The six parts of the inverter need to be replaced regularly

In today’s electrical control field, the inverter is definitely a premiere-to-red star. Helpless as electrical, electronics and other technologies integrated inverter, it is never the body! In order to ensure the safe and smooth work of the inverter, the internal various components are required to be regularly replaced in addition to regular inspection. What parts need to be replaced regularly?

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1, cooling fan

The power module of the inverter is a severe fever, and the heat generated in continuous work must be discharged in time. However, the life of the cooling fan is limited by the bearings, and after about 10,000 to 35000 hours (ie, the continuous operation of the inverter is 2 ~ 3 years), the bearing of the fan, the ball, the motor, etc. are severe, and the fan is replaced. It should be noted that the replacement period of the cooling fan is greatly affected by the surrounding temperature. If an abnormal sound is found during the examination, the cooling fan must be replaced.

2, electrolytic capacitance

In the intermediate DC circuit is a large-capacity electrolytic capacitor, due to factors such as pulse current, its performance is deteriorated, and the degree of deterioration is greatly affected by the surrounding temperature and conditions. Under normal circumstances, the usage cycle is approximately 5 years. The deterioration of the capacitor has developed rapidly after a while, so the check cycle is up to one year, and it is preferably within half a year when the end is close to the end.

3, timer

The timer will have a lot of change after several years, so it is best to replace it after checking the action time.

4, fuse

In a big brand of inverter DC bus loops, it is often used to use a fuse to a short circuit protection. With the use of the time of use, under the influence of the impact of the large current, the melt material properties will have a degradation phenomenon, resulting in the failure of the inverter therefore. To this end, the fuse needs to be replaced every 7 years.

5, contactor / relay

After the relay and contactor reach a certain number of cumulative switches, the contact is poor, thereby needs to be checked and replaced.

6, PCB circuit board

In fact, the PCB circuit board used inside the inverter is in particular the switching power supply, and the voltage detection and other circuit parts are always required to withstand the high voltage, the electrical insulation performance of the partial circuit PCB plate will be inversely proportional to the use time, which is the use of multi-layer PCB circuit board. It is very disadvantageous in a frequency converter that is not good in workmanship. For this purpose, this part of the circuit should be used as a replacement cycle in seven years.

After understanding the components that may need to be replaced, we also need to pay attention to the basic requirements of replacement of components:

1. Determine the basic parameters and appearance of the replacement device. The basic parameters include external dimensions, capacitance of the capacitor, resistance value of the resistor, the value of the GTR Dalinter (current amplification factor), and the switch characteristics of the IGBT (including IPM) devices and saturation voltages. Shape requirements include external dimensions, terminal positions and mounting forms, and then replace the desired device as required.

2. All connector is disassembled to be recorded or marked to avoid misplacing or restore.

3. The contact surface of the power device to the heat sink should be uniformly coated with heat-conductive silicone fat, and fasten it with a screw.

The inverter is affected by an external environment or its own structure, which is degraded after a period of time, thereby reducing the characteristics of the device, even causing a fault. The above six parts have no obvious problems when they are used, but after the use time is too long, it is still necessary to determine whether to replace it according to the time of use, and prevent the use of parts from being aging.

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