Sneezing, cypress, as well as allergies

Because I heard too much, it is not allergies. As soon as I am too delicate, I should strengthen exercise, allergies begin to find out that this is a very difficult experience, so I have to describe the feeling of allergies with rhetoric, including: I can’t take the eyeball子 出 放 搓 搓 搓 水 水 水 戳 戳 用 用 用 用 成 成 揉 成 揉 揉 揉 揉 成 揉 成 成 成 成 成 成 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 成 成 皮 成 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮Eight-foot cat, the nose is installed in a small reservoir …

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The concentration became extremely high

Sneezing this is a signal, Beijing’s spring is coming.

The allergy of this festival is the primary incentive. More than 7 million cypresses are distributed in the city’s gardens, schools, agencies and street alleys. There is a rounded branch of the bicycle – a tall, evergreen tremper, where the majestic, will spread the pollen to the entire capital in the spring.


This year, they have come earlier. The pollen concentration monitoring of Beijing City began broadcast from March 1. At first, there is still a high concentration, with an average of one hundred square millimeters, which is mainly poplar; but 10 days later, this number reaches 787, the cypress pollen appears and exceeds poplar; followed, the concentration becomes 24 Too high, the unit pollen is 2454 capsules, most of which are from cypress trees.

On this day, a nurse in the metamorphosis of the Association Hospital was playing in the lunch break. I saw that Castle blossoms were all in the garden. Director Yin Jia took these particularly very full, and sent to Weibo with the big pineapple, reminded someone, and the special period was here. These days, there are many patients in the department, and the sneeze cough is not stopped. Most of the leather test results: allergic to Cyber ​​pollen.


At the same time, 500 eye-catching numbers and 500 otolaryngology in the Tsinghua University Hospital were also covered very much. The number of pollen allergies has increased, and the division system is not moving. It can only let the patient in ophthalmology and Early queues in front of the otolaryngology door, go in to the consultation directly. It is alleged that there are 11,000 cypresses in the entire Tsinghua Garden, of which 7500 are Cai Bai.

Weibo, drug research workers @florakun once caught the culprit, she saw, the Bai Xiong ball spent slightly, there was a yellow pollen dropped; zoom 400 times, pollen became a single, clear The dot, 35 microns in diameter, which is small than 1 mm. In the spring, they fall into the facial features, causing allergies of some people.

A scientist describes this process as: Immunoglobulin IgE is like the silly dog ​​you raised, once you find allergens, you will have died in the past, and wake up hypertrophy, basophils, and to release tissue amines. And prostaglandins, resulting in microvascular expansion, increased vascular permeability, smooth muscle contraction, etc. Our immune system has the ability to distinguish from themselves and enemies, and can avoid immune responses to their own tissue antigen, also known as their own tolerance. The immune system of an allergic population may have a defect, imagine that it is a husky, IQ is anxious, will attack the enemy. We refer to this as allergic, the clinical manifestations: the skin has erythema, measles, and severe swelling, vomiting.

Yin Jia said that this series of reactions is known as metamorphosis, allergies, including allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic asthma, allergic shock, and acute urticaria, pathogenesis is in this way.

A child’s mother complained in Yin Jia’s microblogging comment, his own child’s achievements have been good, but recently this language gorgeous taking 84: Basic question is true, but the composition is too much – proposition is ” The spring of the hometown. ” This mother feels: where the child of allergic rhinitis dares to find spring, the spring is the same as the escape.

In the research papers of cypress, their landscape value, historical and cultural value and economic value are often mentioned, because it has good adaptability, long life, cold-resistant drought, four seasons, good orientation, and sunsulent It is the advantage that the meaning of Changsheng is unsatisfactory, and they have extensive in the city of China. The ancient Forbidden City, because there are many gardens, universities and agency units, also have many cypresses. At the same time, because of the auspicious meaning, cypress is often considered a friendship tree. In 1966, Zhou Enlai and Albanian President Xie Hu were visited by Shashi bath village, Zunhua City, Hebei Province, is planted, and now it has been loses.

It and the tall trees such as oil, poplar, together constitute a part of the city’s green skyline.

Casta flower is open. Tuyuan Yin Jia Weibo

Escape spring


Now, these cypresses are scattered in every corner of Beijing, more and more portraits of fucking. Because I heard too much, it is not allergies. As soon as I am too delicate, I should strengthen exercise, allergies begin to find out that this is a very difficult experience, so I have to describe the feeling of allergies with rhetoric, including: I can’t take the eyeball子 出 放 搓 搓 搓 水 水 水 戳 戳 用 用 用 用 成 成 揉 成 揉 揉 揉 揉 成 揉 成 成 成 成 成 成 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 成 成 皮 成 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮 皮Eight-foot cat, the nose is installed in a small reservoir …

The latter two descriptions are from Old. The allergy is the most serious years. Every spring he can’t lying down half a month. In the night, I touched a large volume of toilet paper, wrap it yourself. Wrap a circle in the position of the nose, then wrap a circle, go more about a few laps, then sit in the bed, breathe with your mouth, and barely sleep for a while.

