Black thick heel over knee -knee skin boots, with gray shorts, the slim figure is suitable for wear

It is simpler to wear in winter. Do n’t be too cumbersome, but also show your figure. This is the consensus of many fashionable beauties. So what kind of items can be matched in winter?其实还是蛮多的,如果不知道怎么搭配,可以去时尚街区,观察别人如何搭配,选择一些自己喜欢的元素,生活中不缺少会搭配的美女,只要付出行动,你也可以时尚漂亮,选择衣服It is important, and you have to try it boldly. Many clothes and do not wear it on your body, you do n’t know if it is suitable for you.

Just like over -knee boots, many people think it is a must -have item in winter, but some styles are more picked. Most people really can’t control it. Design, the leather is very soft, very close, and the slimming effect is very good. The 8 cm thick heel design, the pointed style, the boot design is slightly higher, the skinny effect is very good, and it looks very simple, but this boot is more picky. Body, beautiful women with a slim figure will look better. If you also want to choose similar, you need to try on it, so that it will be better.


With a gray leggings, a velvet style, it is very thin, and it looks very beautiful, with a simple feeling, and it is thin and very good. With a gray shorts, this style is very beautiful. This is simple The matching is very beautiful, and it is also tall. This style is suitable for you. In winter, you can also match the fashion atmosphere. Wearing it is to look better for yourself. Pay attention to wear, which is a fashion life, not as far as you think.


Of course, in winter, you also need to choose a thick down jacket. This beauty is wearing a short and short and medium down jacket, the hem covers gray shorts, a little waist design, the bright noodles design, the sewing line makes the down jacket more layered, and the black is also very versatile. The color, wearing in winter is to pay attention to keeping warm. The beauty is to show her figure. My legs are straight and straight, so I have to show it. In fact, you can choose a long down jacket, which will be very good. It is also a kind of self -confidence.

Fashionable beauties will become more confident. They can match it very well. The clothes they choose are also very good. If you want to wear fashion, you must implement your matching in action. The most common and easy to imitate. Many people go to the fashion block, not only to show themselves, leisure, but also want to see the recent popular trends. What popular elements can also try to follow the popular footsteps. It is constantly trying.