Leave your hands with your hands! South Korea’s global standard for autonomous driving safety standards

(Observer Network News) Yonhap News Agency reported on January 5 that the Ministry of Land and Transportation issued a safety standard for autonomous vehicles (L3) on the day of the Ministry of Land and Transport. South Korea has thus became the world’s first country to formulate safety standards for L3 autonomous driving.

At present, the International Automotive Engineer Society (SAE) divides autonomous driving into five levels: driving support, partial automation, conditional automation, high automation, and complete automation. The amendments to South Korea’s safety standards this time are equivalent to the third level of them, formulating safety standards for conditional autonomous vehicles.

It is reported that the new standard is expected to be implemented after 6 months of release. As a result, L3 self -driving car is expected to be launched in Korea from July.


From the perspective of the lane keeping function, the L2 level needs to be driven by the driver himself, and the autonomous driving system can only intervene and warn its behavior.

The L3 level can keep the lane when the driver is from the steering wheel

You can also manually switch the lane function of L2.

Hyundai Kia Automobile Global Development Based on artificial intelligence-based semi-autonomous driving (SCC-ML) technology, source: Yonhap News Agency

In addition, the L3 system can issue a warning at 15 seconds in advance during the emergency situation, reminding the driver to drive manually, and can automatically slow down and start emergency warning signals when manual reactions are not made in time to reduce danger.

South Korea ’s local aspects said that South Korea will continue to actively participate in relevant seminars of international safety standards for autonomous driving, lead the formulation of international standards, and promote the smooth development of the autonomous driving industry.

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