Is the two layers of leather leather? Two -layer skin and leather head layer skin difference

The leather is loved by people because of its abrasion resistance, tensile strength, soft leather, and good breathability. Nowadays, there are many finished products made of leather, leather shoes, belts, leather bags, leather sofas, etc., facing a variety of dazzling. Leather products, layman consumers often do not know how to identify authenticity. In addition, the leather is divided into the leather layer, and it is divided into the head layer and the second layer of leather. So is the two layer of leather leather good? What is the difference between them?

真皮二层皮好吗 真皮二层皮和真皮头层皮区别

Different layer of leather skin and leather head layer skin

The raw material for the tone is animal skin. Although the most common in our lives is pork skin, cowhide, and sheepskin, in fact, most animal skin can be used for tingling. It’s just that the quality of cowhide, pig skin and sheepskin is good and large in yield. The leather is divided according to the level of the leather. There are head layers and two -layer leather. What is the difference between the second layer of leather and leather head layer?

1. The meaning of the leather

真皮二层皮好吗 真皮二层皮和真皮头层皮区别

The “leather” is a common word in the leather products market, and it is a habit of people’s habits of natural leather to distinguish the synthetic leather. In the concept of consumers, “leather” also has non -false meaning. It is mainly processed by animal skin. There are many types of leather, variety, different structures, different quality, and different prices. Therefore, leather is not only a collective name for all natural leather, but also a vague logo in the commodity market. From a physiological point of view, any animal skin has hair, epidermis and dermis. Because the leather contains a small fiber bundle, it is quite powerful and breathable. The epidermis is located under the hair, clinging to the leather, consisting of different shapes of epidermal cells. The thickness of the epidermis varies with the animal.

2. The head layer skin and the second layer of skin

Head layer skin:

It is directly processed by the original skin of various animals, or the skin of the thicker cortex, pigs, horses and other animals is cut into two layers after hair removal. The head layer is covered with grain surface, and the leather surface has natural scars and blood marks. Occasionally, there are knife injuries during processing and the belly of the belly with a very low utilization rate. The head layer is also divided into facial leather, repair leather, and half -faced leather. Facial leather: Among the many leather varieties, the full -scale leather is topped, because it is processed from the superior raw materials that are less disabled. The leather surface is retained in the intact natural state. The natural pattern of animal skin. It is not only wear -resistant, but also has good breathability.

Repairing leather: It is made of lighting the surface with a leather machine and then painted, and then pressed the corresponding pattern. In fact, it was “cosmetic” with natural leather noodles with disability or rough. This kind of revolution is elastic and good breathability, which can also be regarded as a full -grained high -end leather.

Half -noodle leather: During the production process, it was processed and grounded into only half of the noodles, which maintained some of the natural leather style. The pores were flat and oval. Ingredients. So it belongs to the mid -range leather. Because of the particularity of the craftsmanship, there is no disability and scar on the surface, and the utilization rate is high. The finished products are not easy to deform, so it is generally used for large -scale large -scale boxes.

真皮二层皮好吗 真皮二层皮和真皮头层皮区别

Two layers of skin:

It is a two -layer part of the fibrous tissue, which is processed by spraying or covering PVC and PU film by chemical materials. It makes its leather feel thicker. Although it maintains the characteristics of the head layer of cowhide, after all, it is not the first layer of cowhide, which makes the breathability and wearing resistance not as good as the first layer of cowhide, but the gloss is the same as the head layer cowhide. The leather is the same, and the price is only one -third of the cowhide. The two -layer cowhide is prone to cracks after a long leather surface. When the weather is cold, the non -full -layer cowhide products will cause hard hair and cracking; when the weather is hot, the non -full -layer cowhide products can easily accumulate air, causing the film to soften the foam. Uncomfortable use also reduces the life of the product.

Distinguish between head layer and two -layer skin

真皮二层皮好吗 真皮二层皮和真皮头层皮区别


It is the vertical cutting fiber density of the leather. The head layer is composed of a dense and thin fiber layer and a slightly loose excessive layer with it closely connected with it, which has the characteristics of good strength, elasticity and process plasticity. The second layer of leather is only a loose fiber tissue layer. It can only be used to make leather products after spraying chemical raw materials or polishing. It maintains a certain characteristics of natural elasticity and processing. The skin is the same. There are also various leather used in today’s popularity. The leather processing process is somewhat different, but the division method is the same.

Artificial Revolution:

The artificial leather is a substitute for cortex fabrics. It is made of PVC adding plasticizers and other auxiliary agents and composite on the cloth. In other words, it is completely different from the head layer leather and the second layer of leather, and it is not a leather itself. Its advantages are cheap, rich colors, and many patterns. The disadvantage is that it is easy to harden and become brittle. The two -layer PU leather mentioned above is used to replace PVC artificial leather. Its price is higher than the PVC artificial leather. In terms of chemical structure, it is closer to leather fabrics. It does not use plasticizers to achieve soft properties, so he will not harden and become brittle. At the same time, he has the advantages of rich colors and many patterns. The price is cheaper than the leather fabric. So it is welcomed by consumers.

真皮二层皮好吗 真皮二层皮和真皮头层皮区别

Leather identification method

真皮二层皮好吗 真皮二层皮和真皮头层皮区别

1. Hand -touch: that is, touch the surface of the leather with your hands. If you have a smooth, soft, plump, and elastic feeling, it is the leather; and the general artificial synthetic leather surface is astringent, rigid, and poor. Pore ​​wrinkles. If there are wrinkles after pressing, it will not obviously disappear naturally, just leather.

2. Seeing: The leather surface has clearer pores and patterns, the orange leather has relatively well -proportioned fine pores, the yak leather has thick and sparse pores, and sheep skin has fish -like pores. There is no pores of the leather face, which is an important feature of identifying the authenticity of the leather.

3. Smelling: All leather has the smell of leather; and artificial leather has a more irritating plastic smell.

真皮二层皮好吗 真皮二层皮和真皮头层皮区别

4. Light: Tear a little fiber from the back of the leather and artificial leather. After litting, the pungent smell is made of a pimple. Anyone -made leather; all the hair smells of hair, the dermis is the dermis. Cut the corners to burn, taste, but not the burnt smell of hair.

5. Water absorption identification: The water absorption on the surface of the leather is better, while the fake skin is the opposite, and it has good water resistance. You can use your fingers to dip some water and apply it on the surface of the clothing to observe its water absorption. If the water absorption is good, it is leather, poor water absorption or no water absorption, most of which are fake skin.

Leather maintenance method

1. After the dermis has been in contact with the outside world for a long time, it will cause humidity in the inside. It should often be placed in a ventilated place to prevent the breeding of bacteria, and it can also be stored in an appropriate amount of moisture -proof beads.

2. The leather is accidentally moisture. The dry cloth sucks the water, and then placed in the cooling place of ventilation. It is naturally dry. Do not place it under the scorching sun or blow dry with a hair dryer to avoid explosion, deformation and hardening.

3. The leather should not be placed in an environment with high temperature, too low temperature, and excessive humidity, otherwise it is prone to wear.

4. Do not rinse or wipe with a chemical reagent with water, and apply cotton cloth with a soft brush to wipe.

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