxi Town is temporarily under the rule of the local tyrants Hu Han San. Pan Dongzi picked Chai, who was preparing to escape in front of Hu Han, who was preparing to escape, forcing him to say the whereabouts of his father Pan Xingyi, and tortured Pan Dongzi madly. At this time, under the guidance of Pan Xingyi, the Red Army entered Liuxi and rescued Pan Dongzi. Liuxi established a red regime, and Pan Dongzi participated in the struggle to fight the field. Pan Xingyi was injured in the enemy’s operations. He actively gave the anesthetic to class brothers during the operation, making Pan Dongzi deeply educated. Pan Dongzi and father (Pan Xing




) Finally met. Pan Dongzi put on the glittering red star and became a real Red Army soldier. He joined the Red Army and embarked on a new journey.