Peugeot 9×8 Le Mans Super sports car street legal version rendering diagram, so handsome! Please consider it.

[New Car Fans] Although Peugeot has given up its legendary GTI model,

But it still produces high performance cars. Such as Peugeot


508 PSE is the most powerful road vehicle in history, which is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system with a maximum output power of 355 hp (265 kW), the maximum torque is 520 cattle.


However, if the Peugeot is launched a more powerful hybrid road truck? For example, will be unveiled recently

Peugeot 9×8 Le Mans Super Sports Created a road legitimate sports car. Unfortunately, this French car manufacturer has excluded the likelihood that 9×8 Le Mans super sports car into street legal cars.

However, there is an overseas designer in the near future.

Camille de Bastiani

Through imagined a set of Peugeot 9×8 Le Mans Super Sports Street Legal Edition. In the perfect world of designers, Peugeot 9×8 will be super car with Toyota’s Le Mans


Competition, the latter has been confirmed will launch the street legal version, this car name is

Toyota Gr Super Sport Hypercar, as shown below

. It is expected to use a 2.4-liter double turbocharged V6 hybrid system, and the maximum output power is at least 986 horsepower.


In contrast, Peugeot 9×8 Le Mans Super Sports Circuit Edition is equipped


2.6 liter double turbocharged V6 gasoline engine, matching seven-speed sequential transmission and rear drive, maximum output power is 670 horsepower (500 kW), also equipped with a rated power of 268 hp (200 kilowatts) pre-motor. The total output power exceeds 900 horsepower.

Peugeot 9×8 Le Mans Super sports

Very large, the length is 5,000 mm (nearly 197 inches), the wheelbase is 3,045 mm (nearly 120 inches), its body is very low, only 1,180 mm (46.5 inches), with a width of 2,080 mm (82 inches). According to the regulations, the Peugeot endurance must have to weigh at least 1,030 kg (2,270 pounds), but do not say, in order to meet the safety regulations, this street version will increase the weight.


Peugeot 9×8 Le Mans Super Sports Street Legal Edition Rendering Drawing, there is a top-sized headlights in the middle of the front of the front, both sides are three vertical headlights, below the outstanding separator, the entire head design is very simple, but No more aggression.


The styling and head formation of the car is echoed, the taillights and headlights are similar. The bumper is a huge black diffuser, and the exhaust pipe may be hidden. There are 9×8 logos on the right side of the license plate, showing its identity.

The designer did not draw the interior chart of this super sports car. As for whether it will change the idea, it is decided to launch the road legitimate version 9×8, which remains to be observed.

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