It’s delicious to burst Hong Kong -style pineapple buns

What’s for breakfast? What to eat afternoon tea? Listen to your daughter every day! Forced the old mother to make bread every day, toast. The oven is what we use every day! Try this pineapple bun this time! Breakfast can be pinched, afternoon tea can be cracked butter, and it is delicious for how to eat it!

BY barbecued pork does not love bags



High -gluten flour 250 grams

Gan sugar 25 grams

9 grams of fresh yeast

25 grams of whole egg liquid

50 ml of milk

80 grams of water

2 grams of salt

15 grams of butter

Meringue part

50 grams of butter

40 grams of sugar sugar


15 grams of egg liquid

70 grams of low -gluten flour


15 grams of milk powder

1 egg yolk on the meringue surface

Practice step

1. Step 1 Except for butter, all the dough materials are rubbed to smooth, and then add salt and softened butter blocks in advance, knead until the full expansion stage, and you can pull out the film. 2 The dough covers the plastic wrap to twice as large, remove the exhaust, divide into a uniform size, and the lid cover the plastic wrap for fifteen minutes. 3 Taking the dough to relax the time, let’s make the meringue of the pineapple bag. Grab the butter and sugar first, and wear gloves. After mixing, add full egg liquid and sieve in low -gluten flour and milk powder. Mix the folding method and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate.

2, 4 relaxed dough flat, exhaust, and round. Take out the meringue dough from the refrigerator, rub it into strips, and rub it as uniform as possible. You can sprinkle a layer of thin powder on the table, and then divide into 26g. 5 Place the plasma on the plastic wrap, cover a layer of plastic wrap and roll it evenly into a round cake skin, remove the plastic wrap, cover it on the dough, press the dough, remove the plastic wrap, put the dough into Close in the meringue.


3, 6 brush the egg yolk solution, use pineapple bun mold, and press out of the flower. Put the baking tray fermentation and 1.5 times the size.

4. Preheat the oven, at 175 ° C for twenty minutes, the pineapple buns that are crispy are ready!

5. Just released pineapple buns, golden and crispy meringue


6. Wrap the soft bread, use delicious to burst to describe it!

High -gluten flour’s nutritional effect


Nourishing the heart, nourishing the kidneys, removing heat, quenching thirst, dirty, fever, thirst, dysentery, bloating, trauma bleeding and burns, etc.

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