Is there a century -old history of retro and tide? The hair hoop becomes a fashion tide like this

Is everyone eager to try again this year? Indeed, a small headband, as an excellent small jewelry, has different materials, elements, and versions, which has a strong shaping effect on our overall matching style. Today, Pig and Pig Man come to share with you some history, matching, classification, etc. of the head hoop. Come and watch it together!


This article will be roughly divided into the following parts:

1. The century -old history of hair hoop

Second, the recent show of the hair hoop

Third, the popular hair hoop style in 2020

Fourth, the matching rules of the headband

Next, officially entered the topic:

The hair hoop now looks like a fashionable thing, but in fact, the hairband is also a “old object” with a century -old history! A century ago, it was also a beautiful artifact that the ladies loved.

Phase 1:

The outstanding portrait paintings of the Renaissance during the Renaissance:


When the Renaissance first rose in the 14th century, portrait paintings were also produced under various painters and became popular, such as

Bulongzino, Messina, Haros, Hans Holmine, etc., are all representative portrait artists during the Renaissance.


In the 15th century, portrait paintings have become a symbol of status and identity, especially large -headed portraits with popular sideways.

Therefore, many beautiful women who love beauty want to “stress the group” in the side portrait, so they start to pursue full forehead. If you want to have a full forehead in the painting, you need to move the hairline backwards. At this time, the hairband came in handy. The hairband can fix all the hair in front, and at the same time create the illusion of full heaven.

This is the first time in history, “Big Popularity”!

Phase 2:


In the middle of the 16th century, it was obvious that women’s aesthetics would be updated. In the 16th century, in addition to full foreheads, everyone began to pursue sufficient hair volume.

On the early Italian murals, there were everyone braid their hair and fixed it on top of their heads. This can not only have a charming hairline and full mind, but also appear to have more hair volume.

Later, the ladies were not satisfied with fixing ordinary hair on the top of their heads, and began to wrap various jewelry, ribbon and other decorative objects on the hair. The more exaggerated jewelry in the picture above later evolved into a type of headband. Today, in the 21st century, this retro and exaggerated headband began to become popular again!


After understanding the rough history of the headband, the retro tide in recent years has allowed the “historical objects” of the headband to enter people’s attention again. On the show on various big names, naturally it is also indispensable for the hair hoop ~


Ralph & Russo S/S 2020

RR is a British lady brand focusing on niche luxury. Naturally, this year’s spring and summer show is also indispensable for the favorite hairbands of the ladies. However, the designer’s hairband design in this season does not have the luxurious brightness of imagination. Instead, he uses a playful small ear style, low -key but has the high -level sense of lady. Blend together wow!


Dior S/S 2020

In addition to the gorgeous dresses of the Greek goddess of Dior this season, the hairband jewelry with it is also gorgeous. The fine -style hair hoop is combined with the mesh yarn, and the hazy beauty is screaming. No one will reject the immortal Dior style.

Ulyana Sergeenko Evening 2020


Russian ladies brand this season all use the same black satin’s classic bow hairband. It seems that there is no dead ends that are not matched. Any clothing items and elements can be held. Essence

After watching the popularity of the show on the show, look at the popular trend in daily life through the show.


● Wide -edge retro velvet hair hoop

To say that the head hoop of the fire this year, the drum -type velvet hair hoop with a wide side must be.


From the material point of view,


The high -level and polarized sense of velvet can make the overall combination full of texture. Whether it is sexy wine red or classic black, it is easy to match.

Judging from the version,

The version of the headband is high from the top and wide edges of the head, and the retro flavor is established.

● Luxury drilling hair hoop

This kind of hairband with a small dress is really beautiful, because of its own metal and jewelry, the proper rich lady’s sense of vision. The most suitable to attend the party and annual meeting, the focus is on the stage.

And this kind of material with a hard hair with a rigidity, so even men are worn, but they are full of fashion.


● Gloss satin hair hoop


The satin headband can be described as a must -have artifact for daily life. The low -key and luxurious simple design sense, casually matching a clothes! At the same time, the diversity of color also makes it more plastic in the use of fashion.


This part is the same as before, using the actual cases of contrast and life, so that everyone can see the importance of correctly matching the head hoop!

● Correspondence of elements/color

If you want to be more coordinated with the overall clothing when we bring a headband, then pay attention to the correspondence between the two. The plaid headband can be paired with a checkered suit or shirt. The small mind can make us look more delicate.


Do not adopt corresponding rules, you can also choose the combination of hair hoop and basic solid color clothing, which is slightly bright in the classics. The most taboo is the complex and fancy color block and meet the exaggerated color headband. The overall cluttered fancy and lack of a unified beauty.

● The fluffyness of the hair hoop


Be sure to pay attention to the fluffyness of the hairstyle when bringing hair hoop. If the hair hoop is too tight, it will not only expose the lack of hairline, but also make us look angry. Word.


When wearing a hairband, push it forward slightly forward after wearing it, which can make the forehead hair full of fluffy, more naturally casual.

● The practicality of covering too high incidence line

The shortcomings of the contemporary “bald girl” are the higher and higher hairline, so wearing a hairband also requires some techniques to cover the hairline.


1. knitted hairband

When wearing a knitted wide edge hair band, you can cover the lower edge of the hair band through the hairline, which not only hides the problem of too high hairline, but also makes us look full of European and American sense. On the contrary, if the hair band does not cover the starting limit well, it will make your head look bigger!


2. Wide -edge drum bag hair hoop

It has been mentioned above that the headband of this wide -side drum bag is one of the popular elements of this year. Although it is full of retro, it is not good to highlight the beauty.


When wearing such head hoop, it is best not to tightly tie or pick up the hair, because this is large, which will cause the uncoordinated feeling of the headband on the side of the stock itself, and we use the comb that combed the comb. The skating hairstyle looks very large and destroys the overall sense of coordination. And put down the hair randomly or to make a loose braid, the French lazy retro feeling was created at all of a sudden.

If you are not used to getting hair, you can also choose some simple. The random hairpin method, gently pull the hair up, will also be a very good hairstyle wearing a hairband.

The Pig Xia Xia will share with you a very hot laziness method. You can use it as a reference. Try it!

3. Fine iron hoop

The fine -grained iron hand hoop is also a must -have artifact for many fairy to create fairy wares, but we are choosing this type of hairband to choose a single -layer iron hairband. This will not only affect the fluffy level of hair, but also There will be a looming hazy feeling. However, the double -layer and small ironed hairband will press the hair very tightly, which greatly reduces the aesthetics that the thin hair hoop blends with the hair. Instead, it feels like a snake painting.


And if you like double -layer design, it is recommended that you choose a thin staggered elastic hair style, which is also a new star on the Dior show in 2019. Fashionable and elegant at the same time. Note that when wearing such hair bands, you must expose the broken hair or horns in front of the forehead so that you will be more coordinated!


The above is the Pig Man. Today, I ’m all interpretation of the hair hoop. What else do you have to send a story with her? You can leave a message in the comment area to discuss it! Finally, I hope that everyone can stay at home with peace of mind, pay attention to prevent virus, wait for the coming of spring!