As a capitalist, why can Huo Yingdong’s spiritual puppet cover the national flag?

What is capitalist?

If you have money, it is called a capitalist, or is it called a capitalist who hires a large number of employees?

Huo Yingdong, a wealthy rich man with a net worth of tens of billions, has countless companies, hired a large number of employees.

From the perspective of which angle, Huo Yingdong should be a capitalist.

However, when Huo Yingdong was born, Lingyu covered the national flag of the People’s Republic of China. This was the treatment of the highest leader of the country.

On October 28, 2006, Mr. Huo Yingdong, the founder of the Huo’s commercial empire, died at the age of 84 at the Beijing Union Hospital for cancer.

After covering the national flag, Mr. Huo Yingdong was transported to Hong Kong after covering the national flag. He followed the Beijing Airport South Southern Park and the national leader visited a special parking flat.

At the funeral held in Hong Kong, Huo Yingdong’s spirit was supported by ten people, Dong Jianhua, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Zheng Wantong, Secretary -General of the CPPCC, Gao Sairen, Director of the China United Nations Office, He Hongyi, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC, Zeng Xianzi, Standing Committee of the People’s Congress, Zhu Weiqun, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department, Hong Kong and Macao Chen Zu’er, deputy director of the office, Xu Shiren, the chief executive of the agency, Li Zhaoji, chairman of Henderson, and Zhu Jing, president of HKUST.

At the same time, Hong Kong and Macau regions mourned for Huo Yingdong.

Many top leaders in China also presented a wreath for Mr. Huo Yingdong.

Comment in any sense, this is all

National burial.

Outstanding social activist, well -known patriot, well -known industrialist in Hong Kong, close friends of the Communist Party of China.

This is the highest specification funeral held in Hong Kong and Macao. Unprecedented, I am afraid that it will be absolute.

In the words of righteousness, Huo Yingdong is a folk entrepreneur.

With derogatory words, Huo Yingdong is a folk capitalist.

As a rich man, why can he enjoy the treatment of national funeral?

Because the country believes that his contribution to China is worthy of national burial treatment.

Huo Yingdong’s first bucket of gold

Huo Yingdong started in vain in the absolute sense, and the first bucket of gold was quite legendary.

There are so many rich people in Hong Kong, and no one has a poorer background than Huo Yingdong.


Li Ka -shing’s uncle is the clock king of Hong Kong, Li Zhaoji and Zheng Yutong’s father are big businessmen, and He Hongzhang is the first descendant of Hong Kong’s first richest man.

Huo Yingdong was born on a 2 -meter -long panel in 1923, and a family of seven lived on this panel.

Before the age of six, Huo Yingdong did not wear shoes.

This boat is the entire property of Huo Yingdong’s family, their fishing tools, and their only home.

In August 1930, the typhoon struck. At that time, Huo Yingdong, 7, was catching oysters on the shore.

The two brothers on the boat also disappeared in an instant.

After the typhoon, a wolf borrowed in the harbor, and Huo Yingdong’s mother held a sorrowful mourning of a lungs that could be found.

Huo Yingdong’s father, who was suffering from lymphatic cancer, was hit by this. He could not afford to get sick and died a few months later.

The boat was gone, the father was gone, and the two brothers were gone.


Huo Yingdong’s mother was forced to take three young children to wander ashore, rented a bed in the slums, and gave people a small amount of living expenses for people.

In the desperate situation, the family met the nobleman.

Banker Lin Zifeng, out of sympathy, gave Huo Mother a stable errand, so that she could have a fixed salary, so as not to make the family hungry.

Because Huo’s mother was reliable and seriously responsible, Lin Zifeng slowly gave her more tasks to her, making her a small person in charge of the ship’s cargo wheel loading and unloading.

Huo Yingdong, two years after ashore, was admitted to a free class that specializes in taking care of children in the water, and started reading literacy, and showed amazing talents.

In 1936, 13 -year -old Huo Yingdong was admitted to Huangren Academy. At that time, Hong Kong’s most famous middle school, Huo’s mother who saw the child’s so much rested, took out all savings and sold iron for Huo Yingdong to study.

A few years later, the Pacific War broke out, the Japanese attacked Hong Kong, the school suspended classes, and the campus was subsequently requisitioned by the British and Japanese army. The school was forced to dissolve.

This year Huo Yingdong was 18 years old. Before the middle school was finished, he was forced to lose school.

