Safety and health guards! Fluorite KW2 children’s visual watch evaluation

Today, with the high development of science and technology, more and more parents will choose a children’s watch for their children. There are two reasons for choosing children’s watches, one is to replace mobile phones, increase the connection between parents and children, and ensure the safety of children. On the other hand, smart watches can also satisfy children’s taste and detect children’s health functions, such as selfies and step counting.


The rapid development of children’s watches is just like the current smartphone. From the original positioning function at the beginning, it has evolved to the telephone watch that can be taken now. At the latest KW2 children’s visual watch released by fluorite, relying on professional security suppliers, what surprises can the fluorite KW2 children’s visual watch bring us?


Fluorite KW2 children’s visual watches are divided into two color colors: green and pink. The watch can be removed. The difference between different colors is that the strap color is different.


This time we got the pink model, the strap is soft, the pink design was adopted on the front, and the red contrasting design was added on the back.

Hardware performance is excellent

Fluorite KW2 children’s visual watch uses quad -core high -performance processors, 4GB+512MB storage configuration, which is configured for mainstream children’s watches. On the front is a 1.4 -inch IPS display, with a resolution of 320×320 and a PPI of 323. It is comparable to the display effect of the mainstream mobile phone display, which is very delicate. It is worth mentioning that this screen with a good display effect also uses the third -generation Gorilla Glass of Corning in the United States, which can not only prevent oil from pollution, but also do not have to worry about active children accidentally.


Fluorite KW2PRO children can watch the phone watch with two 2 million ultra -clear cameras, one is located on the upper right corner of the front screen, which can be convenient to take selfies. The other camera is set on the side. , Can achieve shooting under dark light conditions, or use it as a flashlight alone.

The shooting effect of the two cameras is acceptable, and it is more than enough to deal with children’s daily shooting records.

Selfie and side shooting effect

Fluorite KW2 children’s visual watch microphone is set next to the side camera. On the other side of the camera, a flat speaker is also equipped with a good voice call effect.

Although the speaker has a exposed opening, the fluorite KW2 children’s visual watch still supports IP68 waterproof, which can easily cope with splashing and rain. Washing hands and playing with water do not need to pick it. Essence


The back of the watch is equipped with a heart rate sensor, not only the child can measure the heart rate by themselves, but also the parents can also use the fluorite cloud app for remote measurement. Below the sensor is a magnetic charging contact. When charging, you only need to gently relieve the charger to achieve charging.


Magnetic charging, no need to remove the main body of the watch, convenient and fast

Remove the strap, the side of the watch is a NANOSIM card slot. The fluorite KW2 children’s visual watch supports 4G full Netcom. All NANO size phone cards can be adapted. Compared with 2G networks, 4G compared to 2G networks. The speed has been significantly improved.

Simple communication, no obstacle

Visual call function is the standard function of mainstream children’s watches, but usually most children’s watches can only achieve video functions with parents who have downloaded special apps and binding special apps. The steps are cumbersome. In addition, the communication and communication between children’s watches in different brands is also a problem. In order to facilitate children to communicate with classmates, parents can often only buy high -priced children’s watches.

Fluorite KW2 children’s visual watch supports 4G full Netcom, which not only supports voice and video calls, but also integrates children’s watches QQ. Relatives and friends do not need to download special software binding watches. They can also communicate with them. At the same time, the built -in children’s watches QQ also opened up the barriers between different brands, and different brands can also add friends to truly open up. Children can even send dynamics in watches QQ, so that the communication between children and peers is simple and safe. Essence

Children’s Watch QQ Function & Support text, voice, video, three chat methods

Precise positioning, complete security supporting functions


The purpose of children’s watches was to prevent children from being lost. Positioning to establish contact with parents is its most important feature. Fluorite KW2 children’s visual watches support eight positioning, including GPS, BDS, AGPS, Wi-Fi, base station, G-SEN-SOR, visual positioning and indoor positioning. In more than 4,000 large shopping malls, high -speed rail stations, airports and other rooms across the country, it can even achieve precise positioning and specific locations to the indoor floor.