The small reservoir in the nose has been putting water, how long it takes, the toilet paper is soaked, the old why is woke up; he throws away the wet paper, retry a few turns, continue to sleep for a while.

After allergies, there is an edema in the position of the nasal cavity and the mouth. When it is lying, it is blocked there, not only if you don’t come, the nose is filled, and the somewhere is also in the place. Oki why, the feeling is like installing a pump in the body, hitting it out of the body, so that his entire head is buzzing, it is difficult to rest. Those days, he could only wrap it to toilet paper, sit on the bed, intermittently.

And the runny nose, the anthrass, and the eye-catching film is falling off, the eye is swollen, sneezing. Okilen, the old man has experience. When it is difficult to end, I can’t see it, I can’t see it, take a cotton sign on a stick, one, a wing, a wing, the film is down. After a spring, it is going to take four or five times.

That time, I won’t get up every morning every morning: my eyes are red, my face is dark red, my eyes are swollen, my face is also swollen, my nose is hung in the top, just like the head is hit by people, second I saw my loved ones in the morning, my eyes were swollen, crying.

It is difficult to stay in the night, and it is difficult to eat during the day. Old how to do finance, the monthly list of months exceeds 9,000. When you are busy, the 4 people in the office have to complete more than 600 travel expenses within one day, and nearly 200 banking business, a ticket to the past time according to seconds, while doing the account and should deal with telephone consultation .

However, when allergies are serious, there are three or forty sneeze every day to interrupt his work, and the control is not hit. After a group is finished, there is a feeling of sit-ups to hurt, the stomach is painful, Even muscles and ribs are painful, then sit back and continue to finish the work. Colleagues often see him doing, suddenly throwing a sorry, then rushing to the toilet, 擤 nose, washing eyes, then come back, seeing everyone is like seeing loved ones, always red, forever.

In addition to the pain of the body, there is also a psychological pressure. Every year, the first month of the year, Li Shan began to be nervous, as long as the spring took a little head, she began to take anti-allergic drugs in advance, be a buffer for the upcoming March, but such as the cypress pollen, symptoms or millions You are welcome.

Since allergies, the lady who loves beauty has never draws makeup in the March, encounters an important meeting, and can only be given to colleagues; in the weekdays, the bag is always holding lipsticks and air cushions, but in the spring, It became a paper towel and garbage bag. The contemporary people have achieved the security of charging treasures, and only two big bags of paper towels are only given by two major bags of paper towels.

Most of the time is embarrassed and wolf, I am sorry to almost become her oral zero. Suddenly cover your mouth and run sneeze while running, I am sorry, you will continue to say; colleagues are in the quiet office, Li Shan’s work is always abrupt, I am embarrassed, I am sorry, I am in spring. Going out, always call the waiter to greet, embarrassed, please help find a secret position; small sneezing when dining, 擤 涕 涕 涕 引 引 引 引 引 引 引 餐 位置 引 位置 位置The day of the calendar: After the Qingming, I have a little more, I have n’thing to do.

The old cypress near the old community, the yellow mulland will spread pollen in March March. Wang Shuangxing

Sudden allergy

As early as 1819, the pioneer in the history of human allergies, the British doctor John Bostock discovered his symptoms of pollen allergies. At that time, people didn’t know about this. He tried to grabbed, wash a cold shower, pour a variety of methods, but did not take effect. After hundreds of years, people have increased their awareness of allergy, but they are still looking for ways to make themselves comfortable when they are allergic.

Li Shan tried to take a cold bath and run, and also drunk a few kinds of secret soup, almost unheathered; the old way is to use his hand, and the eyes will put a broadly blisters in the eyes – Acute conjunctivitis Later, he was replaced with a face – dispersion with pain in other places.

Allergy is fast, the only condition is approaching or away from allergens. When the old man is serious, go to the hospital to see a doctor, leave from the home, to the ten kilometers of subway station, it is good; go to the hospital, after the Wenhai South Wall, it is rare, and occasionally goes out of foreign business trips. It’s okay, I will come back to the next day, drive around the Summer Palace. Once you see the cypress tree, sneeze is coming.

People try to isolate over sensitivity. A pair of Beijing father and son cerebra powder allergies, later Hiding in spring, getting off the plane, what happened.

But not everyone can escape, those who have to live in the spring of the spring, and choose physical isolation equipment for themselves. The doctors’ offices have ushered in the dressed in dressed in shape, a student’s full-deputy armed forces, before the speech, take off the goggles and 3M glasses, but the face still keeps a pair of glasses, and the two regions in the nostrils Toilet paper; a young man working in Unicom wearing more than a thousand anti-chemical mask, telling the doctor to lead the team to brush a big event after a month, must not work because of the body impact; a young man hangs mobile lung treasure, small The box will pass through the air to the mask, support breathing.

