Forest fire prevention built a “fire cover”

Live Live Rizhao November 9th. In the early winter seasons, the dryness of the sky was a period of high incidence of mountains and forests. Juxian County fully built a fire safety barrier in autumn and winter and built a “fire cover” for forest resources.

In the House Tower’s Fengfengshan Forest District, all the entrance inspection stations have set up an automatic voice fire prevention warning system and personnel information registration mark to enhance people’s awareness of fire prevention. Forests have also increased the frequency of inspections, eliminating weeds, and eliminating fire hazards.

“Regularly check whether the machine is easy to use, without oil, try the fire, as long as it is easy to use, everyone is carrying the hills of the people on duty.” The forest guard Wang Shiji said that he looked at the three mountains, and he looked at the three mountains. Seeing those who go up the mountain, smoke is prohibited, and paper cannot be burned to ensure that no fire can be produced in the area.

“Several uncles are particularly hard. Every time they enter the mountain, they will ask if there is a fire species. Some dangerous items climb the mountain. Today I see a few uncle carrying such a heavy machine and climbing this mountain road close to 1.5 kilometers. They are very responsible, and they are particularly not easy, praise the grandfather! “Tourist Zhuang Jie said.

In the forest area of ​​Longshan Town, the road -building workers who have built a fire -fire passage project will build and compact the soft pavement just opened by the excavator. It is expected that at the end of November this year, the 2.3 -kilometer passage will be fully penetrated to the top of the mountain. At present, the town’s fire prevention road has reached nearly 100 kilometers.

Cai Xizhi, head of the Forestry of the Forestry of Longshan Town Agricultural Comprehensive Service Center, introduced that this year’s new fire prevention channel is 3.5 kilometers and renovate 21 kilometers. After the completion of this fire -resistant channel, it can greatly improve the problem of fire prevention roads. The vehicle can reach the mountain within 10 minutes. At the same time, it plays the role of a fireproof isolation zone.

At present, there are 22,100 acres of ecological public welfare forests and 117,900 mu of ecological public welfare forests above the provincial level. The Jianxian Forestry Protection and Development Service Center implements supervision and rectification of 13 towns and streets, set up special fire prevention institutions, establishes a forest guard assessment reward and punishment system, improves fire prevention publicity education network, and strengthens fire source management and control to ensure the safety of mountain forest fire prevention safety situation. Continuously stable.

Zhang Fengyi, head of the fire prevention department of the Forestry Protection and Development Service Center of Jixian County, introduced that there are more than 3,000 fire notice in the county, more than 7,000 acres of “winter fire and summer prevention” pharmacy, 2 new fire prevention channels, renovation of fire prevention channel 80 Yuki kilometers. He said that in the next step, they will continue to increase forest fire prevention publicity. It is planned to produce more than 100 propaganda signs, the publicity flag of 2000, and form a strong atmosphere of forest fire prevention publicity in the county. (Rizhao Radio and Television Station Rong Media Reporter Xu Lei)