Zhang Junning Yao Chen’s sexy killer Burberry high -heeled shoes, design leading this winter trend

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How hot is Burberry high -heeled shoes, don’t I say more? This brand can make many celebrities at home and abroad feel exciting, and also swept the major red carpets and activities. Some time ago, the hit TV series was very good. The shoes under Yao Chen’s feet were also from Burberry high heels.

And, Zhang Junning, the goddess of oxygen, often wore a pair of Burberry high -heeled shoes on major occasions.

Burberry’s bags and clothes are the most famous in the brand, but high heels are not lost at all. Next, let’s take a look at the good -looking Burberry high heels.


Vintage checkered cotton high heels

This pair of the first introduction is because I like this pair of shoes so much. Although these pairs are the 2021 new model of Burberry high -heeled shoes, in fact, the style of the shoes has taken the old route: that is, the traditional style of Burberry.


I have a pair of Burberry high -heeled shoes that are very similar to this new model. Although this grid design is the most commonly used on bags and clothes, this element on shoes is completely appropriate!

You must know that the pointed high heel itself has the spirit of the strong woman, and the Vintage retro checkered cotton cutting is used, paired with leather lining and standing shoe heel. These shoes are really tailor -made for professional women.

30+ women, if you are not interested in naked black high -heeled shoes, then such a pair of retro grids really suitable for you.

Of course, Burberry’s design is definitely not just as simple as retro grid. Even very ordinary black can design a big name, such as the following.

Lamb leather surrounding fine heel sandals


The sandals are made of smooth lambskin leather, paired with square toe, fine heels, and slender feed ankle band design.

No matter where you make details, we can clearly feel the brand’s intentions. The slender feed ankle strap is different from the traditional straps. This continuous tangled strap is really very Burberry, and it is also quite sexy.

In other words, it has been here in 2021. Do you know what year in 2021? Answer: Niu Nian. Even if you don’t know it is the Year of the Bull, you will immediately think of a lot of things when you see Burberry’s latest design.


Exclusive logo pattern grid nylon pointed high heel

This pair of shoes is really very Chinese, and it can even be said that it is designed for the Chinese people. It was only a few days in 2021, but the brand was designed very early. There are always many festive words about cattle. I believe that the designers of Burberry have already understood the traditional Chinese culture, and they will choose the red sole. Represents the meaning of festiveness.

To be honest, this pair of shoes can’t be said to be more amazing, but the design is really careful.


Dye weaving grid nylon high -heeled shoes, printed with new brand exclusive logo patterns, praised the Chinese cattle year. This kind of mind is also Burberry’s good wish for China.


However, the design of this pair of shoes is more limited. Waiting until 2021, the design of the cattle means that it is outdated. So, do you prefer the traditional design than such a pair of shoes that celebrate the year?

Well, I will talk to you here today. What do you like and are interested in fashion? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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