The 678 cuisine of the Winter Olympics is praised! South Korea: The meal is too oily and too unpalatable, and you need to transport kimchi

The world is really unpredictable. Recently, the Winter Olympics is in full swing. In the celebration of Wu Dajing, Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, and Ren Ziwei group, the mixed relay of 2000 meters has won the first gold. Essence


Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Day Two, Beijing, Beijing,


The 678 special foods from all over the world by the Winter Olympic Village Organizing Committee were actually spit out by Korean athletes: too oily, too unpalatable, and air -fired kimchi!


I do n’t say anything or evaluate anything. Let ’s take a look at the first day menu published by the Winter Olympic Village. After all, the eyes of the masses are clear:

The richness of the dishes can be said to be clear at a glance. It takes into account all athletes from all over the world. It specializes in the world’s dining tables, Chinese dining tables, Asian dining tables, and halal meals. Of course, there are Korean kimchi. Out, not only the Chinese outside the Winter Olympic Village can buy tickets in a full mouth, even athletes in the Winter Olympic Village have also been praised and praised on the major external networks.

But in such a big background, South Korean athletes played the word to the extreme.

In the “Seoul Economic” report on February 5, Korean athletes vomited the “too oily and difficult digestion” of the Food of the Winter Olympics. Its deputy leader even bluntly stated that “disappointment of Chinese cooking level and believed that the Chinese cooking failed It is also decided to build a meal supply center to let the athletes eat the freshest kimchi “from the air -to -air ingredients from South Korea.”

Not to mention that I am a chef, and you do n’t allow your little Korean to question the profoundness of Chinese cuisine. As soon as your Korean team comes out, you know that the media can’t even look at it.


Many Japanese netizens express opinions


: “From the Tokyo Olympic Games to the Beijing Winter Olympics, all other countries praise food to food, and there are more about your Korean team.” “Let them solve the meals by themselves and see how many gold medals can be taken.” The clown is average, so many foods can’t satisfy you. “

However, we can’t be too harsh. After all, it is a Korean person who eats kimchi and meals without kimchi. It is still kimchi, picking kimchi growing up, kimchi to solve everything. The limitations of the method cannot be blame for them. As the host, we must have a tolerance mentality to achieve a hundred rivers. Those who pick bones in the eggs let them toss casually and see what can be tossing out in the end. 【*】