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Affected by the epidemic, offline merchant super -beauty counters are difficult to sell. The Danzi Group took the EBM onlineization project as an opportunity to open up a new way for the beauty BA of Shangye’s channel. BAs learned the use of online tools to attract users, and finally drained offline to achieve “two legs walking” and obtained the gratifying transaction amount.

“WeChat allows me to make greater power”

Since the epidemic, the whole city has been quiet, and people’s work and rest are more regular than usual, but Sister BA Wang BA Wang, Gao Ping Yutai Feng Trading Co., Ltd. At three in the morning, Sister Wang also held her mobile phone over and over again to look at the work group. After two weeks of resumption of work, the tension atmosphere of the epidemic was still permeated. The customers in the offline stores were still scarce. There are basically a few.

During the epidemic period, the Danzi Group launched an EBM online project, arranged for professional training teachers to conduct online tool training and guidance on the BA of major supermarket stores, and carry out online precision marketing and services on online. New, and the offline channels of drainage to help the supermarkets to help the supermarket. Sister Wang realized that this was a good opportunity, and she did not hesitate to sign up.

Sister Wang usually likes to keep in touch with customers through WeChat. Because of the hearing impairment, she could not listen to the customer’s problem when she was working. Sometimes she could not answer questions for customers in time, which caused many people to misunderstand that she was big and did not like to be in trouble. Sister Wang had suffered a lot of grievances for this. Later, as long as she came in the store, she first told others that she had a bad hearing, and she would not add WeChat to facilitate communication. “It was WeChat to help me. I was honored to catch up with this Internet era, so that I had a lot of power to make it possible.” Sister Wang had already realized the convenience of online communication such as WeChat.

This time, the EBM online project of Danzi Group has carried out a 7 -day water -password happy purchase member marketing campaign. In order to get a good result, there is a sufficient number of customers in the early stage. I have already found it, who else can I contact?

Sister Wang Luo listed a few customers, and felt that she could communicate tomorrow, but the possibility of making a order was not much high. Suddenly, Sister Wang saw a sister in the family group, and they occasionally talked in the group. The sister’s economic conditions were also very good. They paid great attention to the quality of life and skin care. Potential customers!

In the early morning of the next day, Sister Wang pulled up with the sister and taught a lot of beauty and skin care knowledge with the other party. Sister Wang was a professionals in this regard. “Do you have a good skin care product here, can you recommend it to me?” Seeing this sister asking questions, Sister Wang was unhappy. According to the skin characteristics of the other party, I picked a few good products to match into a set. After the single arrangement, the arrangement is arranged to come to the door. This order is 677 yuan. In just a few days, Sister Wang’s personal sales performance is close to 7,000 yuan.

In addition to providing professional one -to -one guidance and training, Danzi’s training teacher has always encouraged her to “win the first one for 7 days”, and sister Wang was danked. She has already calculated that during this time, the new users who have been drawn online can follow up after the epidemic pass, so that she can grasp online and offline, and her performance will definitely go to the next level.

交 Communicate with the training teacher (the interviewee confession)

Change the concept, let skills and performance double harvest

As a 5 years of BA, who has worked in Zhumadian Shendu Trading Co., Ltd., Sister Wei has always been far ahead. “I often go down a day, and it can be easily sold for about 1,000 yuan. But due to the epidemic, the sales of cosmetics counters are very bleak throughout February.”

The rate of entering the store determines the level of marketing performance. Seeing the poor passenger flow in the store, Sister Wei, who has always been open, can’t help worrying. Just when Sister Wei had no choice but to do it, the Danzi Group EBM online project was launched.

At first, Sister Wei had no concept of online marketing and could not immediately change her concept. The professional training teacher of the Danzi Group understands Sister Wei’s concerns, carefully guides and teaches her to establish a “water password happy buying group”. What makes her unexpected is that many people have begun to interact with her. Different customers have different skin problems. Sister Wei patiently answered one by one. The warm response of customers made Sister Wei open.

在线焕新机 | 超市美妆BA的战“疫”取胜之法

With years of experience and familiarity with the product, Sister Wei quickly thought of a new method. Online users could not see the real thing and could not experience the product directly on the skin like offline, so she made up only two highs to push two highs. Quality product suits, such as the marine source set of water passwords, water password water light white suits, the product quality is excellent, and the feedback effect of customers after use is particularly good. It’s right. With two sets of high -quality water password sets alone, Sister Wei completed the sales performance of 5,200 yuan in 4 days.

Because this time the watercoded happy purchase member activity, Sister Wei wanted to understand that when the store entry rate was not high, good products could only be placed in the store quietly, but using online tools to drain customers to place orders, and then offline Stores and delivery of goods and delivery not only solve the problem of entering the store, but customers are also very assured of product sources.

在线焕新机 | 超市美妆BA的战“疫”取胜之法

Improve customer experience and speed up sales

There are not a few harvested BAs in the Danzi EBM onlineization project. Among them, Fuyang Daxin Tianhui Supermarket BA Xiaoli also experienced it.

In Xiao Li’s opinion, online sales and supermarket sales are common. They can win trust through sincere communication and extreme services. The difference is just one to face face to face, and one is through mobile WeChat. “Because of the good product experience, customers will slowly have more trust in my recommendation. For example, if the customer is satisfied with the water source products of the water password, it means that this customer is still very concerned about the quality of the product. Gradually recommend them to Danzi Sili’s high -grade fragrance. I will not recommend it blindly. I will give suggestions according to the skin quality and needs of the customer. In this way, there will be more joint sales. “

The shelves of offline stores, washing products and skin care products are not necessarily next to it. Sometimes it is not very convenient to recommend it to guests, but online guidance is very convenient. Many customers read pictures online, and then Go to the offline store to experience it. If you feel good, you will just place an order, and the decision -making is fast. “And washing products are generally large -capacity. The whole set of buying is relatively heavy. We allow customers to choose to pick them up at the store, or they can choose to send them home. Customers are more satisfied with us.” Xiao Li added Essence During the online marketing happy purchasing event of Danzi Group, Xiao Li sold more than 10,000 yuan in 6 days, which is the team’s sales champion.

流The business group performance exchanges (interviewee confession)

“Finding customers on WeChat depends on the target to find a quasi. Even if you ignore it, don’t be discouraged. Usually you should reply to the questions of group friends in time. The content of the sending is dry goods. The group friends will also take the initiative to help forward the propaganda, and will also help me introduce customers. “Henan Hongfang Cosmetics Co., Ltd.’ s business manager Chang Sister also gained a lot of online EBM online projects, and achieved 6 days Sales of 6712 yuan.

Attract and lock customers through online tools, and then do delivery and distribution work offline. While improving customer satisfaction, they can drain them offline to store and experience the use of the product in person.

In the Internet era, the new retail model combining online and offline is the general trend. After the recovery of the offline flow, the BAs can use online tools in practice, and revitalize online customers into offline users. Combining online and offline advantages, it has laid the foundation for the rapid return to normal business after the epidemic.

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