The price from thousands of yuan to hundreds of dollars is really out of the mink?

About three years ago, a new type of cold trendy clothing began to sweep the streets, that is, the graceful and luxurious mink velvet sweaters and mink velvet coats. The merchant claims that the ingredients of the mink velvet are taken from the fluff on the mink, and one mink velvete is on the body, which is equivalent to two wool sweater. Such tall mink velvet sweaters must be not cheap. However, recently, some consumers report to reporters that the price of mink velvet sweaters is too large. And each one claims to be 100 % mink velvet.

So, is the mink velvet really made of fluff on the mink? What should the price of a normal quality mink velvet? Is the 100 -dollar mink velvet shirt really used? Examiner.

Reporter Seed

The smooth and soft mink velvet sweaters swept the streets

Known as 100 % mink velvet, it even frequently static electricity?

In recent years, the mink velvet has been loved by some beautiful women. “Touch it to the soft, and the color and style are particularly foreign. I can’t help but buy the new model every year!” Ms. Yang, a citizen, has a soft spot for the mink velvet. The styles are different.

The weather was cold, and Miss Yang began to collect various mink velvet jumpsuits again. She found that this year had another new variety called gold mink velvet. A short mink velvet sweaters were about 600 yuan. It was very warm, so I couldn’t help it. The reporter saw that Ms. Yang’s golden sweaters style is really fashionable. The trademark is written on the trademark: high -grade gold mink velvet. The only thing to regret Miss Yang is that whether it is this golden mink velvet sweaters or a few pieces of mink velvetes I bought before, it will be electrostatic. Therefore, I usually set up a cotton bottoming shirt, and to prevent mink velvet hair hair. “

The mink velvete, according to the reason, should be more high -grade than wool sweater and cashmere sweater. How can we wear static electricity on the body? In common sense, only fiber -made clothing is easy to static electricity when wearing it in winter, so tall is tall. How can the mink velvet be used to static electricity? Is there any cat greasy existence?

A large number of mink velvet sweaters are sold in major wholesale markets.

The price is 100 yuan-300 yuan, the most grade

Open the major micro -business platforms, you can see the upper body of the mink velvete everywhere. Entering the major clothing markets is also selling mink velvetes in major counters and stalls. The reporter’s investigation found that the price of mink velvetes is high or low, and the high ones make ordinary people unable to start, and the low is directly doubt whether this is a real mink velvet.

The reporter searched on Taobao’s “mink velvet”, and there were 360,000 pieces of goods on sale.

A basic style of mink velvet, the cheapest is about 100 yuan, and the most expensive is about 1,000 yuan. In a clothing wholesale market in the urban area, the price is not much worse than the online mall. It is one or two hundred yuan a cheaper, and the expensive one is five or six hundred yuan. In this wholesale market, there are also golden mink velvet sweaters like Miss Yang. According to the owner of the stall, this is a new product specially pushed this year. Generally, the price of the mall is five or six hundred yuan. He here is about 200 yuan. Asked if this was 100 % mink velvet, the boss patted his chest and said, “100 %, is the mink velvet. I report the actual price to you at the wholesale price.”

The owner of another stall said that many mink velvetes in physical stores are wholesale from them. However, when the reporter repeatedly asked if there was an ingredient of a mink velvet sweaters, the boss said, “This kind of speaking is okay, there is no component proof, write it out to grasp the handle.” One hundred yuan of mink velvet is this material, but it cannot be said, “Where can I come?

Most mink velvet ingredients are actually polyester fiber

The price of real mink velvet should be ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan

For ordinary consumers, whether it is more than 100 yuan of mink velvet or five or six hundred yuan of mink velvet, it is not much different from the feel. The only difference is that the 100 -dollar mink velvete will be slightly thinner than five or six hundred yuan. According to people in the clothing industry, this mainly depends on the weaving method. It is thinner to save costs, and the price of high prices is more, but it is not much different in essence.

So, what material is processed by these hundreds of yuan of mink velvetes? The reporter learned from the Suzhou Fiber Inspection Institute. A test person told reporters that the mink of mink should be mink and mink. Volume fibers of animals. However, the “mink velvet” clothing on the market is not the fluff on animals such as mink, but a new type of artificial mink velvet, that is, blended with gardenia hair, rabbit hair and chemical fiber. However, according to specifications, whether it is animal velvet or artificial mink velvet, the specific content of each component should be marked. The test personnel said that they had also performed a test detection on some mink velvetes on the market earlier, and found that most mink velvet ingredients were polyester fibers. In other words, there are no animal fiber components such as dumplings and rabbit hair in some low -priced mink velvetes, only chemical fiber.

According to experts, the price of real mink velvet is quite expensive, and the price is generally about thousands of yuan or even about 10,000 yuan. If ordinary people want to buy warm clothing in winter, it is still recommended to choose a relatively cost -effective wool pants or cashmere pants.

(Responsible editor: Chen Yaping)