Don’t wear high heels anymore. The “thick bottom loaf shoes” popular this year is worth trying.

Everyone’s favorite shoes are different, but many girls will be affected by the trend, but for the small people, they still want to wear heel shoes, which will look tall, such as high heels.


But the high heels are really tired after wearing it for a long time. They also have heels. Why don’t you try thick bottom loaf shoes? This kind of shoes is high and thin, which can create a good temperament and make the match look more fashionable.

Let’s take a look together.

Lefu shoes+long coat+accessories

The classic long coat has become a must -have item in daily life. No matter which age woman is, a long coat will be chosen to create a good temperament. Long coat is a very stylish single product Essence

Then the matching shoes should also choose a different style, the thick -bottomed Lefu shoes, can become the best partner, and then combine different accessories to make the matching style look more atmospheric, so as to help us create more unique unique ones Image.

Lefu Shoes+suit jacket+bottoming shirt

The style of loafers has always been neutral style. This kind of shoes can create classic workplace wear, such as combining bottoming shirts and suit jackets, making the workplace style simpler and brighter. More generous.

If you feel that a suit jacket with Lefu shoes, the style is too neutral, then you can choose the lower body with a skirt to add femininity and make the match look more romantic and intellectual.


Lefu shoes+striped top+bag


The stripe -style top is very recognizable and can create a more classic fashion style. Combined with thick -bottomed Lefu shoes, the height looks taller. Then choose a basic bag to make the matching style easier.

Although this method of matching is no different from ordinary wear, the fashion of striped elements is impressed by people. It has an inexplicable psychology that makes wear more distinctive.


If you are already tired of the daily style of peaceless, let’s try this matching method to make the dress look more unique and recognizable.


Black bottoming shirt+straight pants+thick bottom loaf shoes

Simple fashion matching can make the image of the whole person look more temperamental, and it is a complex fashion matching, which will make people feel that your image is too far away.


If you want to reach the point of high and thin, you must try the thick -bottomed Lefu shoes, with a black bottoming shirt and straight pants to make your image look more charming.


Handbag+thick bottom loaf shoes+loose top


There are many loose tops, such as loose thick coats. This jacket looks very good and makes people feel bloated, but it will create a sense of atmosphere.

Make the matching look more high, and feel that wearing it is very monotonous. With a handbag, it can make the temperament more prominent.

You can also try a loose top, match the skirt, and combine the thick -bottomed music shoes to make the dress look more girly and achieve the purpose of age.

Laofu shoes with thick -bottomed style have now become a single product that everyone likes, but how to match it, and refer to the above -mentioned wearing, which one do you think is more suitable for you?


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