Old, where is here, work here, the distance retirement is early, the migration is difficult to include the selection range; even physically isolation is difficult, when allergic, it is not breathed, and wear a mask is even more bitter. Later, it was really unbearable, he went to the association and hung up Yin Jia’s number.

Concord’s metamorphosis is a numerous allergic specialist in China. In many hospitals, because of the lack of specialists, patients can only choose from the symptoms, respiratory, dermatology, etc., allergic rhinitis may induce allergies Asthma, food allergies may induce allergic shock, and metamorphosis specialists can handle it. In 1962, the Association’s metamorphosis reaction department found pollen allergies in my country.

There are media reports. In the early years, this department diagnosed some strange patients. For example, if you want to do transgenic surgery, you want to see psychological diseases. Now, people who are squeezed here, in the Third March of Beijing, in the past clinic in the doctor, almost sixty percent of the cerebourmes allergic.

Old Women’s Association did allergent test, and the results showed that he was allergic to the pollen, because the symptoms were unbearable, the doctor recommended desensitization treatment. This immunotherapeutic method is quite a matter of time, and it is necessary to shoot a round cypresson preparation twice a week to persist for three to five years. If it is not because it is really difficult to endure allergies, many people are difficult to persist.

Oh, I’ve adhered to five years. Because the formulation is injected on time, and only the symptoms have been alleviated on a single catalabted pollen, and there is no need to take the medicine today, but every spring, there will still be slightly itching and sneezing.

Whether it is taking drugs, immunotherapy, or choosing injection preparations, there is no way to treat allergy for all people. Why is it in touch with something, some people will allergic, some people don’t? Why is the same environment, it is not allergic, now allergic? Why is there a few people who are allergic, how many people are allergic? The medical community has not contained. Medical treatment of immune is still limited.

When you go out, the patients also ask Yin Jia, often when they enter the door: I have never been allergic, why is it suddenly allergic? Or: There is no other person allergic at home, why are I suddenly allergic? Or: for several years, why is it too allergic this year?

Yin Jia can only explain: This is the result of genetic factors and environmental factors. The young age is a high-risk group of allergies; the improvement of modernization and changes in lifestyle may also increase people’s allergies; A certain hysteresis, many people live in Beijing for three or four years, even longer, have exposed some pollen every year, and suddenly broke out, and there is no end.

Suddenly exposed to high concentrations of pollen may also cause allergy. Since a few years ago, Yin Jia made a science in Weibo, a spring, she went to the reader to record the video of the round cypress, shake the branches, a yellow smoke is pulled down, Yin Jia recorded the whole process, but From the spring of the spring, she started itching, she sneezes. At that time, the most authoritative allergic specialist in the country was suddenly allergic.

Ecological scholar Li Dihua talks about the concept of synergism when talking about this topic: If a family lives in a place in a place, it is basically that the plant allergy probability of this area will be small; but now people’s migration is more frequent, so sensitive in genes The plant probability will be much higher. At the same time, human activities will affect this phenomenon, air pollution, climate warming, etc. may increase allergic probability.


Beijing guy spring season pollen protective line map source Yin Jia Weibo

Student’s proposal

In the sixth year of Beijing, the students of Tsinghua University, Sun Qi Li, were suddenly allergic. At first, it is itchy, when the effect is excessive, but I don’t look at the phone doesn’t have a computer, I still have no relief; followed by sneezing, tears, and diagnosed by school doctors.


He built a WeChat group, let the friends who have the same symptoms together, dump bitter water, or release an early warning – Every day, someone goes out, allergic, just in the group: I don’t feel very good today, don’t go out. . But at that time, the scientific articles about Caehu had not been popular in social media. Sun Qiyi felt that allergies were caused by a certain thing in the campus, but guess the specific source. Before going to school proposal, in order to ensure rigorous, Sun Qi Li In the classmates around you, I did “spring allergy broke out and responded”. In the 124 effective questionnaire, 113 bits came from Tsinghua, of which 87 came to Tsinghua.

Learning to exert their respective exploration analysis capabilities and start to solve the case. Some people check the news, some people check the paper, some people to work and do allergen inspection, and a classmate of the Environmental House to ensure that the experimental effect is out, put the Casta flower to the nose, and finally eliminate the magnolia flower, white wax tree , Cherry blossoms and Bauhinia, suspects are locked.

Cai Bai led to the allergies of teachers and students to start to school feedback from the School of Life, the School of Medicine, Life Sciences, and School of Architecture, began to discuss allergy; Yin Jia’s team was also invited to Tsinghua Students do allergen detection, and finally concluded that most students’ allergens are round cypress.

