The red -skinned banana you haven’t seen before, only once every 2 years, the skin is thin and tender, and each mouthful of sweetness is in your heart.

Like everyone, when I saw the red skin banana at first glance, there was a lot of question marks that helped the seller? How can there be red bananas?

Is it broken? Or a genetically modified? Gene mutations?

In fact, red -skinned banana is not a genetically modified product. It is a positive banana variety, nor is it bad!

Red skin banana is also called “red beauty banana”,

It is one of the top ten rare fruits in the world,

Introduced in my country in 1986. At present


It is planted in Hainan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Taiwan and other places.

It is larger than the ordinary banana body, the flesh is thicker and full, and the skin is red and festive.

The Red Beauty not only looks special, but also the growth cycle is also like a beauty that “burst out”.

It is only 5 times that of ordinary bananas,

The output is extremely low,


It is rarely seen on the market, so it is a blessing to eat this year ~

This red beauty banana can be better than ordinary bananas. The biggest feature is it

Smooth like creamy flesh,


Compared with bananas on the market

There is a rough and more delicate.

The smooth flesh enters the mouth,

Like cream with banana and strawberry flavors, every bite is soft, and gently turns into the mouth ~

Delicate and delicious,

The taste is much better than the banana on the market,

Looking at this fruit, the dense feeling must run out of the screen!

Soft girl from “Hometown of Flowers and Fruit”: Rare Red Beauty Banana

Zhangzhou, known as the “Hometown of Flowers and Fruit”, has more than 700 years of banana cultivation history.


The main producing areas of bananas in my country,

Bananas have become

Business card of Zhangzhou Agricultural Culture.

Here the banana forest, the accumulation of many years of planting history,

Let the banana farmers have a unique understanding of banana planting technology.

Banana farmers adhere to the natural cultivation method. Do not biopide pesticides and not give birth. In the middle and late stages of banana growth, they use bags to protect bananas.

Effectively isolated diseases and insect pests, reducing damage caused by wind and rain, and healthier.

Good natural conditions, coupled with excellent planting technology, make the red beauty more fragrant.


When the banana mature fruit, the entire banana forest is covered with red banana bushes. There are 8-10 sections in a bush, which is very spectacular.

Red banana


“Strong and solid” than ordinary bananas,


When immature, the peel is purple -red, which is slightly dark, and red after cooked.

The content of fructose is slightly higher than that of ordinary bananas, so it tastes sweeter than ordinary bananas.


Bite gently,

Feeling the tongue is smooth and soft, and the delicate flesh like cream is crossed through the tongue,

I can’t help but want to stay sweet for a longer time,

The more you eat, the more fragrant, the more you eat the sweeter.

All cooked it eats

There is no hard core at all, and the silky flesh bite to the end,

The whole body seems to be gently swinging with the taste buds ~


The shipping packaging we use the foam box that can be insulated. The banana is packed in a fresh -keeping bag, which is separated by newspapers to absorb the water vapor of bananas.

But in order to ensure freshness, bananas are cut on the same day without applying any cooked agent.

When you receive the goods, you can not be completely familiar with it. After receiving it, you need to ripen themselves before you can eat it.

Red beauty is not as easy to rot as ordinary bananas, and can store it for many days.

You can eat more at ease, don’t worry about eating potion and bananas.

Modern method:


1. After receiving

Take out the plastic bag and dry the banana water vapor,

Take a few apples and put it in the carton to seal for a few days

(About 3 ~ 7 days) will become red,



Soft skin can easily pull away the epidermis is mature.

2. The raw banana cannot be kept in the refrigerator, otherwise it will cause banana frostbite to mature!

Moreover, the red beauty is full!

I really recommend the girl paper that is losing weight. Fruit salad is not full, and the lunch is enough to have a beautiful banana ~

Friends who like it, welcome you to take it home! 5 catties free shipping ¥ 26.8

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Zhangzhou Red Beauty Banana! Full flesh, soft, glutinous sweetness, 5 catties, free shipping

¥ 26.8