Is it good for children to learn piano and be more college? The suggestion of the senior piano teacher will be given to you, collecting

There are more than 50 people in my children’s class, and about nearly 1/3 of the piano have been studied. Every time you have the opportunity to perform, you must use the lottery or lottery to determine who is on stage.

How many children in my country are learning piano?

This data does not have accurate statistics at present, but from the current situation around us, it can generally see how many children who learn piano.

Piano is called


“King of Musical Instrument”

It is a learning program with a longer period and a lot of investment. Why do parents choose to let their children learn piano priority?

The main reason for this is probably for people’s love for this kind of instrument, and the piano has a wide range of sounds and simple entry. Many professionals suggest:

If you want to learn music, you must first learn to play the piano.

Recently, my brother called me,

I want to let the 4 -year -old niece learn piano


, But there are many issues: worrying that children are not talented, white spending money still do not love to learn; it is better to start learning?

He knew that I had a friend in this area and wanted me to help me ask. I visited this friend specifically. She is a senior piano training teacher. I have been taught countless students for nearly two decades.

I asked her many questions in this regard, and compiled some


Children learn piano -related knowledge points and hope to share some references and help for parents who need it in this regard.

How to judge whether children are suitable for learning piano? Parents can judge from 5 aspects 家

The piano master Lang Lang said: The talent is actually not seen in a short time, and the piano is not a short time to learn and understand the instrument, so you have to practice it. Just like digging gold, it is impossible to dig it down with a hoe, and you have to dig it down to know if there is any gold.

The teacher believes that there is no child who is not suitable for learning piano, but some children learn easily, and some are more difficult.

This has a certain relationship with their “talent”.

In the process of learning piano, parents can pay more attention to 5 aspects, and it is easy to judge how much the child’s potential is on the piano.

1. Look at the child’s knowledge of the spectrum

This is one of the most important and necessary abilities at the beginner stage. If the child is highly talented, he can quickly understand the music scores, and quickly reflect the content of the play, which can recognize and play the notes in a short period of time.

2. Look at the flexibility of the child’s hand

Some parents think that the child’s hand is not suitable for playing the piano, but in fact, the piano is good or bad, mainly depends on whether the brain reaction is sensitive, whether the finger is flexible, and it has nothing to do with the size of the hand.

3. Look at the child’s hearing

Generally speaking, if the child’s hearing has a certain sense of sound, it can be said that he has excellent talents. Because children with good sound feel can quickly hear the sounds of the musical instrument and learn quickly.

4. Look at the reaction speed of the child’s brain

Children playing the piano are mainly controlled by the brain and nerves. If the nerves are developed and the operation speed is fast, the time he plays the response is short, and his hands will be faster than others.


See the child’s joy

A sense of music refers to the ability to perceive music, including height, rhythm and melody. Children who are inherently good -feeling, have a strong understanding and understanding of music, and are easy to evoke the curiosity and love of music in their hearts.

However, it is worth noting that although the child’s talent is important, it is only a temporary advantage and will not keep it all the time. In order to develop a good development in the piano, the main thing depends on the children’s own efforts and the support and companionship of parents.

Good piano for children? You need to choose the age of learning piano according to individual differences ‍

The individual differences of children are large, and each person’s family background and growth environment is different. There is no specific time for beginner piano.

If there is no music background in the family, the child can start learning at the age of two or three, mainly for some enlightenment courses.

I have seen a “piano boy” who started to learn at the age of 15, and he took the initiative to learn to learn. After studying for 3 years, he passed the fifth level of the Emperor’s piano and was preparing to take the sixth level.


No matter how old and talent studying the piano, the most important thing is that interest is interest

The test is not the ultimate goal of everyone. It is the direction of being able to cultivate an elegant aspiration.

Of course, there are also some very smart children who have strong acceptance ability. According to the characteristics of children’s physiology and psychological development, it is the best age to start learning piano at the age of 4. The boy is relatively late, and he can start learning around 5 years old.

Getting started with the piano, finding a good enlightenment teacher is very important ‍‍‍

How to judge the good or bad of a teacher for unswatable parents?

In fact, good piano teachers do not have to have a high level of professionalism, because children’s enlightenment learning is far from reaching such a high level. More importantly, with the following quality.

The first is to have a good personality


As an enlightenment teacher, her personality is much more important than her performance. The children who like it at first glance, the sound of sound and smile, will be more popular and easy to accept.

The second is to love your own teaching career


The teacher’s love and enthusiastic attitude towards the piano course will affect the child virtually. If you can’t do it yourself, let’s talk about the piano in his heart?


The third is to be good at inspiring and encouraging children

When the child encounters difficulties and bottlenecks, the teacher’s encouragement and praise can make them better performance and help them go further.

Learning the piano is a persistent process, but parents have to count in their hearts. It is not necessary to have a large deeds in the future. After all, there are very few talents like Langlang.

And in learning, parents should not expect too much. Don’t put too much pressure on their children. The most important thing is not the result, but the process, to let the children truly feel the beauty of music and enjoy the happiness brought by music.

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