In the next few years, Huo Yingdong rely on working as a living. He changed 7 parts and afterwards, and his fingers were crushed.

This kind of work is very unstable. There are one without one, and they are all hired in the short term, so they have changed 7 jobs within a few years.

Very hard, tired, and can’t save any money.

In 1945, the Japanese army defeated, and Huo Yingdong ushered in a major opportunity.

After the surrender of Japan, the British government received many materials left by the Japanese army, but many things such as small ships, landing crafts, shell shells, engines, pumps, and other miscellaneous things were broken copper and rotten iron in the eyes of the British government. Auction these things.

The auction announcement is published in a newspaper in Hong Kong, writing pure English.

This is a huge loophole.

Because these things are really tattered, they say that they are not too much to break the copper and iron. The British are not looking at the thing. At that time, there were not many British Hong Kong. Materials.

The literacy rate of local Chinese in Hong Kong is terrible that the Chinese elite that can be literate is illiterate.

Chinese Chinese do not even know Chinese characters, let alone English.

But it happened that Huo Yingdong’s English was very good and poor.

At that time, people who met English in Hong Kong were not more poorer than Huo Yingdong.

In his auction announcement in the newspaper, he felt that a group of ships were good. If he wanted to win, he borrowed 100 yuan from his sister as a deposit to participate in the bid.

At the auction site, Huo Yingdong won the ownership of these ship machines with an absolute low price of HK $ 18,000, because no one competed with him at all, picked up a big leak.

As long as we pay 18,000 Hong Kong dollars, the ownership of this batch of materials belongs to Huo Yingdong. Huo Yingdong believes that this is a huge opportunity to make a fortune, and he is too lucky.

However, Huo Yingdong did not have 18,000 Hong Kong dollars. Even the original 100 yuan bid deposit asked his sister borrowed.

So Huo Yingdong borrowed money from her mother and borrowed money from her relatives, but Huo mother opposed the business extremely. She felt that Huo Yingdong was crazy.

18,000 Hong Kong dollars is too much for Huo’s mother and Huo family. It is too important to be so chaotic by Huo Yingdong. In case of loss, it is a big hole.

Huo Yingdong, who is not divided, insisted that this business must make a lot of money. From his mother and relatives, he could not borrow the capital. Huo Yingdong asked friends to borrow money.


In the process of borrowing money, a friend had a great interest in the batch of machines and equipment won by Huo Yingdong, saying, “Don’t find someone to borrow money everywhere, just give you 40,000 yuan, you sell the machine to me to me Let ’s.” In this way, Huo Yingdong made 22,000 yuan with a 100 yuan deposit borrowed from his sister’s 100 yuan, and the monthly salary of a strong worker in Hong Kong was only more than 100 yuan.

In this way, Huo Yingdong made the first bucket of gold in his life.

With this money, Huo Yingdong bought a sailing boat, recruited 80 people, and went to Dongsha Island to collect the sea grass that can be used as Chinese medicine.

Later, Huo Yingdong slowly formed a shipping company and had four ships.

Then, the Korean War broke out.

Huo Yingdong and the Korean War

After the outbreak of the Korean War, 43 countries led by the United States announced a comprehensive blockade and embargo on China. The Hong Kong -British government also issued a blockade order to prohibit the transportation of supplies to the Mainland.

At this time, Huo Yingdong made a decision that it fully supported the mainland. Except for the shipping necessary for all ships, all other ships were devoted to the smuggling routes from Hong Kong to the mainland, and specially smuggled military materials.


Of course, there were many vessels smuggled in the mainland at that time at that time. Many people did this. Even many senior officials of the Hong Kong British government personally stole their supplies to the mainland because of the large profits. There are shares of smuggling ships.

Because the main force of the anti -US aid is the United States, not Britain. As a friend, the British issued an embargo was already very good. The following people secretly touched the materials. This is difficult to manage. The government does not know.

Although many people are stealing materials to the mainland, few people are eventually recognized by the mainland.

Among all the people who smuggled goods from the mainland, there were not only 6 traitors, but only 2 were recognized as “selfless support”, Hong Kong Huojia and Macau He family (He Xian, He Hongyi).

Although the Hong Kong and British governments closed their eyes and closed their eyes, the official surface was indeed blocking the embargo. Therefore, the maritime police strictly investigated smuggling. Smoupting was not without danger, but the person and property were dangerous.

However, Huo Yingdong did not sit on the ground to raise prices, but regarded smuggling trade as ordinary trade with extremely low profits and mainland transactions.

