Put on a Korean shirt and let us be a sun male god together!

What is the campus male god? To be handsome, to have a sunny smell, this is the most distinctive feature of the male god of campus. Putting on a good shirt, the sun is naturally available. If the style of the Korean version is added, then the male god temperament will naturally be shaped in minutes!

1. Striped color:

¥ 258.00

AMH Men’s Korean version 2016 Summer New Slim Striped Seven -Packal Sleeve Shirt Men Shirt Menyal NZ4563

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The combination of stripes and solid color is not only the appearance of the handsome Korean version of the handsome guy, but also a elegant college temperament.

2. One -word pattern design:

¥ 228.00

AMH Men’s Korean version of the 2016 summer new tip slim slim stitching short -sleeved shirt men OE5166


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One -stripe design is a Korean college, but it is also a street style. One shirt can wear two temperament to set out your male god’s aura.


3. A contrast collar shirt:


¥ 139.00

Metus Bangwei’s 2016 Summer New Male Casual Cotton Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt 225162 Li Yifeng


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Live, well -behaved and youth, this is the feeling of this shirt reflected to you, which is also handsome and more close.

4. Pure Color Oxford Textile College shirt:

Meetesbonweed Shirt Male 2016 Summer Men’s Fashion Casual Slim Oxford Textile Short -sleeved Shirt 225147


Oxford spinning shirts are a proper college temperament. The simple solid color naturally dresses people and beautiful, and it is so simple to be a male god.


5. Washing denim shirt:

¥ 199.00

Metus Bonwe’s autumn men’s buffalo shirt 601229

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There is no rough feeling, some are just the youthful temperament, it knows the handsomeness you want most.

6. Slim Korean cotton shirt:

¥ 235.00

Woog2005 men’s solid color short -sleeved shirt 2016 summer dark gray Korean version of slim casual cotton shirt men

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The classic slim style is only to shape the male god, and the whole person will look elegant, let the charm slowly distribute.

7. The contrasting Korean shirt:


¥ 88.00

2016 Summer solid color short -sleeved shirt men’s Korean youth slim shirt thin casual men’s clothing stripes tide

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Simple contrasting colors hit a feeling of Japanese literature and art, giving people a sense of youth, how the college male god is playing.

8. Ginseng Korean shirt:

Spring men’s long -sleeved shirt Korean self -slimming pure color wedding groom groom’s groomscale inch fashion thin white shirt tide

The male god with gentleman style, the temperament of the sister -in -law is naturally superb, wearing your chic and elegant gentleman, naturally one step closer to the male god.

9. College sent cotton shirts:


¥ 148.00

Lilbetter long -sleeved shirt men and men’s young collar shirts to repair casual Korean men’s shirt tide

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Play the college style with a shirt, the effect is amazing, and it will not look too restrained, giving you a different tall.

¥ 228.00

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¥ 139.00

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