This winter is popular in boots, this 6 kinds of boots are fashionable, and the winter is wearing a beautiful.

In the past, we basically stayed in the clothes of the clothes. In fact, it is a whole, you will see that you will look at the clothes, you will find that you will find it very good. In addition to the match, it is also very good at choosing the shoes that suits you.

In autumn and winter, the most common shoes are boots, different lengths and different style boots can wear different styles. If you want to improve your clothes, try to start on the boots, this year’s winter popular wearing boots These 6 kinds of boots are hipster, and the winter is wearing beautiful.

One, middle boots

If your match is relatively conserved, in general, the boots are best used, the boots of the boots are not short, just cover the muscular part of the calf, but not knee, for legs, legs and legs Long requirements will not be too high.


When choosing the boots, you can choose the trousers with the cartridge, with the same or similar color matching mode to present a visual extension.

When choosing the boots, you should choose the gripping or flattened style, because the typical tube boots are presented in a relatively strong casual, matching the thickness or the flattened style design method can be highly sufficiently comfortable The casual feelings of the boots themselves.

Second, short boots


Young little girls usually like wearing short boots, boots are more refined in style, relatively playful, and wearing ages is just right.

When wearing a booties, you should pay attention to the mix of trousers to be slightly short, use 7 points or 9 pants to reduce the feeling.


Everyone wants to wear trendy words when they are with boots, they can follow the principles of this elite, the longer the length of the boots, the shorter the top, the shorter the length of the boots, the longer the length of the upper .

So a lot of fashionable little sisters are all love the gods of coats and boots. You may wish to make a reference.


Third, Martin boots

The warm and cool boots must be non-Martin boots. Martin boots have a bit of profit in style and cool, in autumn and winter, the practicality of Martin boots is also very strong, the thick style is very Comfort, plus the middle version of the game is also very warm.

Four, heap boots

Many foreign streets and hipsters are very much like wearing a pile of boots. Although this boot is very fashionable in the style, the stack of the boots part is very easy to show a short matching effect of the fat and the short leg, for the height is not Very long or the leg is not very very and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more, this single product is very difficult.

Five, knee boots

The trendy property of the knee boots is very strong, but this extended boot is usually very high for driving the ability to control the ability and the legs, and if the legs are not enough, it is difficult to control this kind of knee boots, barely wear It will also wear short feelings of the legs, and this extended boots are also exceptionally high for the thickness of the thighs.


There are two ways of matching through the knee boots, a way to match the stylothy jeans on the legs, and one way is to match the ballast artifact, with a delicate light leg artifact to wear a cool feeling, At the same time, it can use visual errors to highlight the superiority of the legs.

Six, pointed boots


If you want to wear a woman’s taste and exquisite, you can try to start in the style of the boots when you choose the boots, and you will have a strong sense of precision. At the same time, you can use the pointed boot’s head design. Match the fish tail skirt that highlights the taste of the woman, the charm is full.

Fashion mixing is usually seen whether the overall shape is harmonious, so in addition to choosing a suitable style and style, it is necessary to use a suitable boot to achieve the matching effect of the painting dragon!


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