Moreover, Huo Yingdong’s goods are never adulterated, and the quality is all better. All the goods smuggled during the entire anti -US aid North Korea originated from Huo Yingdong’s no fakes.

The savior god medicine Pancale, who was smuggled to the mainland at the time, was basically mixed with glucose.

Pancarin, which is mixed with glucose, does not think it is a traitor, and those who sell fake trays directly are considered by the mainland as adulterers.

Because the Pantisin sold in the entire Hong Kong pharmacy is mixed with glucose, Pangicin mixing glucose does not affect the efficacy, but it will seriously shorten the shelf life and it is difficult to save it for a long time.

This approach does not affect the civilian use of Pan Nicilin, but it will cause you to use this Pan Nicillin for military use.

The shelf life is extremely short, which is a fatal defect for military supplies.

Huo Yingdong’s Pan Nicillin mixed with glucose is already a conscience businessman, because normal people can only buy this thing.

However, Huo Yingdong spent a lot of relationships for this Pannisin, and finally got Pan Nisirin from unknown channels, and was transported to the mainland in large quantities.

This thing is not available for money, but also to be huge risks.

Specializing in smuggling this level of Pannisirin, what do you want to do?

This is not a thing that can be explained to make money to make money.

However, Huo Yingdong did not only smuggle Nicalen to the mainland, but to choose things that the mainland needed but no one was willing to transport or cannot be bought to smuggle.

The pure Pan Nicillin cannot buy it, and some things are unwilling to transport.

Calculated by weight, during the entire anti -US aid North Korea, Huo Yingdong’s total transport to the mainland, the black iron leather row first, and the secondary rubber and tires ranked second.

Black iron skin has no great effect, and it is used to make gasoline barrels.

However, on the battlefield that anti -US aid, the volunteer army suffered from the shortage of gasoline barrels, and the shortage of black iron skin even seriously affected the oil supply of the volunteer army.

This thing is extremely dosage, but it is not worth the price, and the price increase is too much on the mainland.

Huo Yingdong cuts 1 ton of black iron skin into 10 copies, 100 kilograms each, and the smuggling ship is crushed. When the mainland is named the black iron skin, thousands of tons are stolen within a few weeks, with a very low one with a very low one. price.

There are also rubber and tires, both of which are military supplies. They are risky and heavy, but their profits are extremely low.

No one wants to transport things, Huo Ying’s East Games, as long as the mainland names.

As for the price, the cost is added a little, so that you can make yourself a little bit of money.


Huo Yingdong’s transportation volume is so large that he can’t hide anyone at all.

The Hong Kong British government opened one eye, but there are still many Kuomintang agents in Hong Kong.

Although Huo Yingdong’s boat was secretly sailing every time, it was still stared at by the Kuomintang agents.

The Huo family had a total of 4 ships. The time bomb was directly blown up, and the loss was huge.

Throughout Hong Kong, only the Kuomintang agents who can do this kind of thing. The Hong Kong British government wants to catch people directly, and it is not possible to make a bomb.

Since then, every time Huo Yingdong sailed, he had to escort it with the ship. Before departure, Huo Yingdong must jump out of the sea and touch all the bottom of the ship.

Born from the ship, the ship was transported by the ship, and once jumped the sea day and touched the bottom of the ship. Therefore, the people in Huo Yingdong’s family have always been interested in swimming and diving. This also laid a foreshadowing for the Huo family to married Guo Jingjing.

In this way, during the entire anti -US aid North Korea, the four ships of the Huo family were blown up by the agents, and one of the two crew members of the Hong Kong -British Water Police was killed. inexpensive.

The PLA Publishing House even published a book called “Huo Yingdong and the War of Resistance to the United States and the United States”.

There are a lot of smuggling vessels in Hong Kong, but only Huo Yingdong is recognized by the PLA.

Huo Yingdong’s wealth source

During the anti -US aid, Huo Yingdong transported countless supplies, but did not make much money.

Huo Ying’s Dongyun only earns hundreds of HK $ hundreds in a ship. There are countless money in the field of smuggling than Huo Yingdong, because Huo Yingdong is “too stupid”.

In the past few years, Huo Yingdong’s wealth has been limited, and the scale of shipping has not increased.

In 1954, the War of Resistance Against the United States and the DPRK ended, Huo Yingdong decided to end the shipping business and change his career to real estate.

