Looking back at CCTV Spring Festival Gala 40 years, those amazing good shows

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Although the days are getting better and better, the taste of the year is getting more and more. The Spring Festival Gala, which has never fallen every year, reminds us at all times that the new year is here!

Looking back at the previous Spring Festival Gala, there are too many classic memories and wonderful moments that are unforgettable. Those familiar classic lines, Yu Yin’s singing and the dance that shocked the soul can always make us have a long time. Today, we will come to a long -lasting good program for CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

One of the most popular programs in the first Spring Festival Gala in 1983 was the mime “Eat Chicken” performed by Wang Jingyu. After that Spring Festival Gala, the Mass Cultural Activity Center, the school’s enterprise and institution art festival, mime performances were very popular. Children all rushed to imitate, especially “Eat Chicken” and “Watching TV”.

Matto “Eat Chicken”

Li Guyi became the first singer on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, and sang 9 songs in a row in the Spring Festival Gala. Songs, and she is also known as the “Mother of Chinese New Folk Songs.” Teacher Li Guyi’s ingenious singing method broke the boundaries of nation and popularity, and made the tight generation at the time felt the new fashion of the new era.


Song “Township Love”


In the Spring Festival Gala in 1984, Li Guyi repeatedly released the classic “Unforgettable Tonight”. This singing is not tight. The singing is a fixed reserved show for the Spring Festival Gala.

“Unforgettable Tonight”

In the Spring Festival Gala in 1984, Zhang Mingmin became the first Chinese singer to board the Spring Festival Gala Stage. The beige suit gray and white scarf plus glasses, the typhoon of the gentle and good young people, and a magnetic voice, “My Chinese Heart” suddenly moved countless children and grandchildren. The lyrics of Langlang’s mouth made Chinese and foreign Chinese at home and abroad surging and bloody, and Zhang Mingmin quickly became popular.

“My Chinese Heart” Zhang Mingmin

By the Spring Festival Gala 1987, Fei Xiang, a high -blue and handsome Sino -American mixed -race singer with gray -blue eyes, appeared on the stage, singing and singing “A Fire in Winter”, the hearts of countless boys and girls in Shenzhou, the hearts of the countless boys and girls, were instantly being used to be instantaneous. Light! After the Spring Festival Gala, Fei Xiang was all over the country. In 1986, the album he recorded was unattended. After the Spring Festival Gala, the song box was sold out of 1.6 million sets. It’s the originator of the top!

“A Fire in Winter” Fei Xiang

In the Spring Festival Gala of 1988, Mao Amin, a solo actor in the Nanjing frontline song and dance troupe, was only 25 years old. But her mellow voice and emotional singing made the song “Missing” unique and attractive. “Where do you come from? My friend, like a butterfly, flew into my window.” The “Miss” created by Gu Jianfen made Mao Amin a hit. Now, you just ask an uncle born in the 19450s, who his idol is, 90%of the answer should be Mao Amin.

“Miss” Mao Amin


In 1990, Song Zuying, a singer of the Miao people, appeared on the Spring Festival Gala for the first time and started her 24 -year -old Spring Festival Gala. The most rare thing is that almost every folk song of Song Zuying can spread throughout the streets and alleys after the Spring Festival Gala. “Compendium of Materia Medica” & “Send You A Oriental Jasmine” is well combined with folk songs and popularity.

“Small Back” Song Zuying

In the Spring Festival Gala of 1998, the two major music scenes of Na Ying and Faye Wong sang “Meeting 98” for the first time. The poetic lyrics and the harmony of the pearls and the harmony of the pearls made this song widely circulate and sung for a long time.

“Meeting 98” Na Ying, Faye Wong


It is worth mentioning that there is “Eighteen Bends” sung by Li Qiong in the spring evening of 1999. Although Li Qiong was small, she was shocked in four. Her easy treble and dialect bite words made this song full of charm. Essence


Needless to say, I believe that in each of the song lists of each worker, there are two songs of “Going home” and “For whom”. Many years later, these two spring evening songs are still the top ten of KTV. Calligraphy.

In the Spring Festival of the Tiger Year of the Tiger in 2010, the Tiger Team, which has been dissolved for 12 years, gathered again on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The Spring Festival Gala began to fight for the old card. This show really made the post -70s and 80s of the post -karma of their families!


Little Tiger Fighting

In addition to the listening songs, there are many amazing dance works on the Spring Festival Gala. For example, the Spring Festival Gala of 1995, the “Drunk Drum” led by the dancer Doumou from Shanghai. “Drunk Drum” is an excellent work of a folk artist who is drunk and drunk with drunk drums to show his career, willing to be poverty, bumpy, and regardless of art. Whether from arrangement innovation or on -site effects, this dance work is impressive.

