Omega, thanks to the Chinese to develop a burst of explosions.

I think many people have seen this pocket watch called “Omega 1882 Crystal Ball” (Xiaobian also saw it for a long time), including but not limited to a city, an antique market, a certain land tourist attraction .


When you pick up this pocket watch in the booth, the seller began to boast your legend to you.

This is an eternal antique Omega 1882 crystal ball pocket watch, which is produced in 1882 Switzerland, in order to commemorate Mark. Bronze case, double-sided spherical crystal hiroscopes, classic Roman word time standard, orbit scale. The appearance of the yellow-yellow belt, but the charm is still. Unlike new tables, the beauty of the old table is more deeper. Entienger the temper, every trace is unique. Through the crystal homoscope, you can see the rhythm of the mechanical movement. The sound of each swing wheel is like an old man in singing, Yu Yin.

The global limited production of 2550 pockets, representing the perfect and excellent achievements, explains the historical significance of Omega Excellence and Extraordinary History.


In Baidu Encyclopedia, there is also a separate interface in Baidu Encyclopedia, there is 25,000 in the relevant entry search.

A generation of Gansu “Zhang Wei Wang” Han Qi also hidden as a private item, and the girl stands next to the showcase for 20 minutes, and appreciates! 360 ° no dead end, Jinmei!

Then there is a history, feelings, how much is the Omei echoleum of Omega Eukae?


Seller: See that we have such a year, Sheng Hui 250 yuan, don’t spend the price, just send you half of the semi-selling half.

Going home to check the Internet, I will go, and if you have a bid, you will buy 2 million.

Take the expert teacher, the market price of the market is also 1 million to 3 million.


Knowing the price is not fed, the heart is quite a place, this is nothing to distinguish between this and 5 million lottery tickets.


But when you look carefully, you will find a problem. It seems that there are many people in your hand with this legendary Omega 1882 crystal ball. Isn’t the global limited edition 2550?

Feel the world’s limited edition 2550, China TMD is 25,500 pieces!

At this time, someone told you.

Omega 1882 pocket watch is a collection value. It is because of the extraordinary value of this pocket watch, some unscrupulous merchants appear in the market to make a profiteering, to make some counterfeit Omega 1882 pocket watch to deceive consumers. Then take your hand from the dial, pointer, identifier, and movement of four angles, let you play 1882 pocket watch.

According to the method of the website, some people may find that their 1882 pocket watch is completely characterized by the real characteristics, but some can’t match.

In the comment area, the crowd is full of anxious people. After all, it is a hundred million baby, and some people come to buy in minutes.

Everyone tells each other in the comment area, and the origin of the 1882 pocket watch is held, and the group will hear. In addition to the chance of the city, some are the gratitude gifts that the old man is kind to friends, some are the people’s officials, some are exchanged in the Tibetan hand … this scene Perfect interpretation of a truth, selling is not a pocket watch, but the story behind it.


All this is so beautiful, but in fact, all Omega 1882 pocket watch is fake! Omega official has never produced this pocket watch!

So, what is this 1882 pocket watch?


Omega officially produced similar spherical pockets, named “goliath”. This pocket watch is not used by the globular homoscope in both sides, so it is not used to wear everyday, but as a “Desk Wacth” desktop clock. This pocket watch, according to Omega official records, in 1904, 1910, in 1917, a total of three generations production. Because the market is not high, there is no mass production. Thereafter, there is also a similar small size product. In modern times, Hermes and Panerai have also passed the same paragraph. But it is also a very small product.

The Omega 1882 pocket watch mentioned earlier is actually the style of the Chinese people’s own, and the unified movement of the domestic watches comes with the uniform movement. After the 1990s, the state-owned clock brand had a large amount of bankrupt, plus domestic squeezed many second-handed old tables, so there is a liar to find the movement to rebate the shell into a pocket watch. Good and bad, as long as you can go. Its origin is in Yiwu, Zhejiang, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, and Nanyang. The purpose of these pockets was developed by the “Tourism Souvenir Market, the Volfeum Market”, naturally these Omega 1882 pocket tables did not have any collection value and economic value, and their wholesale price tens of renons. The historical information information on the Internet is, in fact, it is also the upload of the scammers.


There are too many fools, and the liar is not enough. At least hundreds of thousands of Omega 1882 in China have distributed at least hundreds of Omega 1882, and after the fire, even the national gates have been taken out, they have been deceived. The subsequent liar has released Omega 1876 pocket watch in China, and the Omega 1775 pocket watch (1775, the Omega brand has not been born), and even the final wind wave also spreads to Rolex, launched the “La Romo Super Observatory Cairline” pocket watch.


I didn’t think of Omi eggs, in China’s antique clock atmosphere, there is still a special, so many people who care about Omega pocket watch, let Omega will not think of it, there is still such a hanging day. 1882 pocket watch.