This year, Huo Yingdong took out 1.2 million Hong Kong dollars and loaned 1.6 million Hong Kong dollars from banks to concentrate all its forces to start real estate.

Such a principal, even in the Hong Kong land market in the 1950s, is also a small shrimp.

In order to win in the market competition, Huo Yingdong opened the global pioneer and broke the convention of the overall land buying land to build the land in Hong Kong at that time. It divided a building into countless small houses. Public spaces such as the area such as the aisle staircase, such as the “publicity”, make it impossible for real estate segmentation and sale to become possible.

This method was founded by Huo Yingdong, which directly triggered the real estate revolution.

Then, Huo Yingdong also invented the building flower system, that is, the pre -sale system. Before the house was built, he signed a contract and sold it to customers.

Prior to this, the house in Hong Kong must be built first before selling it to customers.

The invention of the pool system allows Huo Yingdong to divide the entire building to a large number of middle class. The building flower system has increased Huo Yingdong’s capital turnover rate by more than 10 times.

In addition, Huo Yingdong also invented the “Real Estate Manual”, which greatly reduced the difficulty of propagating real estate and allowed its own real estate to quickly attract customers.

It can be said that the real estate system of the entire Hong Kong and even the entire mainland of China was initially invented by Huo Yingdong.

I know that many people are dissatisfied with the rumors and pre -sale systems, but it is not Huo Yingdong who sells it to your house.

In the 1950s, Huo Yingdong invented these new systems and sold a large number of houses to Hong Kong people. This was definitely a great creativity.

In the 1950s, Hong Kong’s population surged and the rise of industry and commerce ushered in the first real estate bull market.

Comment in any sense, this is all

National burial.

The market’s reward of Huo Yingdong’s creativity is to let the Huo family wealth expand sharply, and Huo Yingdong attaches great importance to his reputation, and the quality of the real estate is very good.

Therefore, as long as Huo Yingdong’s new real estate is sold on the newspaper, it is often sold out in a day.

In 1955, only one year was involved in real estate, Huo Yingdong built the highest building in Hong Kong at that time, the 17 -story Toad Palace Building.

In 1956, Huo Yingdong became one of the top ten real estate developers in Hong Kong.

In 1957, Huo Yingdong was known as the King of Hong Kong.

Huo Yingdong himself described his own wealth expansion speed:

“You are afraid of receiving money and receiving yourself.”

After getting rich, Huo Yingdong’s business tentacles spread wildly, and he began to get involved in everything related to the real estate construction industry.

In the early 1960s, Huo Yingdong had more than 60 companies and hired more than 100,000 employees.

What is the concept of 100,000 employees in the early 1960s?

At that time, there were only more than 2 million people in Hong Kong at that time. That is to say, regardless of men, women, and children, one of the 20 Hong Kong people was the employee of the Huo family. At that time, Hong Kong’s richest man in the absolute sense.

Huo Yingdong’s principal of 1.2 million Hong Kong dollars achieved this point in just a few years, far exceeding Li Ka -shing and others at the time.

Although Hong Kong’s rich people basically start by real estate, in the real estate industry, Huo Yingdong is the real originator of the originator. The entire Hong Kong real estate industry is invented and determined by Huo Yingdong. Others are followers.

At that time, the Huo family became stationed in Hong Kong, and many intentions in the mainland were conveyed to all sectors of Hong Kong through Huo Yingdong.


People in Xinhua News Agency in the Hong Kong Branch once said:

In the case of our very difficult situation, Huo Yingdong helped us open the situation.

All this occurred in 1964.

This year, due to the huge contribution during the anti -US aid period, Huo Yingdong was invited to participate in the 15th anniversary celebration of the founding of the People’s Republic of China for observation.

In order to avoid the eyes of the Hong Kong British government, Huo Yingdong detoured Macau, and took a 10 -hour car to the mainland and then arrived in Beijing.

However, the 15th anniversary celebration of the New China must attract global attention. After Huo Yingdong was photographed in the city building, Huo Yingdong caused a huge sensation in Hong Kong.

Huo Yingdong’s private smuggling to the mainland, although many people know, after all, there is no evidence on the Ming Dynasty. Everyone opens one eye and close one eye.

Now that Huo Yingdong has been observing the gift of Beijing Tiananmen, the photos have spread throughout the United States. How do your Hong Kong British government intend to explain this?

The first richest man in your jurisdiction and more than 100,000 employees, why appear in Tiananmen Guanlitai, Beijing?

