Non -legacy, Guangzhou Tower Fire! More than a hundred non -heritage activity results are displayed in concentrated exhibition

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The 34th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award for Best Melic Film Award “South Vietnam Palace Ci”, which has not yet been released; integrates Hongquan elements into the game, and the latest version of “Douro Continent: Soul Master Duel” … activation Tradition, non -heritage new life. During the Spring Festival, it was the first choice for many citizens to rectify the development of the Guangzhou Tower. In this Spring Festival, more than a hundred non -heritage activity works were concentrated on the Guangzhou Tower, allowing tourists to visit the Guangzhou Tower a good place.

On February 5th, the reporter went to the first -level ring gallery of the Guangzhou Tower to punch the “Activation of Tradition -Guangzhou Anti -Heritage Achievement Exhibition”. · The exhibition space of the four major sections of the four major sections of the four major sections of the tide life tide “and the” child fun · little child’s heart “has brought together more than 20 participants’ cross -border joint presentation, showing the four major paths of the non -heritage activation of Guangzhou.

Scientific and technological empowerment, watch Guangcai “long” out


Science and technology bring more vibrant presentations to non -heritage, and non -heritage brings more cultural high -quality content for technology. The AR postcard of “Guangcai Nasuya” of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts uses three kinds of commonly -colored common instruments such as dishes and bottles to select the three -dimensional visual effect of representative patterns to display Guangcai pattern. The audience took out their mobile phones to scan the QR code on the document. I saw a three -dimensional digital volatile in the screen, and they could see the dynamic process of growing and molding.

The reporter at the scene also saw the first non -heritage creation process in Guangzhou 5G live, “5G, directly to the non -heritage micro -site”. Guangzhou Unicom via 4K high -definition camera and 5G speed network, allowing the audience to “zero distance, zero latency” to enjoy the creative process of non -heritage new works and attract 1 million people to watch. The project also won the National “Blooming Cup” Excellent Award in 2021. In the live broadcast, the creative process of “Nailing Golden Embroidery Slot Gow, Graduate Diamond Diamond Emperor” was restored. Essence


In Guangzhou, museums, universities, and research institutes cooperate with non -genetic inheritance units. On the basis of in -depth research, discover, refine and transform from non -heritage traditional elements, so that the traditional beauty of the traditional beauty reappears the fashion posture.


A set of Cantonese furniture 3D printing models at the scene attracted many tourists to stop. This is the results of the basic paradigm of Cantonese Furniture Resources Library. In 2021, the Guangzhou Non -Heritage Protection Center cooperated with the Cultural and Social Innovation Teaching and Research Center of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and combined with 6 Guangzuo furniture inheritance units to combing the preliminary data, select the first batch of 16 traditional furniture representative works for representative works for conduct 3D scanning and digital conversion and analysis research, at the same time interpreted its artistic value and cultural connotation, formed a basic paradigm of wide -handed furniture digital resource libraries, providing scientific and strong theoretical support for the protection and development of traditional craftsmanship.

In the “Cantonese Opera” interactive punch point, the design of the space is designed with “Cantonese opera” to disassemble the characters, constructing the combination of text and space, and innovatively expressing the “activation” of Cantonese opera. Many of the interactive area of ​​the humanoid, experience the play of Cantonese opera characters, and take pictures.

Incorporate culture into life and let the non -heritage rising


Under the cross -border cooperation of design, animation, film and other industries, the cultural and innovation that Guangzhou’s non -heritage body is available is a national wave that leads the fashion.

The “Fulai Yuncai, Regenerative Different” series of Guangcai Cultural and Creative developed by the first blessing brand and Guangcai inheritor Zhou Chengjie. The work is inspired by the Guangcai Blue Di Peony Basin. It uses the elements of Guangcai Doumi and different brocade patterns. Through the dispersing and reorganization of Guangcai elements, it creates an artistic effect that is in line with the aesthetic effects of contemporary people. New color. Guangfu culture pays attention to the intention, “good color” has the meaning of lucky, and at the same time, “Life” Cantonese homophonic wealth, hoping to integrate culture into life and make it embellishment of more people’s lives.


Non -in -heritage campus, parent -child non -remaining body inspection, and the seeds of non -heritage under the small childlike heart can enhance the aesthetic literacy, cultivate sentiment, warm the mind, and inspire innovation and creativity. In the fourth exhibition area of ​​the theme of childlike · Xiao Tongxin’s wisdom, the reporter saw the enamel pendant, jade carving, Guangcai disk and other works. These are the results of the “non -gynecological lesson” series of parent -child courses and research tour.

Since 2010, the Guangzhou Anti -Heritage Protection Center has begun to organize non -heritage examination courses, inviting the inheritor to lecture, bringing students to understand non -heritage, study non -heritage, and experience the beauty of non -heritage in the experience. For more than ten years, the series of “Non -Heritage Course” series of courses have been continuously improved, and there are 8 types of courses such as series of training classes, single experience courses, experience tours, research camps, live broadcast classes, public courses, micro -classes, and mood classes; The courses involve more than 90 non -heritage projects, covering 80%of the city -level list project; more than 1,000 offline students can be trained each year, and more than 3 million online students can be trained.

“These are the latest and most representative cases in recent years. Many of the exhibitions appeared for the first time in this exhibition.” Mu Liaoshi, director of the Guangzhou Cultural Museum, told reporters that many exhibitors are a highlight of this exhibition. Among the more than 20 participating units, including Cultural Expo, university, art academy, technology companies, game companies, cultural and creative units, etc., many of them are representative “big coffees” in the industry, becoming Guangzhou’s non -heritage span The best explanation of boundary integration and resource Sunacism.


This exhibition is hosted by the Guangzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau, and hosted by the Guangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center and Guangzhou Tower Tourism Culture Development Co., Ltd.. Since January 23, it has begun at the ring -shaped corridor on the first floor of the Guangzhou Tower. Exhibition until March 31.

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