Different types and styles of leather bed selection and product selection characteristics in the bedroom decoration process

We all spend a lot of time in the bedroom decoration in the bedroom bed. The bedroom is a place for sleep and rest. We all want to go home to have a good sleep for a day. Families will choose leather beds. Piring beds are a new requirement for sleep quality in modern times. It is also a breakthrough. Let people have a quality improvement in the quality of sleep. Different types and styles of bedroom decoration process

Leather bed

Select and product selection characteristics.

1. Leather bed

Refers to the surface material completely made of 100%cowhide. The types are divided into orange leather and cowhide. Because of the tough and durable of natural yellow cowhide, most of the leather beds are made of orange leather.

2. Feeling bed

It refers to the artificial leather made of synthetic materials such as PU leather or PVC leather on the surface. It has the characteristics of not fear of being afraid of moth, not easy to mold, and good surface water resistance. However, the synthetic leather is not resistant to high temperature and chemical erosion.

Leather bed can be divided into: ordinary leather bed, gas -supported leather bed and high -column leather bed. Ordinary leather bed

Ordinary leather beds are the most common type of leather bed. The manufacturing process is mature, with a variety of styles, bright colors, and the characteristics of wide selection, which is very conducive to the matching of the living room. At the same time, it has the advantages of convenient, practical, and cost -effective.

3, pneumatic bed

The pneumatic leather bed, as the name implies, refers to the bed box under the bedboard. Use gas support to easily lift the bedboard and mattress to provide a leather bed with sufficient storage space.

4. High -pillar leather bed

The high -column leather bed refers to the four corners of the bed with four columns, which can facilitate mosquito nets and provide a good sense of privacy. Such -style leather beds are relatively rare on the market.

Leather bed can be divided into: modern style, classical style, American style and European style modern style leather bed

Starting from convenient life, people -oriented, incorporated more practical functions, do not make too much complicated carving, with simplicity for beauty, reflecting the effects of healthy, environmentally friendly, natural and fresh.

5. Classical style leather bed

The bedside of the noble temperament bed, the sideways of the bed will often be integrated into the unique retro element design. The whole bed is elegant and full of classical charm.

6. American style leather bed

Royal furniture is civilian, and the style of the high -tech style is still retained. The material is used for natural materials. It pays attention to the details as Europeans, but it will not be too publicized and pay more attention to the practicality of the furniture.

7. European style leather bed

The wide and pure bedside, soft fabric, comfortable feel, fine workmanship, complicated decorative lines, giving people a feeling of enjoying beauty.

When deciding to buy a soft bed, many consumers do not know whether they buy fabric beds or leather beds. May wish to decide whether to buy according to the characteristics of fabric beds and leather beds. If you need to create a noble and elegant bedroom environment, the solemn bed is a good choice. If you are a romantic and passionate person, the colorful fabric beds will fit your appetite more. In short, buy a soft bed to match your own reality, otherwise you will not waste it if you buy it at home.

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