Is Hong Kong managed? Are you Britain or my American ally?

Therefore, the Hong Kong British government had a dead hand to Huo Yingdong and had trouble with Huo Yingdong everywhere.

A person who rely on real estate to make a fortune, if you have trouble for him, you can imagine what it will happen.

In 1965, the Hong Kong -British government auctioned the naval dock of the dock, with an area of ​​27 acres.

At that time, the real estate in Hong Kong entered the bear market, and none of them went to the bid. Only Huo Yingdong had the price and wanted to buy this land.

At the end of the auction, I saw that this land was about to be bid by Huo Yingdong. The Hong Kong British government even canceled the auction directly without any reason.

In 1966, Huo Yingdong’s Starlight Bank was formally completed. This is a business center. Huo Yingdong intends to rent to make money.

The United States Consulate in Hong Kong, on the grounds that there is a company in Starlight Travel that sells Chinese arts and crafts, announced that it will include the starring line on the blacklist, asking for the entire Starlight tenant to buy and sell American goods.

Subsequently, the Hong Kong British government instructed the Hong Kong telephone company to cut off the telephones of all merchants in Starlight Line.


In desperation, the tenants who settled in Star Guangxing had to retire, and Nuo Da’s Starlight Business Center became a haunted house.

Subsequently, British Zitang Land Company proposed to acquire Starlight Bank at a cost price of 37.5 million Hong Kong dollars, but only half of the money was paid, and half of the money was settled in the form of commitment notes, and it would be given slowly in the future.


A few years later, the land around the Starlight Land was auctioned, and the auction price was as high as HK $ 258 million, becoming the king of Hong Kong at that time.

This kind of administrative suppression method was unable to resist Huo Yingdong at all, so Huo Yingdong had to gradually withdraw from the real estate market in Hong Kong and sold all the land and assets.

After Huo Yingdong was forced to leave the field, Li Jiacheng, Li Zhaoji, Zheng Yutong, Guo De Sheng and others bought land crazy, became a new generation of real estate developers, and finally earned the wealth of astronomical numbers, becoming the four major families in Hong Kong.

If Huo Yingdong was still in the real estate industry and Huo Yingdong’s talent in real estate, in fact, there was no possibility of these four people who became rich.

In 1968, Huo Yingdong, who completely withdrew from the real estate industry, teamed up with Dong Haoyun to bid Hong Kong’s container terminal, and the Hong Kong British government immediately set up harsh conditions.

At that time, the entire terminal of Hong Kong did not add up to 200,000 containers a year, and the Hong Kong and British government asked Huo Yingdong to ensure that his newly built pier would have 200,000 containers a year, otherwise it would face severe punishment conditions.

Huo Yingdong judged that the era of the world’s sea transport is about to start. Although there are currently no 200,000 containers in Hong Kong a year, Hong Kong must be far more than this number in the future. Its dock may not necessarily make less than 200,000 containers.

After Huo Yingdong stated that he was willing to sign this condition, the Hong Kong British government changed his hexagram again. He suddenly changed his mind on the eve of the upcoming contract, rejected Huo Yingdong, and did not give a reason. He only allowed Dong Haoyun to sign a contract alone.

It turns out that containers soon became the mainstream of the world’s shipping, and Hong Kong also became the World Maritime Center in the 1970s.


Dong Haoyun became the king of Hong Kong, one of the seven major ship kings in the world, and Huo Yingdong was forced to kick out.

Huo Yingdong said when he recalled the history:

“In Hong Kong, no one of the wealthy people survive like me after sending home.”

In the later days, in order to avoid the blow of the Hong Kong British government, Huo Yingdong took over countless projects that did not make money but are conducive to Hong Kong citizens.

As long as someone wants the project, it will not give Huo Yingdong, no one wants, but they have to do, so they call Huo Yingdong.

Therefore, Huo Yingdong is the most influential industrialist in Hong Kong.

However, the money did not make a few.

Sports diplomacy

In 1970, with the ping -pong competition as a pry point, Sino -US relations broke the ice. This is the ping -pong diplomacy in 1970, and the small ball rotates the big ball.

In the decades after 1970, sports are linked to politics. They have strong political meanings in China, all of which originated from the original ping -pong diplomacy.

Therefore, Huo Yingdong was interested in the sports industry for a long time and was particularly interested in the Olympic Games. The source was here, and he also laid a foreshadowing for Huo Qigang’s marrying Guo Jingjing.

