Are you suitable for boots or short boots? The height determines the length, especially the girls below 158, don’t choose the wrong mistake

Dressing and matching, paying attention to the overall visual experience. Instead of entangled in some details, it is better to put more attention on the main items and operate it carefully. It is very monotonous in winter, either wearing a coat or a down jacket. The matching method is also very simple. This winter, it is recommended that you pay attention to your shoes, use shoes to create style, and wear high -level and elegance.

Speaking of shoes, all kinds of boots are standard in winter. Top boots or short boots turn into a touch of bright colors under your feet, and instantly wear a straight position. For the choice of boots, everyone has its own controversy, how long or short choice is always a headache. If you start from the style, it seems to have its own truth. It is recommended that everyone starts from the length and determines the length of the height, especially the women under 158. Choose boots carefully.

Boots & height


One: tall body (over 165 or more)

Women with tall figures look good in short boots or boots. The short boots are low -key and restrained, dignified and elegant, fashionable and fashionable, more modified leg shape, and people are more upright. Women with tall legs wear boots, just pay attention to styles, you can match this way:


>>>> thick legs, imperfect leg shape

The tough, loose knight boots and boots are the main, and the shoe tube is loose. There is a gap between the legs. You can use the boots to hide the fat. The length of the boots is particular. It is recommended to choose below the knee. It is convenient to wear and take off and move freely. Don’t just have the knee position. It is easy to divide the legs of the legs. It looks short and fat.

>>>> Legs, long, straight

Women with slender legs can consider wearing Lippi -made over -the -knee boots. The material is soft and comfortable.


The boots and boots are very narrow, and you can wear your legs to highlight the original lines of the legs.

With tight pants or short skirts, it is very young and beautiful. In addition, boots such as knight boots and smoke boots, the boots are narrower, and they can wear it without showing space. Women who are too loose -legged.


Two: short children (below 158)

Short children should pay special attention to wearing boots. From length to style, they must strive to be thin and thin. As for the short one suitable for wearing boots or short boots, the answer is not sure, it is related to height, and it is also related to the combination. However, from the perspective of high and thin, short boots are undoubtedly more suitable than boots. The following guidelines for the selection of shoe boots are recommended to collect them.

Principle 1: The length of the ankle is the most suitable

The short boots that are wrapped in the ankle are just right. You can avoid just stuck in the calf and belly, and it will not give a thick feeling. The ankle is the thinnest position in the lower body. Wearing this type of short boots can be highlighted here and keep the shoes. The lightness of the face, unintentionally pulling the tall man, showing a figure.

◎ Style recommendation: thin boots, naked boots

Lean -thin boots, naked boots are narrow and long, and the material is soft, which can better wrap the ankle, but there is no tightness. The connection between the upper and the boots has some folds to be more fashionable, but women with protruding ankles should avoid lightning. In addition, the zipper design is more tolerant, and the short children with thick legs can also easily get on their feet.


◎ Style recommendation: Martin boots


The eight -hole or twelve -hole Martin boots are stiff, and the overall is more stylish. The toe with round heads is more age -reducing. The biggest advantage of a small child wearing Martin boots is that they can use the lines of Martin boots to highlight the leg curve and make their legs longer. The lace design makes Martin’s boots stronger, capable and neat, and very neutral.

Principles 2: Boots look at the boots, V -line boots are better than flat mouth

The boots with a length under the knee are easy to expose the thick calf belly. It is recommended that you pay more attention to the boots. The flat boots are more basic and the versatile is not picky, but people will focus on the calf belly, which is particularly fat. The V -shaped boot mouth is narrow and long, which can stretch the deep proportion and move the sight to achieve the purpose of lengthening and avoiding weaknesses.


Matching demonstration: big sweater+V mouth boots

Brown boots, V -shaped boots, extended leg lines, visually increased, the overall boots are tighter, and the legs are a bit blank, but the legs are slender. The lower body is missing, highlighting the slender legs, high -level and sexy. If you are afraid of cold, you can wear thickened pantyhose, which is similar to the skin color, which can create the effect of exposed skin!

Matching demonstration ②: sweater+besy -like boots


The small man wears boots, and you must be careful when choosing the color. Even if black has a convergence, you can look around with a small leg, but the black also enlarged the amount of weight. It looks more rude. Brown, rice white, etc., reduces the sense of weight, and wear lighter to wear. If you want to show a person, you can also choose the boots with heels.

Principle 3: Choose a narrow uphill boots


Highlighting the length of the legs, it is not enough to pay attention to the length of the boots. Everyone also depends on the toe design. The round head is cute and reduced, the tolerance is better, and the feet are wide and wide, but the round -headed boots, whether it is boots or short boots, has a bulky feeling on the top, lack of details, and the details of details.

The narrow pointed boots are the opposite of it. You can easily extend the lines, stretch your legs, and instantly wear femininity, and even more lined.

① Polyhead+Fangshe

Polygonum+square heels, exquisite sexy and dignified and dignified, Fang He will be more blunt, but with the coordination of the pointed, it will not be too heavy to wear. Good match, with long skirts and cropped pants!

② Fangyuan head+heel

Pointed pointed boots are not very friendly to women with width instep. You can consider square round heads. Although the toe is not as long as the pointed legs, but some edges and corners are also very thin. The key is that the heel, the square round head with heels is high, to avoid the design of the heels and thick soles. Although the retro British Lun, it also destroys the lines, which is not significant enough.

Shoes and boots matching guidelines

Question 1: How to match skirts?


Key points: when wearing a skirt,

It is recommended that the boots should not be too high, leaving some space for the skirt and shoe tube, exposing a calf is even more tall. The elegant and romantic skirt is enough to attract people. As a supporting role, just be unknown. Don’t choose the too bright color to win the lord.

Question 2: How to match trousers?


*Pants in the boots:

Boots with pants, you can try the pants in the boots, choose a style of slim pants, and stuff all the pants feet into the boots to protect the sharpness of the lower body. But do not choose too much legs, it is easy to show fat. This way of wearing is more suitable for people with thinner calves.

*Holding trousers:


People with too thick legs can choose Martin boots and naked boots under the calf belly. When holding his pants, you can inadvertently expose the foreign socks, and use socks to fill the fashion sense. Intersection


Wear boots in winter, do n’t have to worry about how to choose. Look at this guide to understand that the small man can wear it, it is definitely high and thin!