Employees of Naru Paper, why should children who discriminate against migrant workers and who eventually hurt?

In the days ago, we Yunnan

Jiguan County, Daguan County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province

Farmers Mao Moumou, because they worked outside the year, after returning, because the three children had a good reading performance, they wanted to buy his three children the first Nike clothes that they wanted, so Mao Moumou brought it with His wife led three children and went to a Naruto shop in Kunming City. He wanted to buy Nike clothes they wanted, but they encountered a series of cold encounters.



Discrimination, who will eventually hurt the discrimination against migrant workers?

After Mao Moumou led his family into the Naru Paper, he first encountered the cold encounter of the shop assistant in the Nowe packaging shop. The clerk of the Nowe packaging store saw the family of 5 people with contempt, which was because of Mao Moumou.

That day


When I first entered that clothing store,

Wearing a gray short -sleeved T -shirt, a hole in the bottom of the T -shirt looks very conspicuous, and the feet are an old -fashioned black cloth shoes.

Just because Mao Moumou was wearing this dilapidated clothes and entered the Narcoule shop, the child wanted a pair of 34 -yards Nike shoes, and was told by the clerk to “not sell”.


The most discriminatory incident was still behind. Mao Moumou’s younger son walked to him with tears, saying that he was optimistic about two clothes, and he had been selected, but the clerk was robbed directly from him. Let him choose and hung his clothes back on the hanger.

After seeing this situation, Mao Moumou went to the personnel theory of the Nanguye Shop, hoping to let them apologize to the children. After all, they wanted to buy clothes, but what Mao Moumou did not expect that this sells this sell The female clerk of the clothing not only did not apologize, but also scolded the swear words. Hearing such ugly words, Mao Moumou’s wife had a physical conflict with the clerk.

Several places on the wife’s neck were caught by the other party. After the conflict occurred,

Someone reported the police,


The police quickly arrived at the scene for mediation.

In response to this result, Mao Moumou called the Naru Paper complaint hotline, but it was not until the 6th day that Mao Moumou received an apology call that claimed to be the manager of the Yunnan Narura clothing store, and let them go to the clothing store again. Lao Mou, Lao Mou, Someone and his wife rejected their request and made it clear that they would never go to Naru Paper to buy clothes in the future.

Mao Moumou explicitly stated that he would not contact the relevant personnel of Nowe’s packaging. If Nike wanted to apologize, he apologized to the public instead of giving him any appropriate compensation. At present, Nike has made public apology to the media. It is their own internal affairs that Nike does not fire the clerk.

1. Who is this discriminatory?

As a clerk at Narura Shop, in the process of selling clothing, he saw that Mao Moumou’s clothes were not so good. After entering the Northern Package Store, he was cold and discriminated against. Essence

After Mao Moumou’s child selected two pieces to overcome, he was robbed by the children of the Naru Paper shop from the child and hung again on the hanger. This kind of action has risen In the heart of the clerk, she thinks that the costumes they sell are high -end clothing, and the average migrant class, especially migrant workers, may not have so much money to buy clothes.

In fact, the idea and approach of this clerk is a big mistake. When Mao is going to buy Nanga packaging, it is to meet the three children. And discrimination, such behavior, severely hurt the three children’s young souls, after all, Mao Mou’s three children,

The daughter is 15 years old, the eldest son is 13 years old, and the younger son is only 9 years old.

It was even more injured in the heart of Mao Moumou, because the clerk of the Naru Paper shop was dressed in people’s appearance, looking from the door seams, and looking at people, so their family had a psychological shadow, both of them, all of which Indicates that you will never go to the gaunting store again in the future.

No matter what Mao Moumou does, he is hard -earned by his hard -working hands. He is a good father. After earning money, he wants to give him three children. Clothing, enjoying life, but suffering such cold and discrimination.

Mao Moumou’s brothers, I support your ideas and practices, do not compensate for any compensation, let them apologize to the public, take their own way, and make examples for children. Your approach is correct. You are an excellent farmer And the father of the excellent child, for the migrant workers to buy clothing in the Naruget, but have been discriminated against and cold, what do you think and idea? Welcome to exchange discussions in the comment area.