This bowl of handmade noodles, the entrance is smooth, the southern Fujian flavor, the fried shrimp is delicious

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The noodles are also called line surfaces, which are popular in Fujian, Guangdong, Taiwan and other places in my country.

The number of southern fans is limited, and the moist air is conducive to the extension of the noodles. People pull the noodles into a thinner noodle line, as thin as silk thread, and give it a long -lasting meaning. The production of the noodles is also a martial art.

Kneading, pumping noodles, ramen, dumping noodles, sunbathing, dozens of procedures, after 7 or 8 hours, can make a part of the noodles.


Especially the ramen dumping noodles, stretching a ball of noodles repeatedly. Seeing the thick noodles of the arms, it was thinner than the finger, thinner than the hemp rope, and finally thin as a hair.

It is said that the noodle line is opened, and the total length can even reach 30 meters.

The stretching noodles are dried in the yard, facing the gentle wind and sunlight, the light and shadow are covered, and the facial fragrance is filled with the air.

Just looking at it, he rose to admiration for traditional handicrafts.

In the southern Fujian region, there are many folk culture about noodle lines. Old people have long lives, full of children, and eating noodles.


Speaking of the noodle line, Lin Peiwei, the chairman of the Noodle Cooperative, opened the box.


Originally, he was working in the coal mine. In order to inherit the craftsmanship of the handmade noodles, he resolutely switched to and created a cooperative specializing in the production of hand -made noodles.

He hopes that more and more people can inherit the handmade noodles, and more people can eat hand -made noodles and taste its unique charm.

Noodle paste


The real noodle line is inseparable from the old vinegar of Yongchun. It is one of the four major vinegar in China:

The pork ridges are modified and marinated for 20 minutes, then stirred with egg white and sweet potato powder until it is fried until it becomes fried with fried vinegar.

Put the oil in the pot, boil the dried shallots, shiitake mushrooms, water, etc., and then boil it in the noodles. Put it in a bowl and add cooked food such as fried vinegar meat.

Don’t look at the batter very thin, the chewing is full of toughness. The fried vinegar meat not only has the aroma of old southern Fujian vinegar, but also can quit the greasy meat.

Ingredients: Pig Spirus Noodles Fried Vinegar Crossing Crossing Cross -Belly Large Eggs Dried Eggs, Dry Mushrooms, Dry Sedarian Sweet Powder Powder Flower Pork Powder Salt Salt


1. Slice the pork ridge, put two spoons of old vinegar, a spoonful of cooking wine, a spoonful of pepper, and a little salt. Stir well sugar and marinate for 20 minutes;

2. The marinated pig ridge meat adds egg white, sweet potato powder and stir well;

3. Boil oil in the pot, add the pork tenderloin when 60 % heat, and fry until golden yellow and remove;

4. Leave the remaining oil in the pot, add dried shallots, shiitake mushrooms, scallops, boiling water, add a little water starch and thicken, put in the noodles, and heat it up after boiling;

5. Put the noodles in a bowl and eat cooked food such as fried vinegar meat.

Golden Silk Noodle Polytic Shrimp

Eating noodles, listening to the saying goes, there is a blessing and blessing, but the practice of noodles, according to the Cantonese cuisine chef Miao Fan, there are hundreds of kinds.

Today he will make the noodle line into “golden coat”.

How to put on “golden coat” for tiger shrimp?

After the noodles are cooked, use your hands to smoothly, and then cut the uneven noodles into a consistent length with scissors.

Start the wound line from the shrimp head, and keep it wrapped into the tail of the shrimp.


The tiger shrimp of the “golden coat” is ready, and the finished picture is also given to you.


Sprinkle some lemon juice, lemon can not only lift the flavor and add flavor, but also remove other odors, such as the fishy smell of tiger shrimp.

When making tiger shrimp, the heat of fried shrimp is particularly important:

Put the shrimp when the oil is 70 % hot, fry until the noodle line is fixed, turn over low heat, and fry for about two minutes. Then turn the fire, fry until golden, and remove the oil control.

Are you hungry ~

The time and heat of this dish must be mastered before the shrimp can be more crispy. Let’s take a look, how the chef did.

Ingredients: tiger shrimp noodle line lemon egg yolk yolk sauce Thai chicken sauce mustard sauce

1. Turn the shrimp and remove the shrimp line, wash it with water, add lemon juice for 15 minutes;

2. Put the noodles in the pot, cook for one minute to two minutes, roll it on the tiger shrimp, and apply the rolled tiger shrimp with the egg yolk liquid to the noodle line connection evenly, and then wrap it in the melon powder;

3. The rolled tiger shrimp is placed in 70 % of the hot oil. After thirty seconds, turn to a low heat, fry until golden yellow, turn it on the heat 30 seconds before the pan, remove it;

4. Two spoons of egg yolk sauce, a spoonful of Thai chicken sauce, a little mustard sauce, lemon juice, and water are evenly made into sauce;

5. The sauce is poured on the fried tiger shrimp.

This is exactly the traditional handmade noodle line to achieve southern Fujian snacks: noodles paste, creative new practices give new vitality: golden silk phoenix shrimp, all can eat southern Fujian flavor!

Noodle paste


Golden Silk Noodle Polytic Shrimp