In the Spring Festival Gala 2005, 21 deaf and mute actors with an average age 21 interpreted the dance “Thousand Hands Guanyin” as seamless and beautiful, giving people visual enjoyment and shock. Although this show is 6 minutes long, the wonderful moments of the audience have attracted warm applause from almost seconds. The golden flashing clothing, smooth and perfect movements, mysterious and elegant atmosphere makes people unable to describe in words. After the Spring Festival Gala, these dancers are well -known, and their iconic actions have also triggered the imitation of the whole people, and even the imitation of foreign friends.


“Thousand Hands Guanyin”

In the Spring Festival Gala 2006, the shadow dance of “The Sunset Sun” cleverly merged the popular mechanical dance, Jiangnan style, and aircraft carrier style elements, which was very interesting. The performers are all retired elderly people, but show the girl -like dynamics. This unexpected show made the audience refreshed.

In 2012, the dancer Yang Liping and Wang Di performed the “softness” and “Gang” different beauty performed by Wang Di, which perfectly interpreted the motion and spirituality of the peacock.

“Love of the Bird”


In the Spring Festival Gala 2021, the original dance “Zhu Xi” of the Shanghai Song and Dance Troupe was beautiful. Zhu Xi is a beautiful treasure that symbolizes happiness and auspiciousness, known as “auspicious birds”. The dancers turned into a beautiful elf, which opened the charm of the East with slender limbs.

“Crested Ibis”

In terms of audiovisual experience, dance can break through the gravity. In the song art program of the Spring Festival Gala, magic can cross time and space, interact with the audience on the spot, and can also reflect the atmosphere of Da Lianhuan.

In memory, the 2003 Spring Festival Gala magic is more special. The director group specially invited the United States to be known as the “magician in the magician” Bre Dennis to perform magic performances. Bre Dennis is basically the same as David Copopol in the United States. He performed “Dennis Dream” on the Spring Festival Gala, including the fantasies of the human box and the human body suspension.


In the Spring Festival Gala 2009, Liu Qian, who “told you to open his eyes to see the miracle”, appeared, and conquered hundreds of millions of audiences across the country with an eight -half -hour show “The Magic Hand”, and became a well -known magic star figure overnight. The close -up magic he performed all over the country, burning a magic wind in China.

Then talk about the most watched part of the Spring Festival Gala every year -language works. The language works of the Spring Festival Gala have also spawned a large number of representatives of a large number of unique styles.

In 1984, Ma Ji, who played the salesperson, slowly walked to the stage from the audience and sold his cigarette to the audience. The ten -minute single -mouth cross talk “Cosmic Cigarettes”, although there are only Ma Ji, the “burden” throughout the process is endless, and the audience applauded and laughing. With this single -mouth cross talk, Ma Ji also became the only person in history who dared to smoke on the Spring Festival Gala stage.


With the help of the “Universe” brand cigarette, the work satirizes the bad merchants in the society and uses advertising to sell inferior products. At the same time, it also exposes the shady of manufacturers’ “prize sales”.

“Cosmic Cigarette” Ma Ji

Jiang Kun was born in 1950. The zodiac is a tiger. In the year of the Tiger in 2022, he will appear on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Since the first Spring Festival Gala in 1983, Jiang Kun performed more than 20 cross talks in the Spring Festival Gala. It is already a Thai fight in the cross talk world. “Tiger Hurids” in the Spring Festival Gala in 1987 is one of the most well -known cross talk works in Jiang Kun and Tang Jiezhong.

“Tiger Hurids”


“Tiger’s Too Tournal” is densely burdensome, novel, and connects with the present. When a person falls into a slot cave, what will he encounter? Even if this comic dialogue is now, it is thoughtful. However, I personally prefer Jiang Kun Tang Jiezhong’s “Emergency” performed in the spring night of 1991. This work is cut into the key to life. So far, it does not seem to be violated, such as the child’s homework counseling problem and marriage love problem, inflation problem, and so on. Although there are not many burdens, the texture is deep, the performance is difficult, but it is classic.

In the Spring Festival Gala 1987, Ma Ji, Liu Wei, Feng Gong, Zhao Yan, and Wang Jinbao said the group comic dialogue “Following Following Followers”. The theme was special and the burden was particularly loud!

In 1984, Chen Peis and Zhu Shimao’s “Eating Noodles” was the first true sketch in the spring evening. This work makes “sketches” formally an independent form of art.

