Weekly new table | Cool is a word, three cool watchs

It is time for a new table of week, this time our theme is “Cool”. Cool, meant personality, means that it is different, but also means fashion. Today we introduce these three new tables, which is the kind of watch that cool to friends, and they come from real, Hubs and Atheni.

Referability DEFY series Classic classic carbon fiber watch


When you introduce a new carbon fiber style for the Defy Series Classic Classic watch, the automatic upper chain of automatic upper chain is equipped with an integrated carbon fiber chain. When you really want to design avant-garde, a new full-carbon fiber structure, which includes a full-carbon fiber structure, including one-piece form, makes the watch different from. When you really use the three words “light, eye-catching, innovation” to describe it, I think it is very appropriate. Carbon fibers combine light texture and durability, and is increasingly favored by the watched brand due to its unique appearance of its unique and futile characteristics.

It is not the first to introduce carbon fiber watch when real. The uniqueness of new expressions is that its form chain is also made from carbon fibers. To date, the so-called carbon fiber form is either fixed to the metal base, either for high-precision complex watches with minimal production. This trick will be in line with the human engineering and compelling full carbon fiber chain, combined with the automatic upper chain watch, which is a technological innovation. The total number of watches is about 65 grams, only half of the total titanium metal, truly lightweight.

The application of carbon fiber material also gives the watch with a visual impact, unique texture and almost all black design make it difficult to ignore it. Interestingly, the appearance of the watch exhibits exquisite and subtle gradient effects, but has unexpected silky touch. It is also worth mentioning that since the texture composed of carbon fibers laminated on each fitting is different, there is no two watches to be exactly the same. The watch is priced at 153,500 yuan. Time-only Defy Series Classic Classic Carbon Fiber Watch also offers a set of styles with black Cordura nylon effect rubber straps and is equipped with carbon fiber and titanium metal folding buckles, priced at $ 92,000.

Hubow Big Bang Series Unico Camouflage Mountain Ben Yao Watch


Yubei has always been good at fresh things, this new Huba Big Bang Series Unico Caicheng Mountain Ben Yao Si watch is bright! This is not the first time with the first time in Yohji Yamamoto, as early as May 20020, in order to celebrate the Huboko Ginza Central Street, the brand flagship boutique, both sides join hands in hand The Big Bang GMT was released. This Big Bang Series Unico Camouca Mountain Basios wrist delay its landmark element and bold pattern interpretation, using a camouflage pattern design, showing a hard pattern.


The watch uses a matte black ceramic case, a diameter of 45 mm, and the laminated contour line strip on the sapphire dial forms a biological plaque. The signs of the Yaoto Yaosi is exempt from the 6 o’clock position of the dial. . This kind of camouflage print pattern is from his previous tooling apparel series, highlighting people’s alternative behavior is the whole-style expression of their own social roles and recognition.


The strap continues the original structural design of the chamfer pattern on the dial, and each material in its contour is cut separately, spliced, and then uses the vulcanization process to fuse. The vulcanization technique is introduced into the watchmaking field in 2019 in 2019. It is understood that the strap made of this technique is not only very long, and the accuracy of the pattern is also one-tenth millimeter. The watch is equipped with the UNICO movement of the hub sheet, which is the first mechanical metering machine core of the Yubiki completely independently designed, developed and manufactured. It uses irregular structures, double counterproofing devices, and guide column wheels can be clearly visible through the dial, providing 72 hours of power storage. Watches limited edition, priced at 167,800 yuan.

Athens Diver Net Ocean Concept Watch

People who know the Athens table know that it is naturally owned by the navigation. In the face of increasingly serious marine plastic pollution crisis, Athens Table established a special research and development department, which is committed to exploring materials suitable for tabulary from the ocean, focusing on the characteristics of PET plastic bottles and nylon fishing nets in the Hill shell, seaweed, and ocean. Follow



After recovering the R-Strap strap made of fishnet, Athens launched a new Diver Net ocean concept watch.


This is a comprehensive and innovative watch work, using circular regeneration materials, each decorative element is carefully designed, and green environmental protection is achieved. Diver NET’s case, the middle layer of the shell, the surface, and the decorative details on the lap from France’s first institution-Fil & Fab, focused on fishnet recycling and regeneration. The raw materials of the strap are PET plastics in the ocean, which is cleverly converted into these waste plastics into polyamide yarns for braided straps by Swiss Tide. Traditional sapphire crystal glass is used in transparent ceramic glass produced in the Swiss Cola area, which is said to reduce the energy consumption during the production process, thereby reducing the environmental impact.

This conceptual diving meter is equipped with counterclockwise single-to-rotate concave circle, which is also made of innovative material recovered from the fishnet. The curved mirror uses a transparent ceramic glass material instead of the traditional sapphire crystal glass. Dish smart binding white, gray with green, decorated with eye-catching white “un” words. The time standard and pointer coated lemon green superlumova luminous coatings, even in the dark, it can be readily read. As a symbol of nature, green elements are visible everywhere in the watch. The dial 12 o’clock position is provided with power storage, and the 6-point position is provided with a small second needle and a date display window. The watch is 44 mm in diameter, and the UN-118 movement is equipped with silicon technology, and the power is stored for 60 hours. As for the price, Athens Table said: conceptual watch is not sold.

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