In the 1970s, Huo Yingdong used his influence in the Hong Kong Sports Festival to start the goal of replacing Taipei in mainland China in the International Olympic Committee.

In 1974, Huo Yingdong and his eldest son Huo Zhenting attended the Annual Meeting of the Asian Football Association. During the table, he tried to make a vote for China to join the International Olympic Committee.

At various international conferences, Huo Zhenting, on behalf of Huo Yingdong, seized all opportunities to propose to the National Olympic Committee as a representative of Hong Kong.

In the end, China succeeded, and the Huo family contributed a lot.

In 1984, after China returned to the International Olympic Committee, he participated in the Olympic Games for the first time. Huo Yingdong brought the whole family to Los Angeles to watch the war, and witnessed the historical moment of Xu Haifeng and Li Ning to win the championship in one fell swoop.

This is the first gold medal won by New China on the Olympic history stage, and it is also an important milestone for China’s foreign reform and opening up.

After returning from Los Angeles, Huo Yingdong announced the donation of 100 million Hong Kong dollars to establish the “Huo Yingdong Sports Fund” to reward the medal winner of each Olympic Games in mainland China.

Among them, each gold medalist will get a pure gold medal weighing 1 kg and $ 80,000 as a reward.

It was $ 80,000 in 1984 and 1 kg of gold.

By 1990, Huo Yingdong began to work hard for China ’s Olympics. He used his relationship and influence to continue to negotiate with the chairman of the Olympic Committee at the time and a large number of members of the Olympic Committee. China’s development.

In order to allow Beijing’s Olympic Olympication and to meet the needs of the Asian Games in Beijing at that time, Huo Yingdong invested 100 million Hong Kong dollars in 1990 to build the largest swimming pool in Asia in Beijing at that time, which is the Yingdong Pavilion. Meet the need to receive foreign guests.

Huo Yingdong promised to the International Olympic Committee that if China ’s franchise was successful, Huo Yingdong personally invested 1 billion to build the Olympic Stadium to dispel the international Olympic Committee’s prejudice to China’s economic strength.

At the same time, Huo Yingdong also promised to give many European members of the Olympic Committee some economic projects and give some benefits to African members as individuals.

In short, the Olympic Committee has any requirements, and Huo Yingdong can meet all the needs to meet all the needs of these members from public to private.

Unfortunately, Beijing has been to Sydney with a difference in one vote and lost its right to host.

After the results were announced, Huo Yingdong was extremely lost.

In 2001, the right to host the Olympic Games in Beijing, Huo Yingdong also worked hard to contact members of the Olympic Committee.


This time, China succeeded.

The water cube of the Beijing Olympic Games is the only Olympic venue donated by Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and overseas Chinese. The largest donation comes from Huo Yingdong.

In the entire water cubic, Huo Yingdong came out of 1/4 alone.

In order to successfully host the Olympic Games, Huo Yingdong has been working for at least 10 years. It is an important record in his life and an important memory in life.

In order to successfully apply for Olympic Olympics, Huo Yingdong spent more than 100 billion yuan in China in China, and has donated more than 500 million Hong Kong dollars sports funds in China. The hard work and money were extremely huge.

It is the swimming pool of the Asian Games, the Olympic Games, and the water cubic.

Huo Qigang finally married Guo Jingjing, the Olympic diving champion. It is not surprising at all. Those who are familiar with Huo’s history will only think that this is of course.

Genzheng Miao Hong, Poor Born, Olympic Champions, Diving Champions, and dignified atmosphere, treating people with high emotional quotients, no negative stains.

Guo Jingjing really meets all the conditions of the Huo family’s choice of daughter -in -law.

Reform and Opening

In 1978, Huo Yingdong was invited to watch the ceremony in Tiananmen, Beijing again.

This time, the chief designer revealed to them the determination to reform and open.

Li Jiacheng expressed excitedly, hoping that he could do something for the country, Huo Yingdong also made a similar statement.

In December 1978, not long after Huo Yingdong Li Jiacheng and others returned to Hong Kong, China officially announced the reform and opening up.

Li Ka -shing has not invested a penny from Mainland China for up to 15 years. He has been watching and always put investment in Hong Kong’s real estate industry.

Until 1992, Deng Xiaoping toured the south again and delivered a Southern Tour speech that Li Jiacheng made up his mind to invest in the Mainland.

In 1993, Li Jiacheng invested in the construction of Shenzhen Yantian Port, which was his first investment in the mainland.