“Eat Noodles” Zhu Shimao and Chen Peisi

The sketch king in the Spring Festival Gala is Chen Peis and Zhu Shimao. They later pushed the Moral Dragons to the peak through “Pepper Noodles”, and no one has surpassed so far. Since then, “protagonist and supporting role”, “police and thief” and “lamb skewers”, until 1998 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Chen Peis and Zhu Shimao performed the last sketch on the Spring Festival Gala “Wang Ye and Postsmen”, and once again got language programs. One.

“The protagonist and supporting role” should be the most representative of these works, because “I can’t think of your big eyebrows and big eyes?!” “The emperor let me bring me a word!” It was too deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Yan Shunkai is also a representative of the Spring Festival Gala sketches. In the first Spring Festival Gala in 1983, Yan Shunkai’s mime “Piano Piano” was amazing.

In the 1993 Spring Festival Gala sketch “Zhang Sanqi”, it should be one of the classic masterpieces of Yan Shun’s Spring Festival Gala. With the affair of Zhang San, a little man, reflecting the life of ordinary people at that time, so that many people could find their own in small products. shadow.

Most of the Spring Festival Gala language programs are the programs of northern actors, and there are few comedy works in the southern. Shanghai’s funny representative Yan Shunkai is even more unique in it. He has won many international awards. It is delicate, always allowing the audience to be thinking while happily, and it can really be called a master of comedy.

In the Spring Festival Gala 1989, Zhao Lirong and Hou Yaowen collaborated on the sketch “The Day of Hero Mother”, which made the old artist who sang the drama reappeared again. The old lady who is good and straightforward. “Sima Guang smashed light”, the serious energy was really cramping.

After that, Zhao Lirong partnered with Gong Hanlin on the Spring Festival Gala. “Such Packaging” in the Spring Festival Gala in 1995 is the most impressive of many sketches they cooperate. The old lady became a drama rapper, full of laughter, and the lines now look profound.

“Palace jade liquid wine, one hundred and eighty cups!”

“How about this wine?”


“Listen to me to blow you!”

“So Packaging” Gong Hanlin, Zhao Lirong

In the Spring Festival Gala in 1989, another small name of the future was also born. She is Song Dandan. The sketch “Lazy Han Dynasties” let everyone remember her and “Wei Shufen”.

Song Dandan’s most shocked is the “White Cloud Black Earth” series with Zhao Benshan. This old lady who lacks the incisor is too loud and magnificent. In “Yesterday Today and Tomorrow”, “I miss Zhao Zhongxiang very much!”

“yesterday Today Tomorrow”

To speak a language of language, it must be our uncle Benshan. His works have also won the first prize of the most popular language category of the Spring Festival Gala many times.

Lei Feng hat, military coat, big cotton pants, this ritual pork waist face man with a mouthful of “screaming”, dedicated “Uncle Zhao” to us from the age of thirty. Uncle Benshan’s sketch “Dating”, “I want to have a home”, “Red Sorghum Model Team”, “Yesterday Today Tomorrow”, “Sending Waterman”, “Uncle Niu”, “Selling”, “Selling Car”, “Torch”, Torch Torch Hands “” Not Bad Money “and other works, are exciting and difficult to surpass.


In the creation of Uncle Benshan’s sketches, I have to mention “Selling”. This is a huge innovation of sketch creation. The absurdity and reality are just right. For the image of Chef Fan and Dashan, “Fully! Then flickering” “Fate!” Since then, it has become the mantra of the majority of people.

“Sell” Zhao Benshan, Gao Xiumin, Fan Wei

Huang Hong stayed on the Spring Festival Gala stage for 24 years and was also known as “Spring Festival Gala Nail House”.

In the Spring Festival Gala of 1994, Huang Hong and Hou Yaowen’s sketch “Poker” was very commendable. The two people who met on the train used social cards such as business cards to replace the cards. One, the phenomenon in the tide of the times, the whole series of phenomena, is a rare work.

Since then, Huang Hong’s partner Song Dandan has also produced a series of good works “Superborn Guerrillas”, “Hand Hand”, “Yangge Love”, “Going Home”, “Little Nanny and Little Carpenter”.

Until 2000, Zhao Benshan dismantled the golden partner and cooperated with Song Dandan to cooperate with Song Dandan “Clock Gong”.

In the Spring Festival Gala of 1996, the music sketch “Crossing the river” made everyone remember the Pan Changjiang, who was “concentrated”. After this Spring Festival Gala, “a wide river in front of my sister” sang for a year.


