There are four types of men’s wallets, what are the good?

Many men always say that women’s clothes, bags, wallets, etc., have a lot of color, but for men, for decades, there are basically no fresh ideas.

In fact, nowadays, men’s wearing products have already made a lot of creative breakthroughs. From the wallet, now there are four types of men’s wallets, do you make it?

There are so many types? So what are the benefits of different types of wallets? Let’s find out today!

1. zipper wallet

Regarding zipper wallets, many people think that this is more suitable for women to match, but it is not necessarily, but the zipper wallets used by men are also particular.

For women, they have more small items, so choosing a zipper wallet may choose more layers, but for men, it is good to choose a single layer. ~

The first feature of men’s use of zipper hand -grabbing bags is convenient! Especially when I often encounter some change and coins, I don’t know where to put it. At this time, the role of holding wallets comes out. And sometimes the bags of jeans are relatively narrow, and you can put your mobile phone in your wallet.

Second, horizontal wallet


The most common types are cross -model wallets and vertical wallets, and what are the benefits of it? Mainly it is convenient to put money.

Now that everyone may not feel so deep, the previous 100 yuan bills are longer than the present, so many people like to use horizontal wallets. Although the 100 yuan bills are shorter, but if they put more, they still have a cross Wallets are relatively easy to use.

This wallet is mainly simple, but it shows high -end temperament everywhere. The first is the material of the wallet. The leather pattern can still be clearly visible. At the same time, there is no too much decoration on the wallet. Only the thread lines connected to the mouth of the wallet. The workmanship is exquisite, which highlights the high -end leather.

In addition, the wallet is a vintage tone, which is more suitable for young boys. After all, many leather wallets are a bit old -fashioned, and most people believe that most people will like it.


Third, vertical wallet

Just now we introduced the horizontal wallet, and now we will introduce the vertical wallet. Relatively speaking, the color of the vertical wallet will be more color, and it looks narrow. Many people will feel that this is convenient to put in pockets.


However, it is worth reminding everyone that it is best to choose a reliable store when buying a vertical wallet. After all, some of the quality is too poor. You can’t even put it in a hundred yuan bills. what!

Similar to this wallet, it is very good. First of all, the wallet is small and exquisite. Basically, there is only one palm size. It can just put a hundred yuan bills, and there is a little empty position. The number of more than 6 cards.

In addition, for the above wallet, this is more suitable for those who are already working. The color is slightly stable and fashionable.


Fourth, long hand -catching bag

Recently, men have also been popular with hand -catching bags. Although some people do not accept such colors, it is indeed a fashion crystallization now, and the popular front line will have one, because it feels like a high -rich high -rich handsome.


However, this kind of wallet has a difficult problem, that is, it is not suitable for men who are not used by bags, because the wallet is too long, you can not put pockets, you can only grab or put the bag.

This minimalist series of retro hand -grasping bags, simple color, consisting of line pattern and leather patterns, giving people a sense of fashion. The workmanship of the wallet is very delicate, and it can be seen from the design and line pattern of the skin.


Although the wallet is simple, the number of layers inside is not simple. There are cards on both sides of the bag, which can allow you to put sufficient cash and also put enough cards.

Which of the above types of wallets are more suitable for you?