The choice of changing destiny! After the 90s, the online shop sells chili sauce to earn millions, buy a house and buy a car full

The post -90s guy Ren Shuwen was a shop owner of Taobao, Shanxi Province. He earned more than one million yuan in selling chili sauce online, changing the fate of himself, family and the entire village.


Ren Shuwen sells the specialty of Pingshun County -peppercorns sprouts and chili sauce. In the past few years of selling goods online, his business has been flat. Until a chance in 2019, he has completely changed their life trajectory. Last year, Pingshun, a poor county, got an opportunity to participate in Alibaba’s poverty alleviation public welfare live broadcast. The public welfare of Taobao head anchors such as Wei Ya brought traffic and markets to various areas of poverty alleviation.

At that time, Pingshun merchants did not know the live broadcast, let alone knowing Wei Ya, and few people went to sign up. Ren Shuwen heard Wei Ya, and knew that she was a veritable anchor, so he seized the opportunity of this thousand years and immediately asked to participate in the live broadcast.

Unexpectedly, just a few minutes of live broadcast, more than 8,000 copies and more than 24,000 bottles of chili sauce were sold, and they caught up with a few years of sales! The villagers just delivered the goods for three or four days.


The merchants in the county were shocked, and they never expected that e -commerce could have such great energy. The first “electric shock” impact on Pingshun County, and the people began to know that even the vegetable farmers who planted chili knew that the live broadcast could be realized.

After that live broadcast, Ren Shuwen began to explore the path of the live broadcast himself. Now, he and his wife have become farmers anchors. Every time he lives, he is rising, and his life is getting more and more popular. Relying on the live broadcast, not only did he buy a car and buy a house and earn millions of income, he also increased the income of 8,000 yuan per household through e -commerce channels to grow more than 160 households to grow peppers, which allowed everyone to live a good life together!

As early as 2017, Ali invested 10 billion years to help get rid of poverty and become rich by establishing a poverty alleviation fund. In 2019, the “village broadcast plan” has accumulated more than 1.6 million public welfare live broadcasts, covering a full 2,200 counties, driving agricultural products up to 6 billion yuan, with a total sales of nearly 100 billion yuan.

Since the implementation of the “Spring Lei Plan” series this year, Ali has pushed the “Poverty Alleviation Spring Lei Plan”. When the recovery of all things and comprehensively resumed work, it is ready to go. Kille “sufficient ammunition.

The “Poverty Alleviation Spring Lei Plan” will establish 100 “village broadcasting colleges” across the country, cultivate 100,000 peasant anchors, provide more than 100,000 employment positions for poor counties, and create 100,000 AI labeling divisions, Taopu, etc. New digital employment opportunities have driven poor counties to increase their income and become rich.

Through the real poverty alleviation measures that are truly being practically fell, ordinary people can also catch up with the digital air outlet, take the road of e -commerce to help farmers, get rid of poverty and become rich, and welcome a better future.