In the Spring Festival Gala in 2013, Cai Ming and Pan Changjiang started the mutual conversation model. Cai Ming was set off as the “Queen of Poisonous Tongue”, but the love and killing of each other was still full of tenderness.

Writing the script of the Spring Festival Gala sketches to Pan Changjiang and Cai Ming is the screenwriter Shu Huan. He has always been Cai Ming’s royal screenwriter. Before the creation of the Spring Festival Gala sketch “If you want to jump”, he wrote three books to Cai Ming, and was finally denied by her. Later, Shu Huan accidentally chatted with Cai Ming in unintentionally, saying that she felt the feeling of making judges in a square dance program in Jiangsu Satellite TV, saying that the enthusiasm of those elderly people dancing was very infected with her and filled her a lot of positive energy. So the creative team decided to turn to the theme of the square dance to care about the lives of the elderly. This work was created. There are still people with jokes and tears in this work.

Before his partner with Pan Changjiang, it was well known that Cai Ming’s old partner was Guo Da. The “New Year”, “Star Chaser”, “Cross -Ocean” and “Robotics” they partnered together are impressive.

On the New Year’s Eve Spring Evening of New Year’s Eve in 1996, “Robotics” debuted. This work is very special and advanced. Cai Ming plays a service -oriented robot, and the owner played by Guo Da is troubled by her transformation. According to incomplete statistics, Guo Da screamed 25 times in the 11 minutes and 26 seconds. It is precisely because of this sketch that Cai Ming was the title of “Queen of Hundreds of Variations”. From this sketch, it can be seen that this pair of old partner Tianyi seamlessly tacit understanding.


“Robot Fun” Cai Ming and Guo Da

In the Spring Festival Gala in 1995, the Hong Kong artist Andy Lau also appeared on the Spring Festival Gala stage for the first time and sang “Forgotten Water”. It was also this year, and Feng Gong shouted his classic quotation for the first time in the comic dialogue “The worst Mr.”: “I want to die!”

“The worst Mr.”

In the Spring Festival Gala 2000, Guo Donglin and Feng Gong’s cross talk “Old Songs and New Songs” brought fire to Tianjin Allegro and “Dog ignoring buns”! By the way, I also talked about the A A League of the year- “I see the A League of A A, the dog ignores the buns!”

In the 1990s, it was the world of “golden partners”, such as Niu Qun and Feng Gong. In 1989, they collaborated on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala.


In fact, this year’s Spring Festival Gala, Feng Gong, Niu Qun and the screenwriter Liang Zuo collaborated on a “Thief Company”. This work shined during the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal. Five days before the live broadcast, “Thief Company” was too sensitive and spicy. Niu Qun and Feng Gong temporarily created. It only took three days to create “Birthday Wishes” to catch up with the night shuttle of the 1989 CCTV Spring Festival Gala. That year, Niu Qun was 39 years old and Feng Gong was 31 years old. Since then, they have started for ten years of cooperation.


The trip to the Spring Festival Gala of Feng Gong’s loved apprentice, began in the Spring Festival Gala in 2010, “Holding the Big Talk”, 28 -year -old Jia Ling’s 30 -year -old Bai Kainan, this show won the third prize of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.


Since 2018, Jia Ling began to partner Zhang Xiaofei. The pair of sisters’ groups have brought the audience “True and False Teachers”, “Laughing and Nothing”, “Mother -in -law”, “A wave of three folds”, etc., have become regular visits to the Spring Festival Gala.

The sketch of the 5 billion film emperor Shen Teng was first known by the public and established its comedy status. It should be the 2014 CCTV Spring Festival Gala and Ma Li and Du Xiaoyu. For the theme, it tells that if the old man falls, do you still do not help? Such a thoughtful social problem has aroused strong resonance of everyone, and it is also the irony of the bad social atmosphere that deliberately blackmails the good in society. Hao Jian, a social young man played by Shen Teng in the sketch.

In the Spring Festival Gala’s “Walking” in 2020, the content greatly satirizes formalism and bureaucracy. This makes many viewers applaud!


In the Spring Festival Gala 2022, Shen Teng Ma Li cooperated for the sixth time. I don’t know if this year’s work will win your heart. We wait and see tonight!

In the end, a show had to mention that it was a show without rehearsal. In 2020, a sudden outbreak affected the hearts of the people across the country. The Spring Festival Gala show temporarily added the scenario report show “Love is Bridge” brought by 6 well -known hosts such as Bai Yansong, Shui Junyi, and Kanghui, to pay tribute to the white -fitting angels on the front line of the new crown epidemic.

“Love is Bridge”


Editor in charge: Cheng Yu

School pair: Zhang Liangliang

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