Although the school said that there is no new planting in the past decade, it will not be planted in the future, and the number of allergies is still increased. School medicine Liu Ying introduced the interview with school media, 2011 ENT gardens is more than 2,000, more than 2,000 ophthalmology; in 2019, otolaryngology department has 4,900, more than 4,400 ophthalmology; this year’s pollen is not over, not yet Complete statistics, but feel considerable in 2019.

Sun Qi Li was used to release a dozens of people, and the number of people broke through 100, and two in the past, they immediately became a member, and he built two groups. Nowadays, there are more than 300 people; Enjoy a science article on the public number, starting from the first two thousand reading, the second spring, began to be madly turned, to tens of thousands, now have over 100,000.

The second spring of the student proposal was received, and Tsinghua began to start the campus. High-pendant and micro-spray, high pressure water gun, and human watermills also appear at school, rinse with cerebra pollen; there is a spray humidifier, specializing in smog days, humidification and dustping; repair center also produced campus cypress distribution Figure, on the picture, the green line representing the cypress tree is almost scattered in each street of Tsinghua.

Tsinghua University Logistics will spray some pollen tall patches every morning. Tuyuan Yin Jia Weibo

Move the tree

At the northern part of the next door, the Boker is also plaguing the students who are allergic. Li Dihua will take a self-portraison, the photo, the eyes are red, the nose is red, and each piece may be accompanied by a my myself. Since I move to the office building of the unnamed lake in 2014, he began to allergically, a large piece of Cybal trees outside the window, so that he became a tears in the same day and even triggered asthma.

Li Dihua is the head of Peking University Architecture and Landscape Design Institute (Dean), mainly studying urban ecology and landscape design. On the Internet, he tried to say that “a human living environment” in a few years ago, the presentation has exceeded 10 million playments today.

Once, Li Dihua found that the newsletter of the intersection of the crossroads used the sidewalk, and it would be more convenient to transfer to the green space. However, after receiving the document, it was found that the procedures required to move 6 square meters were equivalent to covering a building in this city.

Today, I saw a few Cyps in the door of a kindergarten, and I learned that after some children had allergic symptoms, he started searching in accordance with the same idea, which procedures were required to migrate such several trees. He found that in the “Guide of Beijing Tree Transplantation Permit”, it includes transplantation of approval authority, which is not allergic due to the transformation of construction projects, living safety, facilities, stickers or renovation.


Like Li Dihua, many allergies in the repeated reappearance of sneeze are: Why can’t you cut these rounds, or move around? But behind this involves a lot of fine breakd problems.

The house where the old house is located more than once, I want to move around the week. It is sitting at the foot of Beijing Xishan, and both sides are surrounded. From the 1950s, it responds to the national call to engage in green, plant trees, bare hills, and the gap of the family building, the air land of the unit, all in the round, light, light It is more than 700 in the living area. Today, He is 54, and the Bai Bai has also arrived in Zhuang. When the flowers are blooming, the old and colleagues have dinner in the canteen, and they can see the round cypresses outside the 100+, the wind blows, and the hunch is yellow. In a community of more than 20,000 people, many residents have allergic to Casta pollen, and the community hospital should take nearly a thousand allergies every year, even a doctor who is a doctor is also a patient.

Everyone started to plan to move the tree, even the reception in Tianjin is properly contacted, but in the end, I still can’t: transfer a tree, meaning the complex procedures, and the human power of the trees, transport trees, planting trees And financial costs, any one of the two, is enough to make the planned soup.

In the end, it can only be returned to the second, like Tsinghua, rinsing the male strain in the spring of the high-pressure water gun every spring, reducing the pollen concentration.

Is it possible to replace it? Does the garden should be more prudent in the choice of green plants? In this regard, Li Dihua debates more than a few gardens. The green construction of a city is a complex issue, and it is necessary to consider conservation, good adaptability and sustainable conditions. A commonly mentioned case is that in Japan, 80% pollen allergies is a cedar, but this is also the most important wind and green plant in Japan. The more mainstream sound is: to consider the interests of most people, individual problems should be solved by themselves, such as wearing masks, taking medicine, injection; humans should reflect on how to get along with other species, protect biodiversity.

Once you have passed, this season’s circular cypress is going to the end. Next, it belongs to the season of birch pollen, white wax pollen, tung pollen and willow.

Casta pollen rarely causes excessive symptoms, such as asthma, allergic shock, rarely endangered life, but in the time of allergies and partners, their pain and wolf are true.

Recently, the Beijing Landscaping Bureau revised the “Main Tree Catalog” of Beijing, according to the previously announced comments, the Berbia (including round Bai) will be replaced with bienli. But Beijing has more than 7 million cypress trees, will also spend many spring with allergies.

Flower Tuyuan Yin Jia Weibo

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