Yue Lei Ice Spring Renewal Silk Mask: Improve Fragile Sensitive Skin Mild Rhymes

There is a kind of skin because makeup is unhappy! Although often made of makeup, there must be more than a tired of more than a tired, and the makeup products do not stay in the face for more than 5 minutes. If you want to completely remove the dirt, you don’t need to repeat your skin, sacrificing fragile Siobi film!

悦蕾冰泉焕颜蚕丝面膜:改善脆弱敏感肌肤 温和补水祛黄提亮肤色

Stleneral layers, skin fragile sensitive, slightly inadvertently allergic. Sensitive skin is the most difficult to care. A mask that improves sensitive skin is essential for sensitive skin. Today, Xiaobian recommends this effect whispered “Yue Lei Ice Silk Silk Mask”.

悦蕾冰泉焕颜蚕丝面膜:改善脆弱敏感肌肤 温和补水祛黄提亮肤色

“Yue Lei Ice Spring Silk Mask” contains high purity stock solution, fusion of mineral hydrodynamic factors, and repair factors. The unique new replenishment locking formula, the maintenance value is 8 times higher than the ordinary hyaluronic acid. At the same time, simultaneously replenish the skin, add the skin gum, taking fine pores, make the skin more smooth and flexible. Continuous use, converge of pores, whitening skin, enhanced flexibility.

Skin sensitivity is easily allergic, and it must be cautious in the selection of masks. Yue Lei Ice Spring Higashi silk mask can quickly launch and repair congestive skin, which contain the essence, can calm the skin, improve the skin’s flourish, and rebuild the skin water and defense system, can strengthen the skin, reduce sensitive Reaction, avoid the production of aging wrinkles.