Persian carpets produced in Henan, 90 percent of the county? The cow blown a little bigger

Do not know if you read this article from the media or video is not? Which declared: 90% Persian rugs produced in Henan, more than 60% of Persian carpets and Chinese people are 30 times higher price back!

This is just great, the people of Iran proficient Chinese beauty also made fake video came out, saying that these articles and videos argument purely exaggerated, fabrications carpet marketing, the purpose is to sell a carpet manufacturers.

This is like our traditional cuisine “Beijing Duck” duck species is imported, we see the beginning, when in fact not surprised, and even convinced. After all, we China as the world’s factory, the production capacity of industrial products is certainly a more powerful Iran should not our opponents.


But since the Iranians do not recognize, we have reason to look at this thing, I check the relevant information, although the data is not very good direct inquiries to, but I sort out some cases, come to share.

First, promotional articles or videos that carpet is mainly produced in Henan Nanzhao country, the annual production value of up to 24 billion yuan. So NANZHAOXIAN What is the population do? 64 million; GDP there? 14 billion or so. What is the population that Iran engaged in the carpet industry? More than 1 million; annual output value of how much? 2014 exports reached $ 330 million, if all Nanzhao carpet after Iranian businessmen to buy the fare increase several times, even dozens of times and then sold, the data might not on the. And millions of people to do professional carpet, not as slack when women’s 64 million population, high processing throughput, productivity Iranians also too low now, our county really so bad?

Introduce Persian carpets process is also problematic. Baidu Encyclopedia is the introduction of “multi-purpose Persian carpets of pure wool, cotton, silk or cotton thread woven into,” while videos and articles are not Tibo Si carpet, just say “true Si Bosi carpet” is known as soft gold, usually blend of wool, cotton , silk, gold and silver, and other materials.


I look behind the content of the article, basically see to understand, this is a typical one concept. It should be said that 90% and 60% are probably just exaggerating, but not very serious, but there are varieties may be restricted to “true Si Bosi carpet.” As a main silk producing countries, businessmen from Iran relies on imports of raw silk from China in favor of direct import “Persian carpet” in the “real Si Bosi carpet” This brand is very reasonable logic. However, more than 90% of all species of “Persian carpet” are imported from China, probably not realistic.


In other words, 90% of the “true Si Bosi carpet” produced in Henan, more than 60% of the “true Si Bosi carpet” by the Chinese people to 30 times higher price back, this may be true, or nearly true.

With speculation, I continue to explore, this is the result, first with official media reported that “90% of the world’s true Si Bosi carpet produced in Henan, the price doubled several times abroad”, the next day is a public quoted in the media since then was later made into a video, content continue to overweight, the production value, etc. plus, the specific rich multiples of 30 times, the category was changed to a whole category. Of course, they certainly will not forget, after adding these propaganda points, started selling in Henan Nanzhao carpet.

Since the media is good stuff, we can freely express their views, but the views and facts still to be separated, and certainly should not be deliberately distorted the facts, and in order to profit.

We certainly hope that our county stronger, and we hope that our strong production capacity can produce more and better products. But we must be realistic, after all, is the global media network of Iranians can read, understand Chinese people more and more, is not that what our cultural soft power performance?

@ Secret language of Persia