Grass goose | beaver, Ken Dou & kaia demonstration, how to wear summer sunglasses

Since the marriage of Justin and Beaver in 2018, the relationship between the two has been heating up.

No, they just finished taking a photo of the Hawaii vacation; on June 21, Justin showed a photo with the beaver and the French president on his own. Essence

The purpose of their trip should be to participate in the festival of Monday France. Seeing the French president’s schedule, Beaver chose a brown sexy dress, and Justin was wearing a dark suit with vertical stripes.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

The picture of the two walking together seemed to be a partner of Hyundai 007, full of anger. It cannot be ignored that sunglasses have the finishing touch in this dress.

The beaver and Justin, who do not wear sunglasses, look slightly immature. Many times they look like couples who are not like couples.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

But after wearing sunglasses, they became more stable, looking like a mature couple.

Since I talked about sunglasses

Take the newspaper friends to learn a little about the small history of sunglasses

In fact, the popularity of sunglasses has a century of history. In the middle of the 19th century, sunglasses were born in the West. At that time, the significance of the existence of sunglasses was not in style, but functionality.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

The first batch of sunglasses was skiers and long -term explorers who walked in the layman. Under the protection of sunglasses, they no longer need to worry about their eyes being hurt by sunlight.

Over time, the design of sunglasses has increased a lot, and women have gradually become users of sunglasses. At the same time, under the interpretation of Western movies and the influence of stars, sunglasses are often regarded as fashion accessories.

But in fact, the overall practicality and functionality of sunglasses are underestimated.

Sunglasses are not just a perfect accessories that can give the aura on a fashion look. It also protects our skin and eyes well.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

In fact, the damage of ultraviolet rays is actually ignored by us. If you expose your eyes outdoors for a long time and contact too much with ultraviolet rays, the slight result will accelerate the aging of the skin around the eye, and it can even cause eye diseases.

So the editor wants to help the stars here, their love for sunglasses may not be just to play handsome.

So what sunglasses are popular in 2021?

Rectangular sunglasses

The rectangular sunglasses should be the hottest style in 2021. The long and long design looks very retro and beautiful. It is lightweight and does not pick the face shape. It is one of the most recommended styles in the editor’s heart.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

In addition to the black classic models, the color design with a sense of perspective is also a popular trend; especially tea colors, amber.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

If you want to wear rectangular sunglasses, the eyebrow shape is very important. Because rectangular sunglasses often show your eyebrow shape. If you have a very beautiful eyebrow, it is absolutely not wrong to choose a rectangular sunglasses.

At the same time, the beautiful eyebrows of the round faces can boldly try this sunglasses. The round face is suitable for sunglasses with a sense of wired lines, making the face lines richer ~

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

This rectangular sunglasses are designed with special and playfulness. The frame is a rectangular design, but the inner frame has a design with a arc, which combines the overall toughness.

The rectangular sunglasses designed in this way can be said to have no face shape. Both the square and round face can control this sunglasses to control their own style.

Is the rectangular sunglasses of amber perspective full of retro? If you want to choose colorful sunglasses, the editor recommends that you first match your skin tone, and then judge according to daily makeup. The sunglasses selected in this way will be more suitable for you.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

Cat eye sunglasses

Maybe in 2021, it was the retro wave of sunglasses. The design of Cat’s Eye was prevailing in the 1940s and 1950s. The slightly exaggerated shape can show the playful and sexy side of women. It is a very suitable design for vacation.

Ken Dou’s face shape is very suitable for cat eyes. It is simply an endless with a perfect apple muscle. When she smiled, the arc of the cat’s eye coincided with the radian of the side face, so she looked very comfortable.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

Therefore, the editor’s recommendation is the news of the melon seed face or the goose egg face.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

It seems that there is no sweet sense of Ken Dou to wear cat eyes and sunglasses. The open face is more skinny, and the line feels harder than Ken Dou, so the cat eye style is not the most suitable for opening. Friends can also be used as a reference based on their faces.

Sure enough, the flesh -and -face cat -eye style is a must. Selena wears cat eye sunglasses, and with a red lips, it completely exudes retro and modern femininity, with unlimited charm.

Classic large -frame sunglasses

If you want to show your face, the classic square large -frame sunglasses are of course the first choice that cannot be missed. The lasting classic style -the large -frame sunglasses are YYDS.

Large -frame sunglasses generally do not pick face shapes. The black frame black super is the smallest style. The large -frame sunglasses designed by this goggles are more cold and handsome in the matching.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

If you want to show a small face or too cool, you can choose some styles with see -through -sense design.

For example, this orange perspective large -frame sunglasses are both small and very gentle. If the newspaper friends are confused about the matching of color sunglasses, you can learn such a small design -the color of the sunglasses reached a response to the single items on the body.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

The beaver’s large -shaped black sunglasses are true love. In the street shooting, the most appearances of the appearance are also this type of sunglasses. This is not she wearing sunglasses with Justin again.

Choosing the right sunglasses, how to match clothes is also the highlight.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

How to wear with celebrities, with sunglasses enough

01-Kendall Jenner

Retro leopard camisole dress with a delicate Vintage LV underarm bag. Ken Dou should be a vegan state, but after wearing rectangular sunglasses, the overall shape is not casual at all. This is also the advantage of sunglasses.

This sunglasses should be combined with the elements of rectangular and cat’s eyes, with a set of black sportswear. The overall look is proud and mysterious, like a black cat.

Ken Dou’s sink -colored sunglasses are very standard rectangular styles. With the capable hairstyle of the back comb, the lines of the face shape are very smooth.