Li Ka -shing’s business principle is to not earn the last copper plate or the first person to eat crabs.

Afterwards, the entire process of reform and opening up in China, entering the mainland investment in 1993 is indeed the best time node with the greatest risk of the least risk.

From the perspective of obtaining commercial interests and avoiding business risks, Li Jiacheng’s practices have no problems. This kind of mind and acuity are indeed genius and can become the richest man in Hong Kong. It is indeed capable.

But Huo Yingdong’s choice is very different from Li Jiacheng.

As soon as the news of China’s reform and opening up was announced, Huo Yingdong announced that he would invest in mainland China.

At that time, everyone in the Hong Kong business community felt that Huo Yingdong was crazy.

It was mainland China and had just experienced the Cultural Revolution of the Cultural Revolution.

Do some business with the mainland.

Invest in the mainland directly? Do you know that you are called capitalists, and the grass that people prefer to socialism will cut your capitalist seedlings.

The risks inside are simply incompatible and inestimable.

But regardless of this, he only knew that the motherland said that he needed to invest, so he came.

In early 1979, Huo Yingdong was in Zhongshan and invested in the construction of Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel.

At that time, the number of foreign investment in the mainland was zero. Huo Yingdong was the world’s first Hong Kong and Macau businessman to invest in the Mainland. The Zhongshan Hot Spring Project was also China’s first foreign investment project.

After finalizing the Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel project, Huo Yingdong came to Guangzhou and found that Nuo Da was a Guangzhou. Even a hotel that could receive foreign guests did not.

As a result, Huo Yingdong immediately filmed and announced that he would invest 200 million Hong Kong dollars to build a 34 -storey white swan hotel in Guangzhou.

Standards, constructing five -star, as a portal of entertaining foreign guests in Guangzhou, showing China’s determination and sincerity of promoting reform and opening up.

Huo Yingdong entered the mainland investment in such a high -profile investment and was so sincere. China believes that it should give Huo Yingdong a big gift package and let Huo Yingdong make more money as an example for other Hong Kong businessmen who are still watching.

However, Huo Yingdong believes that this is not the case. He suggested that the mainland should maintain his value and attitude, so that it is conducive to the introduction of foreign capital in the future.

The land that builds the White Swan Hotel is from the Guangzhou government.

The final determined investment model is Huo Yingdong’s 50 million US dollars, and the Guangzhou government only out of the land.

In this land, the mainland does not know how to estimate, so that Huo Yingdong himself determines a price.

The valuation given by Hong Kong real estate institutions is $ 200 to 3 million.

However, the plan given by Huo Yingdong is a joint venture with Guangdong Province. The profit of the two parties is 55 points, which is equivalent to raising the land valuation to 50 million US dollars.

In 1983, Guangzhou Delling Hotel officially opened. This is China’s first Chinese and foreign joint venture hotels and the first five -star hotel in China.

In the first year, the highest leader in China visited the white swan three times.

The Queen of Britain, the US President, the German Prime Minister, and the King of Sweden have also been here.

Even with today’s eyes, white swans are considered high -end hotels, let alone China in 1983.

The site selection of the White Swan Hotel is the concentrated area of ​​the foreign consulate in China. The core area of ​​the Guangzhou Concession has also erupted here.

As a hero, at the time, it was destined to be a hotel that could only be stayed in the center of the concession. Is it appropriate to choose the center of the concession?

Huo Yingdong thinks it is very suitable because he announced that the White Swan Hotel will be fully open to the outside world, and any Chinese can enter without consumer status.

For a while, countless citizens poured into the White Swan Hotel, and within a day, the hotel was even used to use 500 toilet paper. Everyone felt that it was not appropriate to do so, but Huo Yingdong insisted on doing so.

Huo Yingdong and his son Huo Zhenting recalled the reason why his father did this:

“He said that it is no longer the colony, how can foreigners come in. The Chinese cannot come in. In that way Come in, the hotel cannot come in. “

White Swan Hotel, foreign guests can enter, Chinese can enter, and ordinary Chinese can enter.

After the freshness, the citizens also dispersed, and they did not stay in the White Swan Hotel every day, and did not affect the operation of the White Swan Hotel.

In 1984, Deng Xiaoping first toured the south. When the 28th floor of the White Swan Hotel overlooking the beautiful scenery of the Pearl River, Deng Xiaoping suddenly turned to pull Huo Yingdong’s hand and said with a strong Sichuan Yin:

Thank you, white swan, okay!

