What color is good for living room curtains? Want to work more beautiful, look at these combinations

The living room is the center of home decoration. The daily activities of family members and the entertainment of guests come in the living room. The exquisite decoration living room can make people more comfortable and comfortable when sitting in the living room; except for the TV wall and sofa The wall, the large area of ​​the living room is the curtain, and the curtains are the key elements of soft furnishings. Its color matching is important to the style of the entire living room. Let’s talk about the living rooms of various decoration style. What color curtains are used!


1. Gray curtains are versatile!

First of all, as a versatile of the decoration world, no matter what style of living room, the effect of the curtains will not be too bad. Therefore, the following style of living room curtains will not be mentioned in the following. If you are not sure about the decoration and match, the effect of gray curtains is generally used, and it will not make a big mistake.

▲ Gray curtains are versatile.

2. What color curtains do Chinese style living rooms use?

Chinese style is a relatively mainstream decoration style. There are also many curtains selected by Chinese -style living rooms. The specific colors should be determined according to the soft furnishings of the entire living room. Generally, Chinese style will use more wooden elements. So curtain selection

Light brown, yellow and other warm colors

The effect will be good.

▲ Chinese style living room can be warm -colored curtains such as light brown and yellow.

3. What color curtains do American style living rooms use?


The color matching of ordinary living room curtains is based on the soft furnishings of the entire living room. The American style decoration has two styles: blue and brown coffee color; if the entire living room is biased to blue and quiet, then the curtains use blue. Color matching will be more harmonious;

▲ Blue American living room with blue curtains.

If the entire living room is a warm tone of brown coffee color, then the curtains should also choose the corresponding brown coffee color.

▲ American living room with brown coffee.

4. What color curtains do modern wind living room use?


Modern style is a hodgepodge, with a lot of style and style, with a cold, warm and neutral spatial atmosphere. The color of the curtains can be determined according to the space. The common modern style living room curtains are matched with blue, yellow, green, green, green , Coffee color and gray.


▲ The modern style is rich, and the curtains can be selected according to the overall soft outfit of the living room.

5. What color curtains do European style living rooms use?


The European style is more popular in the decoration of some middle -aged and elderly people. The effect of this type of decoration style is more magnificent. The entire space has a golden feeling. Therefore, the curtains are also matched with golden yellow, making the space look gorgeous and noble.

▲ The European style is relatively young and light, and the overall space effect is more exaggerated.

6. What color curtains do light luxury living room use?

Light luxury style is a relatively popular decoration style recently. The light luxury style gives people a low -key and gorgeous grade. Therefore, the curtains of light luxury living rooms can be selected with cold+warm colors. The temperament, such as gray+orange, gray+pink, etc., is the color matching color of the light luxury style.


▲ Light luxury -style living room curtains can be combined with color matching.

7. What color curtains do Japanese style living rooms use?

The Japanese -style living room space will add a large amount of light woody elements, so the matching of curtains is generally matched with light -colored rice white. However, for the Japanese -style living room, the curtains are matched with wood -colored shutters. More simple and comfortable and atmospheric.

▲ The Japanese -style living room curtains are light rice white or woody louver curtain.


The question about what color is selected in the living room curtains. Different decoration styles will have different options. The above -mentioned cases I introduced are for reference only. Specifically, it is necessary to combine the atmosphere of the entire living room. The area of ​​soft furnishings has a great impact on the entire living room space, but it is sloppy when choosing!