In order to verify its positioning ability, we placed the watch in two more extreme location scenarios for testing. The A test scene is an open -air environment in the open area. There are only a few high -rise buildings around. In this case, the test accuracy of the watch can reach 40 meters, which is accurate.


The positioning accuracy of the outdoor open area is about 40 meters (left) & indoor basement signal weak environment is about 73 meters (right)

The B testing scene is much more complicated than A. The scene B is in the basement. Although there are 4G signals, even if there are mobile phones, there are often signals and networks. Is it accurate? After the measured, although the accuracy range of the APP has been reduced to about 73M, the area refers to the map is basically accurate. If the child is still unable to find the child after the arrival place, the fluorite also provides a very practical “remote care” function, which can remotely retrieve the watch’s watch. Camera, check the surrounding environment, at this time there is no prompt. Of course, this special function can also be used to monitor children’s learning. It is very practical to check whether the child has listened to the class carefully. It is very practical in writing homework or playing games.

The picture taken with the “remote care” function can be further confirmed by the surrounding environment to further confirm the location

In order to escape the supervision of parents, some naughty children may choose to secretly remove the children’s watches. Fluorite KW2 children’s visual watches also provide reminders of watches to help parents supervise. If the watch is unfortunately lost and the children’s watch cannot be reset and unbind directly, we can also find clues through the “remote care” function to increase the chance of recovering the watch.

Fluorite KW2 children’s visual watch also supports setting safety areas. When the child leaves or reaches the setting area, it can automatically remind. In the APP of the parent’s mobile phone, the fluorite even provides a historical trajectory record of 30 days, which can make parents a hand in their children’s whereabouts.

“Security Area” setting options in APP


Make safe and safer

After speaking of safety functions, let’s talk about the healthy and safety functions of children’s watches. In addition to the common stepmeter function, this time the fluorite puts more rare PPG optical heart rate sensors into children’s watches. When wearing, it can detect heart rate health, which is very helpful for early discovery of children’s hearts. Our actual test, the heart rate of the fluorite KW2 children’s visual watch detection is consistent with the Apple Watch Series 4 test data, and the data can be used as a reference to a certain extent.


Fluorite KW2 children’s visual watch detection is consistent with the Apple Watch Series 4 test data

The official fluorite said that in the future, it will also use fluorite audio and video technology to increase more intelligent health functions, including increasing video analysis -based testing functions to watch, helping children sitting posture correction and other feature functions.


Smart AI Fun double

Unlike other children’s watches, this time the fluorite KW2 children’s visual watch packaging also comes with a charging base with a speaker. The charging method is also a magnetic charging.

Placing it on the bedside can not only be convenient to charge before bedtime, but also act as a small smart speaker. The AI ​​voice function built on the watch can achieve alarm clock, children’s songs, learning English, listening to bed stories, Q & A and other operations, Himalayas, engineers, engineers, engineers The addition of massive resources such as dad has greatly increased the playability.

With a magnetic sound absorption box charging base, the smart speaker

In addition, Fluorite KW2 children’s visual watches also have some more interesting functions, such as upgrading the original alarm clock function to a more interesting “agreement”; for example , Watch QQ supports foreign language “translation”, the measured recognition rate and translation are more accurate.


The watch provides the function of translation and knowledge

The recognition rate and translation are more accurate

Fluorite KW2 Children’s View Watch also connects the watch to its own smart home ecology, and the watch can control the switch of the lights on the watch. The remote control fluorite children’s robot moves, and the video calls with children’s robots have greatly increased.



Written at the end:

Fluorite KW2 Children’s Vision Watch is not only sincere in hardware, but also the software functions that many parents are concerned about. Remote care, watch version QQ, intelligent consciousness, AI assistant linkage magnetic suction charging speaker base and many other practical functions add full fun. Fluorite has even included health into design considerations. PPG heart rate sensors are measured comparable to mainstream high -end products. Generally speaking, it is a flagship product configured with mainstream and distinctive flagship products, which is worth buying by parents.