Deng Xiaoping is very satisfied with the White Swan Hotel.

Deng Xiaoping’s daughter Mao Mao (first from right) took a group photo with Huo Yingdong (second from left) and Huo Zhenting (first from left), Zhu Lingling (second from right)

In February 1985, Deng Xiaoping visited the White Swan Hotel again, signed the hotel inscription, and wrote the words “reform and opening up” by hand.

From the construction of these two major hotels, we can see that Huo Yingdong’s investment in the Mainland is based on the most needed standards at the time of the Mainland at that time, instead of making money at the fastest consideration.

In addition to building a hotel for reform and opening up, Huo Yingdong also repaired a lot of bridges.

While investing in the construction of Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel, Huo Yingdong often took the Guangzhu Highway. The road of 150 kilometers needed 4 ferries, which took 7 to 8 hours. Each transition was extremely unchanged.

In 1981, Huo Yingdong began to build bridges around the mainland to specialize in cross -river bridge.

The first cross -river bridge was called the Luoxi Bridge. Huo Yingdong and the Mainland were built jointly by joint ventures, and then donated to the local area for free.

The maximum span of this cross -river bridge was 180 meters, which was the world’s second, Asia, the first precedent of the country, and there was no reference engineering model.

In order to repair this bridge, China gathered all top civil engineers, crossed the river, repeatedly rebuilt and overthrew a large number of models, and carefully designed and built the bridge.


Because of the Luoxi Bridge, China’s civil engineering strength has risen directly.


Why not find a mature foreign team to build this cross -river bridge?

Because Huo Yingdong designated the Chinese team repair.

It will slowly build it if you won’t build you. The Chinese can repair this bridge, which is equally important as the bridge is repaired.

Subsequently, Huo Yingdong continuously built four bridges on the Guangzhu Highway. After all, the time from Guangzhou to Zhuhai was shortened by more than half.

In addition to repairing the bridge, Huo Yingdong also likes to cultivate schools and donated funds in the mainland to build a lot of schools.

Huo Yingdong inspected the construction site of Yuanjia School in Foshan

In 1986, Huo Yingdong received a call from Beijing, hoping that Huo Yingdong took a lead to develop Hainan.

As a result, Huo Yingdong “Feng purpose” went to develop Hainan.

Where is the pioneering and where there is huge uncertainty, Huo Yingdong takes the lead.

The investment projects also take the first consideration to be able to open the situation quickly, rather than making money.

Therefore, although Huo Yingdong entered the mainland as soon as possible in China’s reform and opening up, and insisted on it to the end, it was the dividend of China’s reform and opening up from the fish head to the fish tail, and Li Jiacheng came in 15 years later.

But Huo Yingdong’s money on the mainland is far less than Li Jiacheng.

However, the contribution of a person, the country’s heart is countless, and it is by no means judging by money as the standard.

In 1984, the 35th anniversary of the National Day parade, Huo Yingdong was invited again.

This time, Huo Yingdong saw that the intercontinental nuclear missile, who had just appeared in the world for the first time, had just been successfully developed in China.

In the 1984 military parade, the Chinese intercontinental nuclear missile square matrix debuted

Huo Yingdong later reported that he had never cried several times in his life, and never cried so powerful.

At the 50th anniversary of the Anti -U.S. Aid North Korea in 2000, Huo Yingdong, who was over and rare, was invited again, becoming the only invited Hong Kong person at the time, and sat on the podium.


Therefore, in 2006, the country held a national funeral for Huo Yingdong.

What is the difference between capitalists and entrepreneurs?

Both of them have money and both hire a large number of employees, and they seem to be exactly the same.

Huo Yingdong and other capitalists seem to have no difference. Why can Huo Yingdong’s spiritual flags cover the national flag?

Rich is not the original sin, and hiring a large number of employees is not the original sin.

Huo Yingdong’s case tells us that with the first goal of Chinese rich and strong, you will sublimate from the capitalist to entrepreneurs. On this basis, your contribution to the country is great enough, then you can cover the national flag.

But if you are the first goal of making money and do not care about China’s rich and strong, then you will always be just a capitalist.

Richness is not a crime, and capitalists are not necessarily guilty. In the capitalist who contributes to the country, China will never forget.

With such a conscious capitalist, we generally call entrepreneurs.

The title of the two is different.

I hope Chinese entrepreneurs are more and more.