A slim -fitting jumpsuit perfectly shows the figure of Ken Dou. The brown underarm bag echoed with the pimper’s sunglasses, and the overall shape is elegant and charming.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

The metal frame sunglasses with simple shirt skirts, the shape is lively and cute. The white shirt dress is really a great product that shows a good figure and is easy to wear.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

If you are a rectangular black sunglasses with a metal border, the editor suggests that you can wear some jewelry of the same color to make the overall shape more harmonious.

Compared to other style of sunglasses, this round sunglasses are a bit ordinary on Ken Dou’s face. The style of sunglasses with rich lines set off Ken Dou’s exquisite face.

02-Bella Hadid

Bella’s face and facial features can be created under different makeup and accessories, sometimes cold and sweet. When she takes her hair on the retro style, it will be relatively cold.

A white vest with printed jeans, underarm bags and sunglasses are an excellent partner in the overall retro shape.

The black framework with yellow lenses, the most eye -catching shape should be this sunglasses. The overall color system is echoed with the inner clothes and pants, which is too advanced.

Rectangular cat eye sunglasses are really suitable for Bella. A back -back black vest with water washed jeans, which reveals high -level small sexy in simplicity. Black sunglasses add playful and stylish elements to the overall shape. It is an unforgettable shape ~

To wear sunglasses out of a high sense, in fact, learning Bella’s formula is very practical. That is to maintain the uniformity of the clothing system. Finally, you can choose any style and color sunglasses, so that it will not be obtrusive.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

You see another set of pure white clothes, Bella boldly chose the orange cat’s eye sunglasses. Can’t you pick any problems?

03-kaia Gerber

The open sunglasses look should be a more daily demonstration, so please study good news ~

A military green silk short sleeves outside the suspender vest, and then wearing a pair of water blue jeans, a set of clothing that is very suitable for commuting. The color of the perplexing sunglasses and shoes and jackets echo the color of the overall look.

The interpretable black rectangular sunglasses did not interpret the coldness of Ken Dou, but instead more girls’ sense of girls next door. Perhaps the combination of denim elements and Converse sneakers makes the overall shape very youth.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

The tight vests of Chinese cheongsam elements are very eye -catching, with high -waisted straight jeans, showing the excellent body proportion.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

After watching so many stars’ sunglasses, the editor summarized a conclusion -if you want to highlight the temperament, it is best to put your hair in the hair when wearing sunglasses. Finally, with some metal earrings, the shape will immediately become elegant.

The same sunglasses as the previous look have chosen to match a loose knitted short sleeve and casual slippers. The shape looks more casual and lazy.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

Sunglasses with baseball cap are the most classic American style. The appearance of the moment with her mother was not lost to the supermodel at all! A leather coat with ultra -A sunglasses, the gas field is full.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

04-hailey bieber

Although the general square faces or facial features are more tight and more exciting for the soft lines, our bearing still has a soft spot for the big frame super black sunglasses.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

The big -frame cat’s eye is super black sunglasses. She is also the best item in the sea. She also wore her unique temperament.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

A set of delicate and tailored white suit with basic vests and sneakers, very beaver’s leisure sports wind. How to match sunglasses like this will not make an error.

The LOOK of beaver wearing a cat -eye sunglasses can be said to be a wrong demonstration. The beaver’s hairline is flat, and her face lines are not soft enough, so the cat’s eye style will look stiff under her interpretation.

The rectangular sunglasses are very suitable for the beaver’s face. The white bezel and the rectangular sunglasses of the tea -colored lens echo the white shirt and brown pants, respectively. It seems to be laborious but very clever.

When a beaver chooses a more playful sunglasses style, her aura has changed. The red -brown sunglasses and purple jackets echo the hair circle, and the girl feels like to come out. At first glance, she was surrounded by love.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

After watching so many styles and celebrities, can you choose sunglasses that are suitable for you?

Edit I have selected a few sunglasses for everyone in Shop to see if I like it ~

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种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

For Art ‘S Sake disassembly pearl decorative black sunglasses

Original price: 1920

Limited time special offer: 1780

Rectangular sunglasses are of course a must -have fashion item this year. With the dismantling pearl decoration, you can switch the sense of girls and retro at will.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

The owner enters the metal line sunglasses

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

Original price: 1980

Limited time special offer: 1680

It is also a large -frame design, a cat -eye design element, and a popular perspective style this year. What are the sunglasses that gather the three major popular elements in this way?

WHATEVER EYEWEAR black cat eye sunglasses

Original price: 1500

The classic black cat eye sunglasses can be worn with denim and solid color Yujie wind. Apply a big red lips and kill the male god in minutes ~

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

Dior square large frame sunglasses

Original price: 2880

Limited time special offer: 2299

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

The sunglasses of the square frame with reddish and blue gradient lenses are relatively stylish and bold styles. With this sunglasses, you can choose one between reddish brown and blue in the color of the clothing ~

Burberry Retro Deer Frame Frame Sun Mirror

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

Original price: 2500

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

Limited time special offer: 2200

If you are looking for a sunglasses with a sense of design and a good match, then the editor recommends this one. Brown sunglasses are also popular this year, which is a very temperamental style.

C & C classic sunglasses

Original price: 699

Limited time special offer: 119

The classic large frame black sunglasses, but the corner of this sunglasses is rounded, and it will be gentle on the basis of a small face ~

MIU MIU square black frame gray lens sunglasses

Original price: 2580

Limited time special offer: 1699

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

This sunglasses are a bit similar to the favorite style of Beaver. Based on the square frame, the element of cat eyes is added, and A is playful. It is difficult to not be exciting after the folding price.

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

Finally, use our goddess of Hepburn as the sunglasses look as the end

Hope this summer

Everyone puts up sunglasses ~

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

Picture source: Vision China Network

Edit: Stacy

Writing: viki mi

种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

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种草鹅 | 海狸、肯豆&Kaia示范,夏天的墨镜该怎么戴

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