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Ethnic customs rich Carffan dress,

Loose comfortable, cute simple, ignorant home, should be holiday ~ a few square cloths can get it, Xiaobai is afraid not to fight the garment? This simple dress must try it ~


Material preparation

The model is 160cm, the finished product is as shown in the figure.


Tutorial dress approximately cloth 3M (width 110cm, narrow) 2CM (about 108cm) 2 pieces (skirt) vertical 88cm × cloth (about 110 cm)) 2 · elastic band (9 mm wide): 80 cm to 100 cm 2

Sewing tutorial


The first step is to mark and lock the edge lock

Put the upper part of it.

On both sides of the pen mark at 17 cm from the top portion.


Another part is the same method to make a mark.

The fabric is unfolded, and the label is made.


There is also a lock on both sides.

The second step is sewing the upper body

The two layers of the upper portion are aligned with the inner side, and the side is sewn, and the sash is 1 cm. This sewing portion becomes the center of the body. [Point] Do not sew in the middle part of the tag.


The portion where the seam is open, and the sewing is folded with 50% off, then the crease is firmly folded with the iron.

Sew in a square portion. This is the necklace.

As shown, the upper part is folded.


Slide from both sides to the bottom, the sash is 1 cm.

The sip of the labeled part is folded into a three-fold, and the crease is firmly folded with the iron, then sew it into a square. This is a cuff.

Third step sewing skirt

The skirt part of the alignment is sewn on both sides of the seam remaining at 1 cm.


Put the lower from 1 cm to 2 cm to 20% off and suture.

Fourth step sewing waist


Align the inner waist and sew on both sides in a 1 cm.


Making a sound tightening band on one side, as shown in the figure.


Sewing with the iron and sew the opening into a square.


Will it fold and firmly iron.


In the folded state, sew 3 cm from the edge of the cloth.


The fifth step will be stitched together on the upper body and waist


Align the lower end of the upper body with the waist and fix it with a pin. At this time, we stacked it and you can see the hole in the tight strap.


Sew around 1 cm seam margin. After sewing, the edges are used to complete the edges using the lock sewing machine or the twist sewing machine.


The sewing is tilted on one side and presses the irons with an iron.


Sixth step sewing waist and skirt

Wipe the skirt and the upper body.

At this time, the position is adjusted, so that the lower end of the waist protrudes 5 mm.


Sewing 1 cm seam margin.

After tilting the sewing edge to the skirt, press the side of the body side and the sewing edge of the skirt.

Now, sewing is completed. In this state, it is very square!

Seventh step to relax tight belt

Turning the clothes and passing the two elastic bands through the opening. If you want to make the waist, you can choose to take 80 cm long. If you want to be a little bit, you can choose 90 cm, if you want to be particularly loose, it is 100 cm. (80 cm illustration.)

After passing the elastic band, securely suture at both ends.

Follow it to the front ~~

The neck is V-type, sleeves are fluffy bats.


Source | 喵 Village manual

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